Lethal Weapon 5…or Step Away From the Cone


All I wanted to do was have a few days of peace and quiet — a long weekend away with the hubs somewhere.  So I made arrangements for someone to take care of the house and sent EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer to her “estate” home-away-from-home.

Imagine my surprise when I picked her up at the kennels we’ve used for 6 years to find she’s injured and limping and the kennel wasn’t concerned (that’s another story).  Let’s concentrate on EmmaLou for this posting.  Why you ask?  Because the poor thing had to go to the vet to have her injury treated (lacerated paw) and came home wearing the Cone of Shame.  Yes…the Cone of Shame.  Let’s sprinkle this post with a few pics along the way, shall we?

EmmaLou arrives home w/paw bandaged & wrapped in plastic & wearing Cone of Shame

Was EmmaLou irritated?  You bet your life she was — this is the dog who flat out refuses to let her groomer put bows or a bandana on her and now she’s wrapped in this dorky bandage (note pic below), is wearing a lampshade on her head and there’s no beer to go along with the lampshade!

"No chew" like she can read instructions duh

 I gave the Cone of Shame about an hour before she chewed it off (we’ve been down this road before).  But this time was different — the vet gave her pain pills and I immediately fed her one when she arrived home — oh yeah…she zoned out.

Lovin' the pain pills!

Unfortunately it didn’t last long and she was up and trying hard to navigate around the house with this gawdawful lampshade on her head.  I was reminded of pictures of huge cars from the 1950s with these strange things sticking out of their wheels — I think they were called “bumper feelers” and helped the driver know when the car was at the curb — EmmaLou needed Bumper Feelers for the lampshade.  She tried in vain to play with a toy and managed to get it into the lampshade but wasn’t having much fun.

Trying to play w/Rocky Racoon but Lampshade in way

She finally settled into  a prone position with one of her rubber bones in the Cone with her for company.  LOL

EmmaLou manages to get the bone to fit inside the Cone of Shame

Shortly she bumped her way into the coffee table and managed to climb up onto the family room sofa where she hung out until supper time.  We tried not to laugh, but it was hysterical watching her miscalculate where the furniture was versus where her Cone was.  Poor girl.  She will repay me for the laughter.

Made it to the couch...now get this thing off me!!

 Toward the end of the evening EmmaLou knew it was time for bed but I didn’t want her to be on pain meds and fall out of our bed (it’s antique and high up off the floor) so I planned on sleeping on the couch and keeping her downstairs with me.  She wasn’t interested in that idea — she waited for me at the top of the stairs

I'm up here Mom!

Being the smart cookie I am….I hid another pill in some cheese and we settled down for the evening.

Wow these pills are gooooood stuff!

The good news is she should be fine in a couple of days…the bad news is as long as she’s on pain pills one of us has to babysit her at all times so she doesn’t run into something.  Heaven knows she’s run into us enough and that stupid Cone hurts when it hits bare shins!!  OW.  I may need my own bandage soon.  But I’m not wearin’ the lampshade without at least one Margarita first!

All I wanted was a quiet weekend…sigh…


12 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon 5…or Step Away From the Cone

  1. Awww poor little duck. I always feel horrible when I see a dog confined to that ridiculous looking device. I suppose the drugs help though. If I was allowed some premium drugs I might wear a cone that prevents me from licking myself, but that would be my choice. Poor little thing has no choice. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for the golden destroyer.

    And nice to see you back in action too

    As a testament to how much this peasant missed his Queen I believe I am the first one to leave a comment, and a note about my slavish devotion? I believe it is within 5 minutes of you posting. A good follower or a stalker? And have I crossed the line?

    Anyway my thoughts with your four legged companion.
    I may ‘knight’ you if you keep this up…Plus I can always find a use for a new Champion…the Queen’s coffers are low. The Queen shall take it under advisement.

  2. Poor EmmaLou!! Dogs do NOT like the cone of shame!! But hopefully she heals quickly and she won’t have to wear it much longer!! Nice post! Kept me laughing! “Good girl!”
    I was so surprised she still has the Cone!! Last time we went through this she chewed it off within an hour – destructive lil devil – perhaps at the ripe old age of almost 7 she is finally settling down. sheesh

  3. Ah, poor Emma-Lou! Love the photos, and your hilarious commentary! Our little Jack Russell had to wear one of those last year. Apart from making me think of the His Master’s Voice logo, I told my family I’d sit her outside to measure the rainfall. 🙂 Poor little thing. Hope Emma-Lou’s recovery is speedy.
    “measure the rainfall”…now THAT’S funny! I’m just going to recycle it for the busted lampshade in our guest room — no one will ever know… lol

  4. I feel so bad for Emma-Lou! Hope she’s feeling better soon, and that you escape further Cone injuries!

    Believe me she is getting plenty of treats to make up for having to wear the Cone. And I have learned to keep wearing long pants in her vicinity – ow…

  5. I’m a horrible person. Even though I feel bad for the dog (and mine has had one in the past), looking at pictures of dogs and cats in Elizabethan collars makes me laugh. But I’ve learned one thing. Dogs take lampshades in stride. Cats do not.

