Black Friday Haikus

pic from

Up at 2 to shop? // no bargain hunting for meΒ // old broad needs her sleep

Camping out again? // I refuse to wait in rain // Best Buy can bite me

Thursday paper full // advertisements but no news // priorities skewed

Enjoy Black Friday! // watch out for angry shoppers // I’m shopping online!


8 thoughts on “Black Friday Haikus

  1. Good thinking! Stay warm, and sane, indoors.
    Sunshine xx
    hi sweetie! It’s a “do what I want day” here today and I just love those days! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  2. Other than Costco, I am totally boycotting Black Friday, although I am not sure if shopping at Costco qualifies me for “totally” boycotting but I need milk, eggs, bread, plastic boxes, and a few other things. Not shopping for sales items so I guess I am totally boycotting Black Friday “Sales”. Besides I have discovered that online shopping keeps one healthy and well because one is not exposed to all those nasty germs among the throngs of people coughing and sneezing all over everything. I hate going out to shop because I almost always catch something. Why don’t sick people stay home and stop spreading their illness. And just as bad are the ones who go to work while they are sick. If you are sick, stay home. Just a simple rule to follow.

    If you come across any good online sites, would you please let me know what they are.

    Oh, and really great Haikus.

    God bless.
    yep – I’m stayin inside today and as soon as I go hit the treadmill to work off some of what I ate yesterday, I’ll sit down w/the laptop and the credit card and see what I can find!! πŸ˜‰

  3. I hate busy malls, and Black Friday is just nuts! I really feel for Sandra who’s working today. (sigh) I will venture into the mall to pick her up at 9 tonight though. That’s love. LOL!
    Oooh poor Sandra – sayin a lil prayer that all she gets are the nice customers!! You’re such a good hubby to go pick her up! Don’t forget to give her a nice foot massage this evening coz she’s gonna need it. πŸ˜‰

  4. I did my Black Friday shopping from the comfort of my sofa at 9:00am PST. Now, I just have to be patient and wait for my new iMac to be delivered.
    I can’t wait to hear how you like it – really!! I’m so close to ordering one of my own… πŸ˜‰

  5. You truly are multi talented

    I tried to think of a dirty limmerick to post here for Black Friday but even that failed me

    I’ve been busy lately so I have a lot of butt kissing and scepter polishing to do to get back into the good graces of my Queen

    The great thing, however, is I also have a bunch of reading to catch up on. A lot of giggles to look forward to as I catch up on your royal proclamations.
    Welcome back – I’ve stapled posters on all the telephone polls w/your egg on them – so glad you’ve finally been spotted. Don’t get too excited over back issues….I’ve been neglecting the peasants of late.. πŸ˜‰

  6. Awesome Haikus! You’re so talented!! And clever – no Black Friday for me, either. Yuck! This year they pushed it too far, anyway. It was Black Friday for like the entire month of November. Who are they trying to kid?!
    At one time many moons ago it was actually fun to try and get a sale ahead of time – the crowds were large but no one stampeded and it didn’t start at 0-darkthirty – ppl didn’t camp out to buy 1 of 3 tv sets avail at the ridiculously low price although I do remember one nasty Elmo-themed year when people went insane. No – the bargains aren’t worth the potential to get trampled – I’ll just stay in bed and shop online later thank you…

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