Kindle Dwindle

We already know from prior posts that I’m not the best tech geek.  I admit that and own up to it. 

The latest technology break down?  My Kindle…that wonderful e-reader which holds lots of books I can keep forever thus saving me from lugging paperbacks in my purse, in luggage, or the hunt through my house for a particular book.   My Kindle…I love my Kindle.  

Here’s what happened… the other day as I was reading on my Kindle I took a short break to get coffee.  When I returned I thought it had gone into sleep mode (where it puts a nice picture on your screen; usually of an author) but, no,  it didn’t go to sleep.  Instead it was doing this strange Kindle dance….it was flashing me and that’s not in the Handbook anywhere.

I did what I always do when I panic — I started pressing buttons.  I hit the off switch and held it for a hard stop thinking that would stop this flashing nonsense.  It didn’t.  My lil  Kindle (no, wait…that’s My lil Pony…nevermind) didn’t boot up or whatever you call it when the thing restarts.  It kept flashing on and off.  I started praying…even though I imagine this type of prayer is not high on Jesus’ list – I prayed, “Lord, I was only trying to read Your Book, c’mon gimme a hand here with this infernal blasted piece of technology please.” 

And…the Kindle miraculously stopped flashing me.  Unfortunately, it also stopped doing anything at all.  I sat there and stared at it.  Yeah…that always works when something goes wrong…just stare at it.  And then…my beloved Kindle went to its Home Screen — ya know that logo of a big tree with someone sitting under it reading a book – rather Newtonian but without the apples.  The little bar at the bottom started to move, which I thought was a good sign. Maybe it was doing that synch thing where it updates Kindle stuff.  I waited for it to finish that process and I turned it off again.

I turned it back on and found this:  an empty Kindle.  It had not only synched, it had sinked (okay I know that should be sunk, but gimme some leeway here).  I had all my collections lined up neatly but there were no books to be found.  My newest classics were gone, my 2 latest vampire stories vanished, my latest historical mystery (the third in a series I truly enjoy) – nope, not there.  Even the book I got talked into reading by a blogger friend (Ulysses by James Joyce) (all 1,000 pages ack) had disappeared. 

Time to look for the manual which, surprisingly enough, was still loaded on the Kindle.  I  waded through the troubleshooting section only to find out there was no answer for this particular issue.  Crap squared.  Off to my laptop and out to Amazon dot com for some tech help.  Thirty minutes later I learned that this happens some times and it’s normal.  My definition of normal does not include this issue.  I was beginning to get irked.  (read: I was shaking this thing and screaming at it with foul threats of electronic death)  I followed every step in the instructions  while my Kindle continued what I think was its sympathy strike for the French union workers…  

I performed the “Restart” maneuver three times.  Wireless on; Wireless off …I felt like I was trapped in a bad car wax commercial.   On the fourth Restart the time corrected itself.  It was no longer 3:34 am but (correctly) 7:34 am.  Still, I had no books; no Archive. 

I got more coffee.  Then my Kindle and I engaged in a serious discussion.  I explained  I was giving it one more chance to return my  books and then it was the S-L-E-D-G-E-H-A-M-M-E-R.  The strangest thing happened.

It started…the time was correct…and every one of my books including the 29 in the Archives magically reappeared. Apparently a Kindle needs to be reminded of the rules, and given the choice to work or visit Mr. Sledgehammer (which is the 21st century version of being taken behind the woodshed).

 I’m naming this Electronic Peace effort  the Dayton Kindle Accords – there’s peace in my house again and I can read….sigh…


11 thoughts on “Kindle Dwindle

  1. That was close – SO glad your story had a happy ending! Unlike my husband losing 2,985 songs that he had loving transferred on to his iPod before we left SA for London … seriously. I am in a cold sweat thinking about it again!
    Sunshine xx
    Oh NO! That’s not EVEN funny. A situation like that is why I bought an external hard drive and now back up all my laptop data automatically. wow – the good thing about Kindle is keeps everything backed up on some master server somewhere so eventually I would have gotten everything back – it was just such a short-term nightmare to look at my empty Kindle and wonder what I had done (this is usually my fault – I’m the Kiss of Death to any and all electronics). 😉

  2. Hey Linda!

    Pretty funny! Of course that’s good old technology of course. As for me, I just can’t bring myself to a Kindle. I like to highlight books and I like to have the book actually in my hands. Besides, books will never disappear. Captain Picard reads real books on Star Trek: The Next Generation. LOL!

    By the way, the next time your computer goes down maybe you should threaten with the sledgehammer there too. LOL!

