Wordless Wednesday


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. A picture can say 1000 words, and I think this one does. I miss Perot – he was more fun than the Tea Parties.
    I agree… he was a feisty lil dude and fun to listen to. 😉

  2. LOVE the new template. That grunge template always makes me feel like I need to get a towel and clean my monitor screen.

    The barns great, although before I got coffee and contact lenses in place, I did think it was the latter half of “repent”, which would have been funny enough in its own way!

    Happy day to you!
    oops changed template several more times since you visited! I’m always looking for a better one that I can use to showcase EmmaLou at the top – I’m never satisfied w/these WordPress themes and I didn’t like the Grunge one either but it was different. — as to my pic – I absolutely love barns and shoot them whenever I find an interesting one — I knew about this one — it’s not far from my home, and I knew I had to shoot it soon as the Perot is definitely wearing off. I liked u thought it was Repent – rofl!!

  3. Now, that’s my kind of place. Please make my day and tell me it leans a little.
    yes hon… it leans just a tad to the right…. 😉

  4. I love barns, too. I’m glad you got this one before Perot wore off.
    I love barns most – but really enjoy any old architecture — old falling down houses, etc.

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