Top 10 Reasons To Be Thankful This Year

10.   Hillary has sworn she will not run for president in 2012

9.     I haven’t lost the charger for my Kindle

8.     I lost those 48 lbs BEFORE the holidays

7.    EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer,  Friended me on FaceBook

6.    It’s cold enough to dig out the socks for my Crocs

5.    Boxed stuffing and gravy in a jar

4.    Devoted Spouse still laughs after 27 years of my insanity

3.    My faithful 17 readers keep returning

2.   Oprah is retiring

1.    TSA won’t get a naked pic or free grope from me this year but will receive my holiday newsletter instead


12 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons To Be Thankful This Year

  1. Hey Linda!

    Great list! But, I am a little upset that EmmaLou friended you but not ME on Facebook. LOL!

    Dr. Rus
    Well, I’ll hafta have a lil talk w/that dog!!! LOL

  2. Love it. Tweeted and liked
    thank you sweetie – Twitter shut me down coz I was too chatty so had to get @GoldenDestroyer to send out thanks for RTs – honestly that dawg! 😉 Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

  3. You know Hillary is gonna run, she is just teasing Ohbuyme into complacency. She is a sneaky little socialist, um I’m sorry, progressive who is under George Soros, you know the puppet master. He is a control freak and the people see as their benefactor and bank. Spooky dude ruins economies and then gets rich off of peoples misery.

    You know you are looking pretty damn good lately.

    EmmaLou friended me on Facebook, I am thankful for any friends, does anyone out there want to be my friend?

    DS is the best.

    Yea, O is leaving. Wish I could have been in on those big give away shows at least once.

    Love boxed stuffing and gravy in a jar.

    Plus there is no freaking way I am flying anywhere and everyone needs to boycott the airlines and then see how quickly thing will change.

    Power to the people!!!!!

    God bless.
    Were we separated at birth??? ROFL 😉

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been of this “online” world for sometime, but thought I’d stop by and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I may even return to this world 🙂 Blessings,
    Tia Christina
    Christy!! It’s so good to see you sweetie – Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! We have much to be thankful for!

  5. P.S. CONGRATS on the 48 pounds!!! Do share your secrets!
    Thanks hon! – Weight Watchers and the overwhelming desire to be healthy! Pretty simple – hard part is realizing it. 😉

  6. Funny! I’m actually paying for Weight Watchers right now. I started off pretty well and then the funeral food go the best of me and I’ve yet to ‘get things back in order’….I think you just re-motivated me!!!
    Uh-oh…”funeral food”? I’m definitely out of the loop w/you hon – condolences on the passing of Jenn. Saw the video tribute – awesome. Weight Watchers is good but we all have bad days – lemme tell ya about choc chip cookies, etc. The trick is to catch it and get back on track. My biggest problem is maintaining – I’m up and down and all over the place — losing was easier. Suddenly I have all this food I can eat and it’s like a kid in a candy store – very dangerous. Ack. Then we have the holiday season and everyone is trying to cram calories in my mouth – so all I can say is hang in there and simply do the best you can do. We’re only human, it’s only food and the world won’t stop spinning if we don’t have a perfect “points” day every day sweetie! xoxo

  7. If you can do it, I can do it. The 48 pounds, I mean, not the holiday letter to the TSA. I’ve written a couple of letters to them in my head, but I dare not send them, or I’d be posted here from one of those lovely institutions where you don’t have to worry about your wardrobe or what to have for supper.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Wow – it’s true if I can do it, anyone can do it. It’s all in your head basically – it’s up to you to decide what you put in your mouth. It’s all about accountability. But you have to be emotionally/mentally ready for it. I was ready. Voila. As to the TSA letters don’t think I haven’t penned a few myself; one of which I almost posted here on the blog, but it was really borderline on the humor/offensive scale — it was probably in the red zone on the offensive humor meter — so I scrapped it. I would like to send each and everyone of them a fruitcake this year though. 😉

  8. TSA is only one vowel away from TSE, which stands for “Testicular Self Examination”!
    hmmm the question being which one you prefer — no, wait, please don’t tell me. LOL 😉 Sorry we missed u at Fox & Hounds –long story… we’ll catch you at the open mic downtown on Dec 5th! Happy Turkey Day Mike!

  9. Just stopping by to day Happy Thanksgiving. Love the list!! And Hubby and I both adore EmmaLou.
    hi sweetie – Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha – EmmaLou makes house calls – she has her own backpack so any time you want a visit just let me know. Her calendar is filling up rapidly. ROFL NO ONE deserves Golden Destroyer – she only LOOKS cute, trust me. {{hugs}}

  10. Congrats on #8!
    #7 made me laugh.
    Well, #4, 3 and 1 made me laugh, too!
    I LOVE number 1!
    thx for the congrats and I’m glad I can still make u laugh! 😉

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