Casual Blogger Mini Conference – You Have Arrived


I received an invitation via email yesterday to an upcoming educational event.  It seems I’ve been invited to register for one of only 100 spots available at the 2011 Casual Blogger Mini Conference being held at the Dulles Airport Holiday Inn in Sterling, Virginia next March.  Fortunately, I was seated at the time I was reading this email.   I mean this is right up there with the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  Potential validation as a Casual Blogger.  Can it get any better than that?

You think I’m making this up.  This is how it’s advertised:  “The Casual Blogger MINI Conference is a ONE DAY social medial conference that focuses on authentic blogging and building online relationships.” It’s an opportunity to “break into the east coast blogging scene.”   One of the sponsors for last year’s conference was Target.  I love Target.  Plus we all need more online relationships.  And who doesn’t want to break into the east coast blogging scene?  C’mon. Talk about your opportunity. 

Oh wait…did I mention they will give me an extra 20% off if I mention the coupon code HOHOHO?    I’m so not kidding.  Coupon Code – HOHOHO.

My invitation cautioned me to bring my wallet because if I want to join the social meet-up Friday evening at the Cheesecake Factory, I’m expected to buy my own dinner.  I’m glad they spelled that out for me; I wouldn’t want to get caught at the Cheesecake Factory without my wallet.   These conference planners sure think of everything.

I think somebody out there squealed that I have 18 faithful readers and that’s how I qualifed for the Second Annual Casual Blogger Mini Conference.    I wonder if Oprah’s people will want me on her show — or maybe Ellen’s?   This could lead to a sitcom of my very own  (Crap the Authentic Blogger Says) or even a book deal.  I bet my phone starts ringing off the hook when this hits the media.  I may even get more Twitter followers.  I need an agent.  I need an Excedrin…

Casual Blogger.  Why do I feel this sudden kinship with Kathy Griffin?  At least they can never take my title away.   I’m a little verklempt…sigh…


15 thoughts on “Casual Blogger Mini Conference – You Have Arrived

  1. Woo hoo! Congrats! This sounds really cool!
    Yep – nothin like being on the D List…. and to think I could go to BlogHer in a big city with thousands…. nah I’ll just cram into the conf rm at the Holiday Inn at the airport…. LOL snort did I mention the coupon code? (falls out of chair laffing) #Sorrycan’tbethereI’mbusywashingmyhairthatday

  2. The only thing that stopped me cold was the combination of “casual” and “educational” in the same sentence. Does that mean you can wear jeans to class? Or that the teacher doesn’t give a darn? Hmmmmm….

    Wait! I know! Never mind those folks. Schedule your own “Sophisticated Blogger Soiree” at the same time, promise lattes and charge double. That’s the ticket!
    I KNOW – I can wear cargo pants and one of those sweatshirts that has the “puffy applique” ROFL!!! I like ur Sophisticated Blogger Soiree idea…The Rhinestone Bloggirl Rides Again… snort

  3. I think you can save some money by doing one at the Holiday Inn Dayton Airport….I’m assuming there is a Holiday Inn in Dayton
    There may be a Holiday Inn somewhere in Dayton…I dunno. There used to be a motel at the airport but last I heard it’s being remodeled so probably not the best choice. I’d prefer to hold it in Fiji actually and add in some cabana boys but then I probably wouldn’t get much education on blogging would I? LOL 😉

  4. One of the top 100 Casual Bloggers! Is that like being in the minor leagues? GOOD ENOUGH TO DREAM.

    I’m holding out to be one of the top Stubborn and Persistent Bloggers, or maybe The Last Blogger Standing.

    I notice that Crone And Bear It started in Oct. 2007, same month as my first blog,

    That makes us VEB (very experienced bloggers) as the blogosphere goes. I’m thinking of starting a club, Longest Surviving WordPress Bloggers, sort of like Last Surviving Civil War Widow.
    I’ll join your club if we can have cookies…and, dammit, I want a certificate. 😉

  5. Woo Hoo!!! Just go to it and have some fun, then ask them where the “Serious Blogger” meeting is being held, or the “Campy Blogger” meeting is being held, that will show them you are truly a Casual Blogger. If you go I hope you have fun and take a lot of pics for us to see. Congrats on the invite.

