I Can’t Make This Stuff Up – Really…Part 2


Last time we met, I regaled you with the antics of Devoted Spouse.  Turnabout is fair play so today I shall tell on myself.  Let the fun begin.

I have recently become involved in a ministry effort at my church.  We are still forming a team and Sunday the newest members of the team met at a local restaurant for a get-together and overview of our team efforts to date.   There were 6 of us around the table, plus our Pastor; a  nice cozy gathering of spiritually-gifted ladies.  Warriors for God.  Woot!

We had some introductory time to chat and our Pastor gave us several questions to answer as an “ice-breaker.”  I don’t know about you but just  mention the term “ice-breaker” to me and I will do my best to scramble across the backs of the people next to me as I race to the nearest exit leaving all my possessions behind.  Even though I’m a raging extrovert, I don’t do well with “ice-breakers.”

We partnered, asked each other the questions, jotted down the answers, then went around the room sharing one of those answers of our partner.   Keep in mind, please, there are some deeply theologically thoughtful ladies at the table  (including my Pastor to whom I’m right this moment sending a subliminal message….. I’m truly not a goofball…I’m truly not a goofball… I do take this seriously…I do take this seriously) and some of the answers given were very insightful and thought-provoking.

One question was:  If you were a Super Hero, which Super Hero would you be and why?  Another was:  If you could ask Jesus any question face-to-face when you get to heaven what would you ask? And the third was: What ministries have you been involved in in the past and how were they a good fit for you?  As I was eavesdropping, I was catching some very interesting answers going around the table (by this time I had already given my answers to my partner) and I’m thinking to myself….. dear partner puhleeeze don’t choose question number 2 to tell the group. 

Didja ever do something you instantly regretted?  Didja ever say something you wanted to snatch out of the air immediately…I mean immediately???  Yeah, uh-huh…me, too.

I’m overhearing ladies talking about asking Jesus some powerful questions….questions involving their families’ welfare….questions about their pets (HEY – I wanna know that EmmaLou will be there with me, too!) and some theological puzzlers like what will be the salvation for our friends of other faiths?  These are all valid, spiritual, genuine, thoughtful, well-done answers.

My partner announces to the group…For Question Number Two on what would you ask Jesus face-to-face, Linda answered: 

 “Jesus, what’s the deal with brussel sprouts anyway…what were you thinkin?”

There was a polite smattering of laughter and all I wanted to do was slink away…get home, dye my hair another color, get on the Internet and find Guido who can get me a new identity andhelp me get outta Dodge.

I need to work on that part of my brain responsible for thoughtful replies…sigh…


10 thoughts on “I Can’t Make This Stuff Up – Really…Part 2

  1. LOL! He created them for me. BTW, brussel sprouts are my favorite veggie…my SALVATION! Thanks, Jesus.
    Nope – He and I are gonna have a chat about that!!! lol I’ll segue into something else too – you know me!!! snort

  2. Jesus is a bit of a hero of mine I’ld probably waste my question with, “Could I have your autograph?”

    So, yeah, anyway… You’ve been nominated for Blogger of the Month. For details check out http://inspiredbycaffeinenicotine.blogspot.com/2010/12/blogger-of-month-award.html and encourage your viewers to vote for you!!!

    Shameless bit of self promotion… sure is… hope it gives you a smile.
    Glad to hear – I would hope he is a hero and model for a vast majority of us here!!! I have tons of questions and I’m hoping for a town hall meeting – lol YIKES – blogger of the Month?? Do I get a fruit basket or a Starbucks card too? LOL thx but I’m not real big on asking folks to vote for me for anything — I appreciate your kind gesture though — and, yes, it raises you up a notch on the Knight list…. woot!

  3. And Jesus would probably say, “You know I have been waiting thousands of years for someone to ask me that question.”

    Or he might say, “Only you, only you would ask me that question.”

    You know that person was probably sitting there bouncing around, just waiting to announce what you had told her. Just think of all the joy you brought to everyone with your answer and how you really broke wind, uh, I mean broke ice.

    God bless.
    “Toot”! LOL I think there’s a good chance he’ll smack me up the side of the head and say “Snap Out Of It!” ROFL I imagine I amuse Him on a daily basis – coz I know I vex him constantly!!! 😉

  4. Hey Linda!

    LOL! I can’t believe you actually said that! Well, okay, yes I can. LOL! What an amazing question to ask Jesus. I think He laughed too! I know I just did! But what about squash?

