This is Your Brain on Drugs…

Like the dork we all know me to be….I managed to wrench my shoulder the other day while re-arranging the new living room furniture.  This is not the shoulder I dislocated in my accident; no, this is my good shoulder.  duh squared.  While it hurts, it does not stop me from using my laptop and frittering away on Twitter which is where I was Saturday afternoon when I started having computer problems….again.

Now this computer is not even a year old and it’s been in the shop several times – needed a new keyboard, needed a new power cord.  Suddenly it won’t start unless I take out the battery, then put the battery back in and start the machine.  Then it started making this odd clicking noise and I got that bad feeling — ya know the one where you suddenly realize you haven’t backed up any of your precious data (like the photos of EmmaLou Golden Destroyer) and your computer is on the verge of a crash?  Yikes

Back up about 10 minutes — I had taken a pain pill – a rather strong pain pill because my shoulder was just giving me fits.  Okay now fast forward to the computer issue.  It dawns on me this laptop needs to go to the laptop emergency room and it needs to go now.  But I just took pain meds and can’t drive so I enlist the help of Devoted Spouse and off to Best Buy we go.

By the time we got there, my pain meds had kicked in.  I approached the counter of the Geek Squad , put my laptop on the counter and draped myself on the counter, too.  How I managed to explain the problem is beyond me because I distinctly remember telling them to look at how cute the background picture of EmmaLou was and I believe we discussed many other topics that this young man and his assistant couldn’t possibly have cared about – but they sure were grinning.  Devoted Spouse had seated himself in the reception area and was pretending not to know me (just kidding; he was actually grinning from ear to ear as I rambled and babbled on and on ad nauseum).

They kept my laptop.  I have no idea what they are doing.  I do know they were performing a hard drive back-up as I was leaving.  They asked me what I wanted backed up.  I thought that was the most obvious question in the world, so on the line on the form where it asks what you want them to copy I simply printed the word “EVERYTHING” and I am hoping they understood that.  The young man smiled as he read the form.  I also remember writing in the box where it asks what is wrong something to the effect of:  “It doesn’t work.”  Well… it didn’t.

So, kids, learn from me.  Always start your computer and make sure it is working properly BEFORE you take your pain meds or you may find yourself hanging off the counter at Best Buy with pupils as big as saucers, telling some young guy how much you like his Geek Squad tie clip…sigh


8 thoughts on “This is Your Brain on Drugs…

  1. LOL! This is absolutely hilarious! I wonder if the Geek-Squad have a picture of you in their back room now saying – “Beware of this woman, she may be on pain meds”.

    Great post!
    I’m thinkin’ of wearin’ a disguise when I go pick up laptop!! I’m sure I was quite the hit! ROFL

  2. Love this!! I will remember to stay home if ever I find myself on heavy drugs like that! Your hubby must have loved this!! LOL
    I just had forgotten how “chatty” I get when on the heavy-duty stuff! Devoted Spouse got quite a kick out of it. 😉

  3. This made me laugh out loud – I could just picture the scene. Imagine the blog post the guy from the geek squad could write!
    Sunshine xx
    oh gee thx for reminding me I may be the laughingstock of the GeekBlog!! rofl At least I’m funny when on pain meds — lol ya never know…maybe they Needed that laugh Sat afternoon & I provided it! 😉

  4. LOL! Only you my dear! Only you! Working in the computer repair business, I am the person at the counter asking the questions. I have learned to ask the Right questions. ‘What’s it Not doing?’ or ‘Whats it’s malfunction?’ At least I make them smile:)
    BTW that clicky noise is bad. You were smart to take it in right away.
    I knew the clicking wasn’t a good sign – and not having backed up data for awhile wasn’t good either. I just can’t believe the issues I’ve had and it’s not even a year old. Best Buy probably kept it for resale thinking I was too high to even remember what I did with it! ROFL!!!

  5. Oh, gosh. Sympathy for your shoulder and grins from ear to ear because I just had my first experience with Geek Squad. My computer locked me out. Told me my password wasn’t valid. Told me to put in my password recovery disk. What?

    I never made one ‘a them disks because they told me it would be important if my password was forgotten. I knew I wouldn’t forget it. Never thought my computer might.

    Oh – and if you ever get a note up in the corner of your screen about your sticky keys, don’t necessarily run for the dishcloth. 😉
    Hah! I have had nothing but kindness and respect from the Geek Squad — it’s the computer I take issue with — no matter what I buy it drops dead in a year or so and this one isn’t even a year old. Sheesh. I’m scared to invest the big bucks and switch to Mac – I’d just break that one too. Sticky keys? I’ll b on the lookout!! lol

  6. Now you know why I have a box full of 4GB flash drives, Target had a great deal on them. One cumputer crash was more than enough to get to to back everything up once a day.

    I do hope your shoulder gets better fast. Hugs!
    I do have alot of stuff stored on various flash drives but the other day I put one in and tried to retrieve some pics and it wouldn’t open so alot of good that did me. It’s best this way – the geeks are dumping everything to an external hard drive for me that will automatically update each half hour or whenever I choose so I never have to rely on a flash drive again — that is assuming they can FIX the monster in the first place… yeah – I hope the shoulder gets better too – coz it’s not making progress which has me a bit concerned that I truly hurt something…of course that COULD lead to sessions with the hunka hunka physical therapy guy again…. nah – I want the shoulder to heal. lol

  7. I have something for you at my blog:
    Have a fun day!
    Sunshine xx
    thx sweetie !! It was nice of you to tag me and think of me — here’s a link to my posting — I did this particular ‘tag’ recently and if my poor 16 faithful readers have to read one more piece of info about me, they may show up at my house w/the torches and pitchforks!!! ROFL Go here to read my prior answers. (((((hugs))))

  8. Too funny! Though I bet that’s exactly how I sound when I have all my faculties on. Ever notice how trying to explain a computer problem requires you to know all about computers to the point that if you COULD explain the problem you’d have the knowledge to fix it?

    This is the extent of my tech savy-ness:
    “What’s wrong with your computer?”
    “It doesn’t work. Fix it.”


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