Wordless Wednesday


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great pic! Brings back happy memories of no snow. LOL!
    funny you should mention that — I started to post a recent pic of EmmaLou romping in the snow and decided to go with the barn instead. The barn made me feel better – LOL

  2. Really cool that you have these nearby. One would really have to hunt to find one out here. Great pics your camera doth make.

    God bless.
    I don’t know if u notice but I post a lot of pics of barns – they’re my favorite item to snap next to old falling down houses – I have this thing for architecture. I also like covered bridges and have lots of pics of them too – there are a bunch here in OH that we have visited so you may see them on WW too. I just wish I had more time and $$ for photography – lovin the Nikon but want a macro lens to add to my other lenses – photography can quckly become an expensive hobby. 😉

  3. If you like falling-down barns and houses (and some not-so-falling-down) you might enjoy looking at the site of one of my favorite photogs, Dispatches from Kansas. Tom’s really got quite an eye, and rural Kansas is prime territory for the kind of buildings you like.

    I enjoy them, too, and really enjoyed seeing your photo today.
    thx – I’ll go look at his stuff! 😉 I would like to get an old barn and rehab it – yeah…whatever…lol maybe I should stick to snapping pics!

  4. Love pics of old barns. They remind me of the area in western NY where my folks grew up.
    I don’t know what my attraction is – there certainly weren’t many barns in Sprfld VA that’s for sure – some out in the rural areas of Md maybe. I got to Ohio and just found these old dilapidated things everywhere and I fell in love. Stick around – you’ll see more and some old houses and I sometimes throw in a pic or two of sheep or cows on an otherwise boring Wednesday… lol (actually I’m just lazy)

  5. I love to see pictures of old barns, but I hate it when the poor barns are so close to falling down! Great photo.
    These two were part of a larger structure I found while I was out the day I discovered the Perot barn – I also snapped up some nice pics of the cows that were a bit further down the road out of this pic. They’ll show up here one of these Wednesdays… 😉

  6. I love pictures of old barns! I think it’s b/c it reminds me of going to see my grandparents when I was little. There was a big old barn right down the street from them. Whenever I saw that I knew we were close. It would take us 8 hours to get there, so that was a big deal!
    Wow and to think…my Wed laziness brings back fond memories for you. That’s cool. I have plenty more pics of barns I can put up in future…. lol

  7. Hey – wasn’t this Wordless Wednesday supposed to be your Christmas Tree with Santa on top?

    I’m watching you – I’m keeping track – now make with the tree!!
    Oh I am sooooo busted! You’re right – I did say I’d put up the pic showing there’s a Santa on top of the tree. Crap on a crutch. Next Wed will still be BEFORE Christmas and it’s still Wordless Wednesday so I PROMISE I’ll post the full pic then (note I’m actually writing this on a post-it-note and sticking to my table so I don’t forget) sheesh some people actually pay attention to this stuff here…. amazing…. lol snort

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