It’s Random Tuesday!

Yes, faithful readers I’m doing Random Tuesday Thoughts this week because…because…well, err, umm…oh yeah I’m feeling disjointed and my thoughts are random so why not?

I hate Halloween.  Really.  It involves 10,000 dirty little fingers ringing my doorbell and demanding candy…which is getting expensive btw.  Oh, alright…yes there are a bunch of cute little bumblebees, etc. but I’m really tired of the big teenagers with the deep voices demanding candy from me.  Go home.  Now.  And stop ringing my doorbell.  And don’t tp my house.  Next year I’m giving out Weight Watcher coupons.  bwahahahahahaa

Tuesday (today actually when I post this)  is Election Day and nobody is happier than I.  Or is that…nobody is happier than me?  Whatever…  Why, you ask?  So these silly politicos will stop hounding me day and night; calling me constantly to tell me why I should vote for them or the world will end.  Ack.  Enough already.

My dog, EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer has a tail that has a life of its own, but when I try to tie a Swiffer to her tail so she can actually be useful to me, she stops wagging it.  No help at all.  I once wrapped her paws in those microfiber cloths so she could clean the kitchen floor.  That didn’t work well, either. All four paws went in different directions and she just plopped down and got that disgusted look on her face.   I thought about tying one of the microfiber cloths to one front paw and duct-taping a bottle of Windex to the other front paw and then turning her loose on the sliding glass door in the family room – then I remembered that pesky problem of her having no opposable thumbs so she can’t actually spray the Windex.  Crap…try and get a little help around here…

Why do we call things we don’t believe a ‘crock’ … and then fix delightful meals in something we call a Crock pot?  Now I’m worried Devoted Spouse won’t believe I can actually cook.  Sheesh.

I’m testing my Smart Phone.  I’m waiting to see if it will do my Christmas Shopping for me.  There must be an app for that — smart.

I keep downloading free books to my Kindle…because they’re free.  But then I don’t have time to read all of them.  Seems like a waste of something but I haven’t figured out what yet…maybe just space on my Kindle?  I’m such a sucker for free stuff.  I thought about adding a Donate button to this blog to see if anyone would actually hand over free $$ to me, but then realized that’s not a very nice thing to do…. so I’m thinking about adding the button to another one of my blogs instead. (j/k)

I have gone from having absolutely nothing to do to being so busy I hardly have time for myself anymore, let alone any of my blogs.  It’s feast or famine with me these days.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  Being busy and active is good – it keeps me from making those crank calls I’m so fond of…

Is it just me or is the only reason to stay awake on Tuesday nights the combination of Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J in NCIS LA?  I so want that theme music to be the ringtone for my Smart Phone.  But my phone’s not Smart enough to figure out where to find it to download.  Gah…

That should be random enough for one day…sigh.

I do believe you may find other random thoughts here


14 thoughts on “It’s Random Tuesday!

  1. Yes that’s plenty random but a great read. I agree with you on the halloween part also. Cool pics of the dog! makes me think of my golden that passed away. When she was alive she owned the house it seemed lol.
    Hi sweetie – thanx for stopping by – I’m sorry ’bout your golden – I’m attached at the hip to EmmaLou and can’t imagine my life without my lil Destroyer. yikes. They are such amazing creatures. And yes, she does own the house and us, along with it. 😉

  2. I knew today was going to be good for a reason and you just confirmed it. Not that commercials are ever entertaining, but any will sure beat the political ads that we’re bombarded with. Happy RTT.
    thanx for dropping by — happy I could help LOL – Happy RTT back atcha! 😉

  3. Hey Linda;

    LOL! I absolutely love it! Random stream of thoughts. It reminds me of a Becker episode where Linda comes up and just keeps talking and talking and talking. Becker finally says – “If you shut your mouth that will stop”. – She said “I know, but it just keeps rolling out!” LOL!

    But then again, some of your thoughts here are the same ones I’ve had from time to time too!

    Love the post!
    Dr. Rus
    Thanks Dr Rus!! Sometimes it’s just fun to ramble and I’m glad there’s a Random Tues group so I can do it and then blame it on them!!! ROFL 😉

  4. “I’m testing my Smart Phone. I’m waiting to see if it will do my Christmas Shopping for me. There must be an app for that — smart.”

    One can always hope ya know… 😉 Cheers!

  5. What is it with the ‘big kids’ that go trick-or-treating?

    I’m giggling over the visual of you trying to get EmmaLou helping with the housework.

