To Heat or Not to Heat


I woke up Wed feeling like I could breathe a sigh of relief…the elections were over.  I didn’t care who won or lost; I merely wanted my beloved GEICO Gecko commercials back.  Naturally, I assumed my day would begin with coffee and a session w/friends on Twitter.

Never assume.  You see…when I awoke I realized it was rather chilly in the house – it was so cold even EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, was snuggled up close to me for warmth.  That’s cold.

I threw on sweats over my jammies and stumbled downstairs to look at the thermostat on our almost brand new furnace.  It read 59 degrees.  It should have read 64 degrees.  I fiddled with the thermostat, then went to make coffee knowing full well I would figure this out if I had some java hit my brain cells.

Java hitting my brain cells was no help whatsoever. When I returned to the thermostat the temp had lowered to 57.  This was not good.  It was 6 a.m. and I wanted some heat.  No matter what I tried, I could not get the furnace to kick in.  So I stuck my hands in my coffee to unfreeze my fingers and off to the basement EmmaLou and I went to scream at the Furnace from Hades.

Guess what I found?  Oodles and oodles of water all over the floor.  There was so much water in that basement I half imagined Noah would peek around the corner holding a piece of gopher wood in his hand.  And… yes…  I freaked.  I got closer to the furnace and saw that there was an active stream of water flowing down the furnace, into the furnace, and out of the furnace – all at the same time,  but I was too freaked to locate the source.  It was fight or flight time and I chose flight.

Back upstairs EmmaLou and I went.  She to curl up on the family room couch and lick the water from her paws; me to the phone to call the furnace maven and leave a frantic message. 

Did I mention this is a new furnace … as in 2009-new?  Did I mention this is not the first time I have had it come to a full stop and do its impression of a 90-year old with a full bladder and no Depends in sight?  Ack. 

I had a full day planned – a meeting w/my pastor, prep work for my small group, and some retail therapy.  I had no time for this nonsense.  BTW, throughout all the up-the-stairs-down-the-stairs-muttering-the-bad-words-under-the-breath and the frantic phone call, Devoted Spouse blissfully slept tucked in under his favorite blankie.  gah…

Turns out it was the intake hose for the humidifier and it had a 3-inch tear in it.  Piece of plastic crapola…the nice Repair Dude replaced all the plastic hoses with copper tubing so this never happens again.  In the meantime, water had also gotten into the furnace causing it to short out and necessitating a new control board.  I continued to freak.  Was this covered under warranty?  Would our home insurance cover it if the appliance people didn’t?  Was I going to get breakfast?

As usual, I was in panic mode for no good reason.  Yes the floor got wet – okay it got very wet and water seeped under the sheetrock on one wall and the trim so I’m a tad concerned about that.  But the good news is Repair Dude tore out the plastic hosing, replaced with copper, and figured out how to get the new control panel to work (the inside was wet and it kept shorting out so he blew on it to dry it out…yes I said he blew on it to dry it out…making me wonder in what Chapter of the Repair Dude Handbook he learned that trick).

Voila – heat.  Yes, I know appliances and I don’t live well together.  They don’t like me and I have no respect for them and I don’t expect this to change any time in the future…did I mention we need  a new hot water heater? … sigh


10 thoughts on “To Heat or Not to Heat

  1. Hey Linda!

    Wow! I think the most impressive part of this whole story is that you “let” hubby blissfully stay asleep! Sandra would have been hollering at me first even before she called the repair man. LOL!

    Glad it all worked out.

    Dr. Rus
    Hi Dr Rus! I think it’s the fact I’m getting used to catastrophes happening at this house. It simply is not unusual to wake up to another disaster – I have a rather long list of “resources” and just start dialing!! LOL

  2. Yay for repair dudes who come to save the day! That is definitely not a good way to wake up and start the day. Why is it that hubbies always seem to sleep blissfully through a crisis? I’m glad to hear you are roasty-toasty.
    Well, ya see we’ve been down this road a time or thousand… lol Devoted Spouse has been putting in extra duty hours volunteering elsewhere and I knew he was tired, and I realized what the problem was and there was nothing he could do – nothing either of us could do at 6:30 in the morning….so why not let the sweet man sleep? I freaked out enough for both of us, trust me! 😉

  3. The “blowing on it to get it to work” move is age old wisdom. Ask anyone who ever owned an Atari. 🙂
    It just cracked me up – thousands of dollars of equipment and he blows on it to fix the problem. I loved it! rofl