    Dr. Rus
    I have threatened the laptop w/Mr. Sledgehammer and it seems to be minding its manners lately. LOL I love the Kindle even though I, too, like to highlight and I like the feel of a book in my hands. I still read real books – and all my ‘serious’ stuff is in hardback so I can mark up everything for future reference. But a Kindle is great for the novels and stuff I just want to read for entertainment — easier than library (EmmaLou likes to chew on library books) and lots of books are even free – so I’m keeping the Kindle! I love it!! 😉

  3. While I wouldn’t mind losing the Ulysses, that would have been an e-disaster! I don’t have a Kindle, but is there a way to back it up?

    Hi Mike – thanks for droppin’ in! Yeah that Ulysses thing is hangin’ over my head – I sorta got talked into it as part of a book challenge and I can’t seem to get past the first sentence….then I fall asleep. Who needs sleeping medicine out there??? Read Ulysses…works everytime. LOL The nice thing about Kindle is Amazon dot com keeps an automatic back-up of all your books – it just takes awhile to sort it all out. But seeing it empty just freaked me out. And, you can back it up to your computer, I just never do for some reason. 😉

  4. When all else fails, threaten with the Sledgehammer! Oh my, I feel like I’m seriously in the Dark Ages. I have a hard time keeping up with technology…I only use my phone for texting, pictures, and occasionally calling. I’ve never even heard of the kimble, I mean kindle!
    …”kimble”…rofl snort I thought I was bad… 😉

  5. Just a housekeeping note here – for me, the comments begin where it says, “I performed the restart maneuver three times”. They’re superimposed over your text, making the rim-shot unreadable.

    Now, in Firefox it’s ok. IE is the issue for me. Just wanted to let you know . Now, I’m off to FF to actually read about all this!
    Well how bizarre is that??!! I haven’t had anyone else note it. Face it, you’ve just been hangin’ out here too long and all my electronic bad mojo is rubbin off on you! ROFLMAO

  6. OK – I instituted my own version of the Kindle Accords and all is well again. I swear these things are alive.

    As for the Kindle et. al. ~ I wrote a recent post comparing e-readers to Brussels sprouts. And I don’t like Brussels sprouts. It’s my inner Luddite coming out. 😉
    I’m with ya on the inner Luddite – die Brussel Sprouts…die… but I do like my Kindle – I don’t like reading on my computer or reading on my phone – the Kindle is easier on my eyes for some reason. 😉

  7. It’s probably good that I have not yet acquired a Kindle because the way my luck has been lately with electronics, I’m sure SOMETHING would have gone completely haywire and my books would either have disappeared into the ozone or I would have dropped it into the toilet or something.
    We don’t mention the “t” word around the Kindle…it’s had several close calls lately. yikes…

  8. Question from an author and a collector of autographed books–How do you get your book signed by the author if it’s on a kindle? 😉

    I’ll stick to real books I’d die of heart failure if all my autographed books disappeared.
    That’s a very good question – electronic signature??? ROFL I don’t buy anything I would have signed – those books I buy in hard or paper back and keep in collections. My Kindle is for quick reads, silly vampire, cheesy novels, and the occasional serious book (classic) or religious study. For example, I would NEVER put your books on my Kindle because I fully expect to have autographed copies one day!!! 😉 xo

  9. I’m laughing with you, not at you, because I had a similar issue recently with my Kindle. It came out of nowhere and it had me crazed! All my books–gone. So when I went online and researched I found out, lo and behold, this is NORMAL. I don’t consider it normal and I’m sure my clients would not consider it normal if I zoned out and stopped working on them in the middle of something.

    Anyway, I read somewhere to take the on/off sliding switch and slide and HOLD it in the on position for at least 15 seconds. Apparently it needs at least 15 seconds to know to reboot rather than just turn on.

    Thankfully, it worked that time, but I live in constant panic now that it will happen again. I’m not exactly sure when I became co-dependent on my Kindle, but here I am.

    It’s’re allowed to laugh AT me aso – heaven knows the rest of the blogging world does. 😉 I read about the holding for 15 seconds too – and that worked the first time it froze on me but this time around I had to hit the menu and go through the Restart process at least three times before it took. Really irritated me coz it took so long and I could have read at least 3 or 4 chapters by then ya know? sheesh 😉

  10. My daughter has a Kindle and I haven’t looked at it yet, but I am such a “real” book freak I just don’t think a Kindle is for me. Hubby would love it if I got one and got rid of some of my precious hardbacks.

  11. I LOVE your definition of ‘irked’!!!

    I totally threaten my computer with tossing it out the window but I don’t think it believes me. I think it somehow knows I wouldn’t waste a window on it. Now a sledgehammer…that might work as a credible threat…

    I love your posts!

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