So you had a bad day…no, wait that’s a song.  Lemme start again.  So I had a busy day.  Many little errands and trips planned here and there.  You know how busy days go…you’re running and you don’t have time to eat a proper meal, so you grab a bite of this; a nibble of that.

I bit and nibbled my entire day; a spoonful of cottage cheese, a half sandwich and handfull of pretzels, some grapes.  It was not a non-nutritious day entirely; just a wobbly nutritious day.  Can’t eat…gotta go.  This kept up all the way to the evening when I dashed over to church to assist my pastor with a meeting; munching a trail bar in the car.

By the time I got home that night I was h.u.n.g.r.y.  But I don’t normally eat at night because it never turns out well.  I perused the refrigerator, the cupboards, surfed the countertop and back to the refrigerator again.  I settled on two of the small snack-sized Activia yogurts with a handful of Fiber One cereal tossed on top for good measure.  That should satisfy me and Jamie Lee Curtis tells me on a regular basis how good this stuff is for me.

Imagine my surprise when at 2 a.m. I go into nightmare mode.  There I am in the local gas station filling up the POC car with gas and the nozzle gets stuck.  I can’t get the gas to stop and the tank is full.  Gas is pouring out my car and rapidly gathering all around me and I find that my feet are literally glued to the concrete.  Then to make this nightmare really interesting up walks the Marlboro Man with a lit cigarette.  I’m pressing the button on the gas pump machine and yelling into the speaker “Clean-up on Aisle 7” to no avail.  Fortunately, EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer jumped on the bed and woke me up.  Ack.

‘Spose Jamie Lee wants me to recount what Activia does for me in one of her commercials? Activi oy vey…sigh…


7 thoughts on “Activi—yeeehaw

  1. That was a Freudian dream. Activia and Fiber One begets gas, spills gathering around your feet, and cleanups on aisle 7.
    whatever it was I’m NEVER eating Activia at night again!!! LOL Marlboro Man was hot, though…. lol

  2. Thank the Lord for EmmaLou – imagine if no-one had come to clean up? haha!
    Hope you’re feeling better after your root canal.
    hi sweetie – EmmaLou always saves the day for me ok well, usually… lol I’m doing great, thx!!

  3. Hey Linda;

    Okay, so I tell people sometimes dreams do mean something and we need to make note of them. As for your dream, it’s worth noting that you probably ate something you shouldn’t have before going to bed. LOL!

    Go Jamie Lee!

    Dr. Rus
    of course I ate something I shouldn’t have – it was that danged Activia – it’s all her fault!!! But I was enjoying the part w/the Marlboro Man when EmmaLou jumped up on the bed and woke me up. hmmm lol

  4. I Have A Dream…
    snort…see if I coulda just ridden off w/the Marlboro Man I coulda blamed any toots on his horse – rofl 😉

  5. Stopping by to say HELLO! – and let you know that I
    wonder often how you are!
    I’m sure you’ve been as busy as I — so NOW
    I’m going to send you Happy Holiday Greetings!

    Hi sweetie – so good to see you; I think of you as well! I wish you wonderful Holidays – thanks for dropping by!! xoxo

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