Public Service Announcement

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 Stopped by the vet’s office today to pick up some meds for EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer.  “Mike” with his cat-in-a-box was hunkered down in one of the reception chairs right next to the reception counter.  I was at the counter trying to have a conversation with the nice young woman about getting a refill on EmmaLou’s meds.

“Mike” with his cat-in-a-box, on the other hand, had whipped out his cell phone and was leaving a rather lengthy message…and he wasn’t exactly using his “inside” voice.  It went something like this:

“Mike”:  Hullo Rob?  This is your cousin Mike.  You know I always speak my mind and I tell it like it is.  And I’m tellin’ ya I want to come to your house for the holidays this year.  I don’t wanna go to my sister Susan’s house.  I really like your family better and I want to be there, but ya know how it is with the airline schedules and all and so I need to know right now if you want me to be there or not, okay Rob?  Ya know I always say what’s on my mind……

By that part of the conversation, I had asked the receptionist twice how much was EmmaLou’s medicine?  And I had shot “Mike” THE LOOK.  He was clueless — so here’s the Public Service Announcement just for “Mike”:

It’s a cell phone, not two dixie cups on a string.  Lower your voice.  If you must talk on a cell phone in an enclosed place, think about what you are saying and what the people around you will hear.  Guess what?  I don’t give a fat fuzzy rat’s a$$ whether or not you “tell it like it is” nor do I give a fig about where you spend the holidays.  Judging by your behavior this morning, I’m thinking your sister Susan will be the lucky one come holiday time.  I hope Cousin Rob is prepared.

Personal phone conversations held at a decible level akin to a lawn mower are not acceptable in small spaces.  In fact, they do not belong anywhere in public where someone else is trying to do business.  So knock it off!

This has been a Public Service Announcement….sigh….


5 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. So he didn’t really need a phone, then? I find that SO annoying too!
    I can’t believe YOU didn’t hear him — rofl – I wanted to grab the phone and toss it out the window trust me. Ack

  2. We used to know that the crazy people were the ones talking to themselves as they walked down the street. However, now with those teensy phone in the ear things everyone walks around talking to themselves and most of them have no idea how loud they are talking. Yes, do lower the volume when you’re talking on your phone. I don’t want to hear your conversation.
    Every time I see a bluetooth thingie sticking in someone’s ear and they’re walking around talking outloud I want to walk up to them and simply slap them, grab the thingie in their ear, and stomp on it. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. I rue the day cell phones were invented – truly. Okay they’re good in an emergency. But as far as I’m concerned they should only have one frequency and be for emergencies and THAT’S ALL – ya wanna talk to someone? Wait til you get home. harrumph lol

  3. One of your BFFs (who shall remain nameless) conducted a conference call on her cell phone at the Indy Speedway during practice. ~ Quiet in NJ.
    Can you say…”toad”??? foflmao Lends new meaning to “inside voice” bwahahahaaa

  4. My pharmacist has the cutest little sign at the window. It says,

    “For your convenience and to ensure no errors are made, we will be happy to discuss your prescription when you have ended your cell phone call.”

    Just love it.
    Now that’s a very nice way of saying it — I LIKE it!!

  5. My sister is guilty of cell phone yelling. While in public places. Like restaurants and department stores. Yelling. She also raises her voice when she talks on old fashioned land line phones. And of course, she denies that she does this.
    I’m certainly not the most soft-spoken person in the world…but at least I understand ya don’t hafta scream on a phone…

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