    Actually, a recent survey reveals that the number one question most people want to ask Jesus – “What’s my purpose and destiny in life?”

    Now there’s one that will make you think for a while.

    Another great post!

    Dr. Rus
    Yes, you know ole ‘big mouth’ here – it was out before I could take it back. Honestly my “hold your tongue” meter is in the red zone lately. I think we ALL have some interesting questions and I know it shall all be revealed one day, but in the meantime….I’m makin’ a list. lol

  5. Do you realize how much damage you can to with brussel sprouts. . . . .

    . . . . and of course a sling shot?
    Absolutely!!! I like how you think my friend!! brussel sprout pellets – would save on ammo! lol (Phewie!)

  6. OK. Just so you know you asked a reasonable question, a couple of paragraphs from a post I wrote about prejudice:

    I wasn’t a fussy eater as a child, but I had my preferences and I was willing to express them. One day my mother showed up at the table with a bowl of Brussels sprouts. ”Would you like some?” she asked. I was polite. ”No, thank you.” “Why not?” “I don’t like them.” Thinking she knew the answer to her next question, she asked it anyway. “Have you ever tasted them?” “No.” “Then why don’t you try one?” “I don’t like them.”

    Never one to give up easily, my mother persisted. “You like cabbage, don’t you?” I allowed as I did. “Don’t they look just like little cabbages?” “Yes.” “Aren’t they cute?” They were cute. “How about you try just one?” It didn’t happen.

    Years later I ran into Brussels sprouts at a friend’s house, where they were being grilled with lemon, butter and garlic. When they arrived at the table in their pretty yellow bowl, dressed with lemon wedges, I decided the time had come. I put three or four on my plate and tried one. In an instant my childhood prejudice was confirmed. Sing their praises if you will, but from my point of view, those sprouts were the worst veggie to come down the culinary pike since grass. I’ve never tried one since.

    Personally, I think Jesus would tell you they were a practical joke from the beginning.
    Obviously you knew I needed validation – thank you – yes I tried them once and prayed to die just to get the taste out of my mouth…I’d rather hold a dead rodent in my mouth than ever let another brussel sprout cross my lips. Ever. Truly….I mean this… just say NO. So when I meet w/my Pastor later this week and she slaps me silly, I’m referring her to your comment for backup. lol snort

  7. Being the profoundly shallow person I am, I’d probably ask something along those lines as well. Plus, I hate Brussel Sprouts. Have I ever tried them? Not that I can remember. Why ruin a good food hate.
    I love u sistah from anotha mama!! Trust me – you would hate them passionately – they suck royally. The most foul tasting pseudo-food I have encountered. Makes Alpo look like haute cuisine. done now… 😉

  8. I think that was a well thought out answer to an age old question, just as we question the sanity of those poor fools that actual LIKE brussel sprouts.
    you are right – it IS a question of sanity… lol!!!

  9. Hey girlie, I just put my blog “private” but only because I never post there any more and I just don’t want my stuff floating all over the interwebs. 🙂

    HUGS to you and yours!!
    Hi babycakes – I wondered what was up – I’m making my link to you private so it won’t show on the Blogroll just in case you take up scribbling again – I want to go on record as saying I absolutely loved reading your blog – you are a talented writer and have a way with descriptions that always crack me up!! Cya elsewhere in cyberspace toots! mwah!

  10. I think that’s the perfect question for you. It says it all.

    In college, I majored in Philosophy and more than once considered becoming some kind of therapist. I’m always asking hard questions or philosophical questions and wondering who I am, who are all of you, what are we doing, what are we supposed to be doing…all these thought-provoking questions and coming up with sobering answers up the wazoo.

    Seriously – if THAT’S what popped into your mind, you must be doing something right! You’re enjoying life and living it and sharing it and making people laugh (hysterically). I bet Jesus would say, “You got it!” and then give you a big ol’ mint-chocolate in the shape and color of a Brussel’s Sprout and see if you’ll eat it…THAT would be a dilemna worth contemplating
    It’s funny how the first thing that pops in your mind and out your mouth can truly define you. We’ve had a few laughs over this one in different circles lately. It is a valid question. And I’m not going to answer whether or not I’d eat the mint-choc brussels sprout — we will have to wait and see… 😉

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