    God bless.
    Oh crap on a crutch…I’d rather suck a diet Mt. Dew through my nasal passages than sit in a cramped overheated room and listen to someone “teach” me how to blog and social network. I’ve been at this for long enough now I could teach the danged seminar and I take great personal offense that no one thought to even ask me. Snort. If I find out you were the one who gave them my address, you’re toast girlfriend. I will send you to chain-letter Hades. ROFLMAO xoxo

  6. Nope wasn’t me. I am on the west coast and we would only go if it was on a cruise ship. But hey I did get an invitation to start writing for “where knowledge rules” and I have no clue as to who told them that I have any knowledge to share. But I would have nominated you if I had been asked, plus I would have nominated you for a “most entertaining blogger” get together. LOL. Yup, you get my vote.

    God bless.

    Most Entertaining Blogger? Hey I like that one – can ya get it on a certificate for me? I guess I should say congrats on I have never heard of them – must go check out – I do know for a fact you are a terrific writer so you go girl!! We should get our own Blogger party going…. hmmmm lemme check Golden Destroyer’s schedule…. xoxo

  7. The Casual Blogger Conference should totally be in Jamaica-mon. You don’t get a certificate because they’re all laid back and sipping from a pineapple.
    I would be the pretend Kathy Griffin on the D-List of Bloggers if I could go to Jamaica-mon. oh yeah. I’d go. Book it JennO…. snort

  8. You don’t need any classes, you rock…and you hit the freshly pressed page again! Congrats!
    aww gee thanks sweetie – you’ve been hangin’ out with me a long time and you’re just used to my nonsense. LOL I love when I hit the freshly pressed page – it always amazes me and then leads to so many wonderful comments. You know it’s a cardinal rule with me that one Always replies to comments – so I’ve been busy – and I’m making new Bloggy Friends!!! Woot!!! Now if I could just get that book written…. mwah!

  9. What’s your secret to getting on Freshly Pressed. I don’t believe either of my blogs have ever made the grade. (Cue the violins.) Now THAT would be a seminar you could teach: How to get on Freshly Pressed!
    Hi John – honey if I knew the secret, I’d tell you. I have no idea how I get there I just know I’m blessed to meet wonderful bloggy friends when I do show up on the Freshly Pressed page! 😉

  10. So, sounds like you can register for one of the 100 spots, but not necessarily get in…does that mean they check the people in line and if you didn’t bring your wallet you are toast? 🙂

    And why do people need to get together in person to meet new online friends? Seems counter-intuitive.

    Anyway, if they had said you get a certificate at the event and a gift card for Target, I bet you would have gone!!!

    Are you in Ohio? (sounds like it, but I don’t know if I read that anywhere) I grew up there, that’s why I’m curious.
    Well heck yeah if they gave me a Target gift card I’d go…but they won’t even announce the speakers yet they want my $74 bucks for a lousy airport hotel room and I hafta buy my own dinner?? I don’t think so. Ptuie I say to them. And, yes, dahlink….I’m in Ohio. 😉

  11. Make it 13. I signed up via e-mail delivery. Does that allow you to remove “casual” from your descriptor? (I actually first typed “causal” – being a “causal blogger” brings serious responsibility.)
    Make it 13? What…did I lose a few along the way? LOL How about I make it “19”?? Thanks for signing up for email – that’s so kind of you!! And I like ‘causal’ – now that’s funny. I’m afraid I’ll always be on the D-List but that’s okay – I’m still having fun. 😉

  12. Living on the east coast and new to the blogosphere does this make me part of a scene . . . ? Casual Blogger status, Holiday Inn-vite. Who knew the heights! Congratulations and thanks for the laugh!
    Thanks – glad I could make you smile! 😉

  13. Congratulations to the “casual blogguer” !

    Good joke pic

    Regards from Spain again 😉
    gee thanks – it’s such an honor (dripping sarcasm) regards back atcha from here in the States lol

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