Happy Thanksgiving


Devoted Spouse, EmmaLou-Golden Destroyer, and I wish you and your families a very bountiful and blessed Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, DS, and EmmaLou who hopefully got a big piece of turkey to snack on.

    I was gone all day at my sister’s house for Thanksgiving with all the family. Sadly one of my sister’s always has to work on Thanksgiving and one of my daughter’s could not make it either. But at least I already had the grandkids here and they went with us.

    I sometimes wonder if people realize that there are so many people who do not get to celebrate Thanksgiving because they have to work and get ready for Black Friday. I wish that this yearly practice would end so those who work in retail could be with their families on Thursday, but at the same time I know that this day provides security for their jobs, but I can still hate that day.

    The only store I will go to shop on Black Friday is Costco because they pretty much do not have any special sales and they let all their workers have Thursday off. I go there on friday because that is the one day of the year that they give out their Costco Cookbook. And you know how it is to be a collector of cookbooks, nothing is better than a “free” cookbook.

    Oh, I am so sick, just so sick to be a collector of cookbooks and to hardly cook. Maybe someday I will cook more but it is just so easy to to buy prepared foods to put in the microwave. But I did make stuffed mushrooms to take to our Thanksgiving dinner, which everyone seemed to like since they disappeared fairly quickly, but then who can go wrong with Stovetop stuffing in sauteed mushrooms baked in the oven. Almost sounds like I know what I am doing. LOL

    God bless.
    Yes EmmaLou got turkey and I wish we had a Costco here. I could use another cookbook!!! (not) I don’t like the new practice of having retail open on Thanksgiving – that really angered me – enough with the shopping already – let your employees enjoy some family time! Glad u enjoyed T-day – those mushrooms sound yummy – it’s a shame Devoted Spouse doesn’t like mushrooms… oh well. 😉

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