    Exhibit A:Cat 1 | Cat 2 | Cat 3

    Exhibit B: Dog 1 | Dog 2 | Dog 3 | EmmaLou
    Hi Amanda!! I don’t think you’re horrible at all – both Devoted Spouse and I have been laughing our butts off at this dog as she runs into everything and then she gives us such a dirty look – I did think it was pitiful when she put her rubber bone in her cone but again, I left the room and fell over laughing. I loved the cat pics! Especially the last one – that was one ticked-off cat! I was going to decorate the Cone but EmmaLou hates decoration of any kind – she’s not a bows & bandanas kinda gal – I can’t even get a tee-shirt on her for Halloween. No fun at all. Thank goodness for the pain pills is all I can say… 😉

  6. Oh, poor EmmaLou! Why is the cone necessary since it clearly states on her bandage, “No CHEW!” That should be enough if you ask me.
    One would think a simple instruction would suffice but not for my dog – oh no – she’s as headstrong as me I’m afraid – then again I don’t really think I’d chew on my own paw…but one never knows with me these days… 😉

  7. It’s so awful when they are hurt. I would so be sleeping on the couch to keep her safe. Hope all is well soon.
    I’m just thankful I have a new comfy couch to sleep on!!! Obviously there was a reason I bought new furniture. ROFL Another day or two and the paw will be good enough the cone can come off – I’ve already removed the bandage (and tried her w/out the cone) but she started licking the paw so the Cone went back on. sigh…

  8. That is so sad!
    Well, if all else fails, YOU can take one of the pain pills.

    Hi Kat! She’s been such a good lil trooper – unfortunately I’d prob need the entire bottle and having her quiet is rather nice at the moment so I’ll save the happy pills for EmmaLou! 😉

  9. Did they ever tell you what happened to her. The poor baby. One of our cats has been sick and we thought we would have to put him to sleep, but so far he is holding on. Just trying to get through a whole month without anyone dying, and just trying to break the curse. Yea, just two days left in this month. Then I can end my mourning period, although I am not sure if I have any mojo left or even a clue as to what to write.

    I wish I could give EmmaLou a big hug and a big bone for her to chew on. So please give her a hug and a pat for me. I will have to work on getting the bone to her.

    God bless.
    Bless your heart – you have had so much happen lately – you do know you are always in my prayers? God will get you through this difficult time baby. I’m confident of that.

    As to EmmaLou – the kennel is clueless what happened and boy does that tick me off royally. We had a “chat” believe me. I also sent them the bill from the vet and he’s writing them a letter. Never mess with the fur-child of the Red Headed Stepchild! I’m sorry to hear about your cat – I’ve been there and it’s so hard to know when the “right” time is to let them go. I hope lil kitty can hang on awhile longer and be with you!! Sending you tons of gentle hugs honey!! xoxo

  10. Gavin and Patty send sympathy and hugs to EmmaLou, they don’t like the cone of shame either.
    EmmaLou sends a wave of her nicely healed paw!! It’s good to see her able to get comfy again, poor pup. 😉

  11. Ohhhhh!! poor baby…….tch tch…feel so sorry! hope she heals very quickly.
    Thanks – she’s almost totally healed now…now if she would just totally heel…. lol 😉

  12. Hope her paw is better, but poor little Emma Lou! Still, it is kind of funny! My dogs have had to wear those before, and it is pitiful and funny to watch at the same time. My sister has 3 dogs, and just recently, all 3 were in cones at the same time. One because she had an eye ulcer and wouldn’t quit scratching it, and the other two puppies had their reproductive parts removed. I missed seeing all three of the little coneheads running around afterwards, but my sister was ecstatic when it was time to remove the cones. Quite a pain, but pretty funny if you think about it very hard! Poor puppies!
    She’s all healed and fine now but it was funny to see her in that cone and watch her bump into things. We tried hard not to laugh at her coz it embarrasses her terribly if someone laughs at her poor pup – but we did smile alot. 😉

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