Stuff On My Wife…

I had just finished the tree.  I was tired, my back was aching and all I meant to do was lie on the nice hard floor for just a moment to stretch my poor back.  OK, so I fell asleep and this is what Devoted Spouse did to me.  Honestly can’t a girl get a moment’s peace after a hard day’s decorating….sigh…


8 thoughts on “Stuff On My Wife…

  1. LOL!

    Mom, did Santa leave his wife here?
    Apparently even after losing weight, I was still too heavy for that ornament hook… lol snort

  2. LOL at where the bows are located. Well at least he did not wrap you up and instead just put the rolls of wrapping paper on you.

    What I can see of the tree looks really nice. I am surprised that EmmaLou is not napping there beside you. But it is still a good picture of you.

    If you do decide to visit, I have a picture of Christopher on the post. He is almost as cute as you.

    God bless.
    shame on me I promised I’d come over and I haven’t gotten there… ack ack bad bloggy friend!!! EmmaLou was behind baby gates – she’s not allowed in dining room (where tree is) or living room. Devoted Spouse is now behind baby gates as well…

  3. LOL! Was there a note on you that said “Do not open ’til Christmas”?

    Tree looks great too. Want to come decorate ours now?
    LOL snort no thanks but nice try…

  4. Very funny – and so funny that you’ve put your husband behind baby gates now! hahaha!
    Tree looks great – just missing a fairy at the top. Oh, hold on, she’s having a snooze just in front of the tree. 🙂
    I’m fascinated that you sleep with your arm over your eyes – my mom and sister and I all do that!
    Sunshine xx
    I’d build a guest house out back and install him there…but it’s too much trouble so I resort to baby gates for he and the dog now. LOL BTW there is a Santa on the top of the tree – next week I’ll post the actual pic of the tree for Wordless Wednesday 😉

  5. It could have been worse. He could have posted the humiliating photo on the internet.

    Oh. Wait.
    It could have been worse – I could have been havin a bad hair day lol snort

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