Holiday Therapy Tip

Bought it…Tried It…Doesn’t Help…Going Back to Prozac Now…Knew It Was Too Good To Be True…sigh…


8 thoughts on “Holiday Therapy Tip

  1. Always good when something makes you laugh out loud.
    Ahhhh my 18th Faithful Reader – I’m always happy to make someone laugh out loud – I’m also happy I no longer have hairy knees….but maybe we shouldn’t go there. roflmao

  2. Are you sure it didn’t work? It seems to me if you went around sawing off everything you could not cope with then I am thinking that it should work. Don’t like the mouthy kid at the fast food place, saw off his tongue, he will never be mouthy again. Don’t like the table they sat you at in the restaurant, saw it in half, I am sure they will find you a better one to sit at.

    Yea, I could go on and on about all the different ways you could use this to cope with any problem that comes up, but it might get a little gross, and then when you had to use it to cope with the Police coming for you, who might be a little upset with you, just tell them that you do not understand their problem because that is the best coping device ever invented. LOL

    GOd bless.
    apparently I can’t cope with the strength it would take to use the danged saw… lol… who moved my prozac?

  3. This is hilarious. It took me a minute and then I laughed out loud! Thanks!
    glad I could make u smile Leah! ‘Tis the season… 😉

  4. Veni, vidi, copi…..

    I just made myself laugh out loud! Thanks for the great post!
    what am I doin here???? You should be writing this…. snort I never took Latin; with my luck “copi” means “bite me” in Latin….. yikes 😉

  5. Shucks – I just made it up. I figured you could get a loose translation of “I came, I saw(ed), I coped”! ROFL
    swee’pea I sooooo got it and laughed out loud – that’s why I said YOU should write this…not me. snort 😉 Now stop being funnier than me (just kidding) ;D xo

  6. So funny! All the years I’ve worked with my Dad and I never remember hearing about a coping saw. I’ll have to ask him about that. The fun we would have had with a coping saw…(I would quit and be fired in the same day on some of the more stressful jobsites…!!)

    Great post!
    One of the few days I tossed the little digital camera in my purse and I was so glad I did. Devoted Spouse was mortified at me standing in Sears laughing and taking pictures — he was waiting for the manager to arrive at any minute and escort me out. LOL

  7. I was thinking that dog on the header looked familiar, forgot about it and read this very funny post. Couldn’t get over the dog though, and then came back and saw it’s Crone and Bear it!

    I used to read your blog posts all the time. Then I lost my bookmarks and forgot about reading blogs. Great to read yours again!

    Congrats on the Freshly Pressed!
    hi sweetie – nice to see you again! And thanks for the congrats – it’s always fun to be Freshly Pressed! So many nice people out there who leave me comments – I love it!! New bloggy friends! woot! 😉

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