  4. When ours broke it took us two years to save up the money to replace it, and upgrade to a larger size. But living here in CA we do not get the weather that you do, and so because we have a fireplace, that kept the house warm and we used fans and a portable AC unit, we pretty much were okay. I mean this past winter we rarely even turned on our heater and never once used the fireplace because it never got cold enough to use it. This year we have lots of wood piled up because we think we might need it, but with it being in the 90 degrees right now, we are back to using the AC again. It is just too damn hot for November right now. I like cold, I want cold, I want freezing cold to freeze this menopausal body, I want the damn plants to stop throwing out their pollen every few days, I want cold, I want cold, well at least 60 degrees, anything below that might make me want the heat to come back.

    Yup, we are spoiled here in California and it keeps our brains addled so that over half of the natives can’t vote right. Argh, sucky ass ****** won again, I am now going to crawl into a hole while he destroys this state again. When will the addled brains learn. Oh well since he destroyed the school systems, all the youngins are too addled to know who to vote for anyway or what is happening. But “no” is what they voted for on the one Prop that should have passed with a resounding yes. Then I would have been able to spend the next four years toking my addled brains to sleep and not caring about the destruction of this state. Sometimes life is so unfair. Uh, what were we talking about anyway…..oh yeah, glad you got your heat back, although it had to have felt good to have EmmaLou all snuggled up with you. She is just too dang cute.

    God bless.
    Hi sweetie – I simply expect (and rightfully so) that a major appliance that is only a year old and cost you 4 grand should work. I don’t think that’s asking too much. The problem now is I’m afraid water got under the wall dividing the utility area from rest of basement and if the sheetrock is wet it could lead to mold. We had a fan going on it – but there’s no way to know short of tearing it down and uh, gee, I don’t think DS will get to that. sigh. Yes, EmmaLou’s furry lil warm body saved the day! {{hugs}}

  5. Glad it all worked out ok. I am realising, now that I live in the northern hemisphere, just how necessary a good, working, heating system is. Keep warm and keep the laughs coming – I love your blog!
    Sunshine xx
    Thanks sweetie – it was nerve wracking to say the least – I had a very busy day ahead of me and didn’t have time for that nonsense so I made the “call” then went upstairs to my home office, and let my husband deal with it. And he stepped up to the plate nicely and helped Repair Dude while I went hither and yon to meetings and what-not. It rather frightened me to come home several hours later and see the truck still there – but all worked out well. Dodged another bullet. Thank you warranties! 😉 {{hugs}}

  6. Oh Good Lord, another appliance???? I am totally afraid to ask what could possibly go wrong with that picture.
    sweetie I am simply the kiss of death to anything that is remotely related to an appliance, something that has to do with technology, or anything you “plug into an electrical outlet” – I can kill a blow dryer in moments. I can freeze a laptop, make a Smart Phone weep, and apparently all I have to do is think about being warm to destroy a furnace. Maybe I have some strange new types of super powers — can somebody out there harness me? And I don’t mean throw a saddle on me – so don’t go there. roflmao El Destructo strikes again…

  7. You really did something to piss off the Appliance Gods in a previous life, didn’t you? Maybe you need to sprinkle some holy water and/ or smudge the appliances with some burning sage or something.
    I’m seriously considering a whole house Appliance/Electrical Gadget exorcism – know anybody who does those?

  8. The quantity and quality of my kissing up has been sadly lacking. I will try to rectify this asap. The blow on it tip is a pretty good one. Much better than my tapping everything with a hammer. That never works out for me but is a lot of fun to bang away at something for no reason.

    Bang away at something for no reason? That really didn’t come out as classy as I had planned. Thank you as always for the big old smile you put on my face.

    And seeing Noah? Loved it!
    I find it fun to include Bible characters in my true-life stories. Gives the kids something interesting to think about – I’ve been waiting for the jokes to arrive on the “gopher wood” but sadly I’m disappointed. Keep currying my favor Knave.

  9. Holy crap woman, wanna borrow our ark? If you remember we were building one during the spring rains. 😉
    I’m glad DS has a shop vac coz it sure came in handy – that and all the dog towels! What a mess!

  10. I suppose it’s the combination of references to past-life sins against appliances and the predictable presence of dear, sweet EmmaLou that makes me remember that classic bumper sticker from Berkeley:

    “Don’t let your karma run over my dogma. ” 😉
    Oh that brings back memories!! I need to calligraphy it and hang it on my wall – I love it!!!

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