Wordless Wednesday


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. And a merry Christmas to you, dear crone! Much love and blessings from this side of the pond.
    Sunshine xx
    thank you dahlink – sending wonderful Christmas blessings across the pond to you as well! xo

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Does this mean it’s Wednesday? Wednesday!!! Oops – time to get moving!
    oh yeah it’s Wed – I promised someone I would post this pic last week when I did tree and then I forgot so here it is today and she’s not even here yet! LOL I have witnesses – I posted the tree pic!! Wait! You’re not ready for Christmas? Yikes (giggles) 😉

  3. Can’t put my packages under the tree yet. Not only is the ELPH a “shaker” but the kitten likes to tear paper!
    Merry Christmas my Friend!
    I told DS if he touched those gifts I would squash him like a toad under my front tire!!! EmmaLou can’t get to the tree – it’s baby-gated at BOTH entrances to dining room. She’s very frustrated – she sneaked in while I was wrapping and “nosed” at her stocking so I quickly booted her out!! ROFL I hope you and that wonderful guy you married have a lovely Christmas as well – hug him & the “kids” for me. mwah!

  4. Beautiful tree! Merry Christmas to you.
    Hi hon – thanks – sending Merry Christmas wishes your way too. 😉

  5. Lovely tree, wow you already have all your presents under the tree? And wrapped? I guess you don’t have a 3-yr old living in your house 🙂

    Happy Christmas and I hope you have a great 2011!

    Actually Devoted Spouse needs to wrap a few for me – what you see are his and EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer’s gifts and a few others have sent to us. So we’re not quite done LOL – and NO there is no 3-yr old in the house….unless you count Devoted Spouse… oopsie did I type that? ROFL snort j/k Happy Christmas to you too sweetie and may 2011 bring you only wonderful surprises! 😉

  6. Pretty! I finally got our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree today because *I* am all about getting a headstart on the holiday decorations.

    Oh. Wait.
    Hey I finally found my Halloween lights so I’m gonna be the first one on my block to get them up. snort

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