    I’m also giggling over the oxymoron usage of the word ‘crock’ – wonder if my hubby thinks the meals I cook in the crockpot are just a bunch of crock, too? 😉

    It’s usually feast or famine over here, too – right now it’s definitely ‘feast’. 😉
    If your voice is deeper than mine, you should NOT be trick-or-treating, period! lol Turns out what I had in the Crock wasn’t a crock after all – Devoted Spouse had two helpings! And as for feast..yikes I seem to be running into myself coming and going, ya know? 😉

  6. This made me laugh out loud! I especially love your ideas to make EmmaLou a useful house help, and to include a donate button on your blog! hahaha! Happy Tuesday, and happy voting over that side of the pond.
    hello dahlink! Turns out EmmaLou will never be a housecleaner simply a house turn-upside-downer! Oh well, can’t blame me for trying. LOL Voting done – Yay for civic duties etc. Cheers!

  7. LOL about getting your dogs to clean for you. They sound a lot like kids. They love to clean when they’re little, but when you want them to get serious about it, forget it!
    Don’t have kids so I can’t really comment on that – I have the Golden Destroyer who can ruin anything in the blink of an eye – last night she scarfed down an earring and left the dangling gold wire behind the little monster. Now I can’t even find the matching earring so I don’t know what she ate. Gah… At least I have Devoted Spouse who actually does quite a bit of cleaning up – he’s learned to let me do the cooking. 😉

  8. I love the Swiffer duster on the tail idea. I wonder if I could get our dog to do that. Obviously the big one. The duster is bigger than the Chihuahua.

    Happy Random!
    Happy Random back atcha!! As for the chihuahua I’d velcro the microfiber to his little belly and then slide him along the floor – much like bowling! rofl j/k Thanks for stopping by! 😉

  9. Living out in the country has it’s advantages such as no trick-or-treaters!
    I know – I talked to a friend of mine in the country and she had 2 kids show up. I stopped counting at about 54 I think.

  10. Love the random read! You do it so well! And if you are giving away weight watcher’s coupons for Halloween, I will show up!
    So would you prefer the $1 off 5 Weight Watcher meals or the 50cent coupon for 4 Weight Watcher desserts? ROFL

  11. Ha. You complain about the teenagers? How’s about the adults – carloads of them, packed in as tight as can be and cruising the Houston suburbs and wealthier areas, pounding on doors, shooing away little kids and demanding “their Halloween”.

    However, I do have a suggestion: horehound. Or cough drops. I have a friend who culled the teenagers out of her ranks in only two years. One bucket for the little goblins, and one for the 16-year old hangers-on. Didn’t do any damage at all to the big kids, but made the point!
    Goodness we’ve never had carloads of adults show up – but I did get alot of older teenagers – I will continue to give them candy but I usually tell them they’re too old to be out trick or treating. Lot of good it does me… ewwww on the cough drops. but funny.

  12. probably you would think that me trick or treating with my kids was a little inappropriate…but did YOU get a full size o’henry for FREE?

    i didn’t think so.

    but, if there is any recovering from my shame, my voice isn’t THAT deep;)

    No, no, no, no Andrea!! I adore when parents trick or treat with their kids!! That’s not inappropriate at all unless the kid you’re trick or treating with happens to be 17 years old. I gave out candy to moms and dads, too sweetie!! What I take exception to is the kids who are pretty much grown up going door to door begging candy – I didn’t mean to imply parents can’t trick or treat!!!!! yikes 😉 P.S. I give out o’Henry bars coz I detest them… lol Then again I don’t like Snickers either and Devoted Spouse feels that’s a serious character flaw on my part. 😉

  13. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to Trick or Treaters, I love them. I have more fun staying outside dressed in costume and treating even the adults with the kids to some humor and candy. We party afterwards.

    I wish I could get my two pups to help with the housework. I’ve tried but they get indignant.

    Now I’ll go back and lock myself in my rubber room….
    I know you love Halloween – I’ve been following all the posts on your blog about getting ready for it. I just never got that excited about Halloween for some reason. I’m more the Christmas person. That’s my fav holiday. I’d like to go door to door and beg for Christmas cookies….rofl 😉

  14. Those pesky, uncooperative doggies!
    I know – I feed her, take her out, let her sleep with me, read to her (don’t ask) and give her massive belly scritchies and backrubs — ya think she’d at least do the dusting… ack

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