Big Fish in a Little Pond…Little Fish in a Big Pond?

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Yikes – I found myself the past few days with a to-do list that kept filling up notebook page after notebook page.  How could one person possibly have this many errands and chores to accomplish in a short amount of time?   So many things were “due” – I met myself coming and going so to speak.

I have been derelict in my blogging duties and I ask my 17 faithful readers to bear with me a little longer as I get a few more “life” things straightened out, get this blog fog to lift, and find my muse (she keeps hiding from me  – the little strumpet!)

In the meantime, I’m gonna take a lil electronic break – no blogging for a few days — I know..I can you possibly stand it without your Crone and Bear It fix?  Go read some of my old stuff — I did that lately and plum forgot I even wrote some of it.  But then again, I plum forget lots of things these days…

Be back soon -ya’ll play nice ….if you get bored, run down my Blogroll and go say hi to all those nice folks and tell ’em I haven’t forgotten them, honestly!!  I just need to go swim around the other fish bowl for awhile now…sigh…


8 thoughts on “Big Fish in a Little Pond…Little Fish in a Big Pond?

  1. Hi Linda;

    What?! You’re disappearing for a few days? What shall we ever do!? (sniff, sniff). But alas, (do you like that old King James Version ‘alas’ there), I do understand. LOL!

    Have a great time running all of your errands and don’t forget to say hello to yourself when you see yourself coming and going.

    Dr. Rus
    Alas, alack, ack, whatever. lol I do this every once in awhile to refresh my brain and get some new ideas. Kind of kickin out the cobwebs. Gimme a few days and I imagine I’ll find something pithy again. I usually pith off at least one person per blog post. ROFL sigh… 😉 regards to @mylovelywife

  2. I’ll miss you but you do what you need to do and I look forward to having you back in this blogland! Blessings!
    Sunshine xx
    Thanks sweetie – I’ll be back soon – everybody needs some down time ya know. xo

  3. We’ll miss you but you know I understand about lists!

    I’m already realizing what a big commitment blogging is, especially since I write all day at work for my “real” job and am also currently prepping to jump head-first into NaNo in a week.

    It’s exciting to have so much going on but there does come a point where you need to step back and decide what has to come off the list, at least short-term.
    🙂 I thought about NaNo but I’m just not ready yet… I’m too disorganized altho NaNo might be good to get me started and force me to write on a regular basis. hmmm…

  4. I’ve been gone for a while too and it just seems that it gets harder and harder to blog. Not that I don’t have a lot going on in my life but that it’s just hard to put it in a blog that anyone would want to read. Enjoy your time off and come back when you get ready. Ta ta!
    we all LOVE reading your adventures – 😉 mine? who knows? rofl

  5. This blogging thing is not for sissies. We all have to take a break every now and then.
    no sissies here baby! ROFL I am thinking this blog may be at the end of its lifetime, though….

  6. Just coming off my own “downtime”, although in my case it’s been a matter of extending the time between posts. Didn’t mean to, it just happened.

    No NaNo for me – I don’t have novel just crying to get out. My November goal is a new post evey six days instead of ten. We’ll see how it goes. If this blog “goes”, I’ll sure be hoping for a replacement 😉
    oh I dunno – this blog or another – writing seems to be in my blood – it’s just not always easy being “funny” – sometimes I’m just not in the mood to entertain the world. That’s when I take some downtime and get my groove back so to speak. I used to think I had to post every day – not anymore – I’m doin good to get something up 2-3 times a week now. I’m gonna take a few more days off….but I’ll be back. Got some adventures to discuss… lol

  7. Now don’t fall over!! Or worse yet you say to yourself, who is that person reading my blog. How are you old friend? My life always seems to be topsy turvy. Now as I grow older and fatter I find I am more prone to sinus problems and associated infections. Barely have energy to do the last few weeks. Regardless, I have combined all my blogs into one here. As you can see the name is suntithenai, or as I say it is a synthesis of my life, my writings and how to make tomorrow something butter than just nuttin!! Come vist if you wish–there is at least one new post. Take care old friend. Frank–uhhh just in case Within Crepusculum!!
    Holey Crapoli – Crap on a Crutch!!! My old (not literally mind you!) dear friend FRANK!!! Would you believe you have been on my mind the last few weeks??!! I’m so glad you reconnected w/me and I will come visit your blog shortly! I’ve missed your comments and your amazing advice, your tremendous writing… and it’s just wonderful to see you sweetie!!! MWAH!!!

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