Making Scents of it All

A recent research funded by the makers of that men’s spray “Axe” suggests that scent plays a very important part in relationships.  In fact the study showed some interesting results.  See what you think.

For example, the makers of Axe claim that 56% of women would not date a guy who smells like their dad.  I have no problem with that; in fact, to this day I abhor the aroma of Old Spice for just that reason.  I smelled it constantly for the first 18 years of my life.  Hated it then; hate it now. 

Next statistic:  1 in 4 females will not change the sheets on their bed for up to a MONTH because they want to keep their man’s scent with them.  Okay this is just wrong girls.  Wrong.  Sheets have to be changed more than once a month, preferably once a week.  Have ya heard the news lately of that little pesky thing called BEDBUGS???  Ew, ew, and ew again.  Change the sheets.  Better yet…spray a washcloth with Axe  (or whatever your significant other wears) and take it to bed with you…..but CHANGE those crusty sheets.

Here’s another goodie they discovered:  66% of women polled claimed they would be more likely to make out (make out?? I haven’t heard that term since the 1970s!) with a guy on their first date if he smelled good.  Well, duh squared.  Wanna kiss someone who smells like an ashtray?  And all the cologne in the world isn’t going to mask last night’s garlic bread.    Stupid statistic.  Should be painfully obvious.  (I love these polls.)

Half the women who took the survey admitted that they sleep in their mens’ clothes to keep that lingering “guy” aroma with them.  Okay that sounds nasty, but I recall when I was first head over heels in love with Devoted Spouse and we were newlyweds.  He had to leave town on a business trip and I spent every night sleeping in one of his old college sweatshirts. (I also had a loaded pistol under my pillow, but that’s another story.)    I think I can relate to this survey question.  Of course, I did wash the sweatshirt, (and yes I still have it) so that sort of negates the “aroma” thing.  Nevermind.

Here’s the best statistic of all:  60% of women still remember the smell of their ex’s cologne.  I don’t remember my ex’s cologne…but I do remember the breath of fresh air I took as the door hit him in the a$$ on his way out of my house. 

Scents sometimes make no sense.  One aroma can take you back to childhood or remind you of a former boyfriend, or bring back a strong memory of a special place you visited.  It’s funny what our noses do to our brains.  My nose is rather interested in sniffing out some chocolate at the moment but that’s a bit off topic with this female/male scent thing we got going.   Anyway, if we’re staying with the manly theme here, Devoted Spouse’s scent would be Glock or Smith and Wesson, certainly not Axe.  As it is, most mornings  he just dabs on  a little Eau d’Retired… sigh…


7 thoughts on “Making Scents of it All

  1. Hey Linda!

    LOL! Okay, sometimes people just have too much time on their hands when it comes to polls. But, this is very interesting! Of course as soon as I roll out of bed every morning @MyLovelyWife grabs my pillow because it has my scent on it. 🙂

    Dr. Rus
    Aww that’s sweet, I usually just roll over coz his side is nice and warm… okay it smells like him, too. Ain’t love grand????!!!!

  2. I am allergic to scents, so hubs doesn’t wear anything. Does that mean there’s less romance? Does it mean that I don’t love him enough, because I regularly change the sheets and wouldn’t even THINK of sleeping in his clothes (well, maybe a t-shirt here or there)? I hope not.

    My ex, on the other hand…I do remember his cologne. And I think the only reason I do is that it’s a self-preservation thing. When I smell that old, familiar scent, my fight or flight response kicks in. I immediately put as much distance between me and the smell as I possibly can.
    How interesting! Were you allergic to scents while with ex? I have an aversion to heavy musk so I stay far away from the stronger perfumes and so does Devoted Spouse – what we wear is always light. I believe if your perfume enters the room before you do, there’s a problem. I once worked w/a lady who wore that very strong, vile, expensive scent known as Poison (and it is) and there is so much musk in it, that every time she walked by me I became ill. I finally had to go to management and request something be done. People don’t think before they “bathe” in the stuff these days. 😉

  3. Scents have a way of bringing back memories, like the first perfume that my wife wore when we met. When I walked into a school on one occasion, it had the same scent as my elementary school from decades before, and it brought me back to the third grade.
    But nothing better than warm bagels
    There are vanilla or cinnamon sprays on market…but a warm bagel scent would truly drive me over the edge and into ecstasy! 😉 thanks for stopping by Ralph

  4. I stay away from guys who wear Axe, TapOut and Affliction clothing (lame apparel from the silly UFC MMA craze), sagging pants and don’t tuck their shirt in. Yes, I’m serious! I don’t wear perfume every day, but when I do, it’s Chanel No.5 – strong scents give me a headache. I can’t go in Bath and Body Works or a similar store and stay a while because of the overwhelming mixture of scents. That being said, I totally acknowledge when a guy smells good. Sometimes the cologne/perfume industry gets it right – yet it seems so rare.

    It’s weird that women want the man’s scent to linger – I change my sheets at least 1x/wkly, no matter how exhausted I am!!! It’s good to practice good hygiene, and that includes bedsheets! LOL 🙂
    Hi swee’pea thanks for stopping by to see me!! I can only run in B&BW quick enough to grab some handsoap or lotion and then be on my way because it is overpowering – same as in the Yankee Candle store. Phew! Chanel No. 5 is a classic and lovely scent. My stepmother wore it for many years. I can still smell it in my head. Funny how that works, huh? xoxo

  5. Scents are powerful. My ex didn’t wear anything and to this day, if I get a whiff of what smelled like the inside of his car (sweet scent of stale air, actually a pleasant smell), I’m brought back to that innocent first date. Never knowing how awful life would turn out for the next five years…but that’s totally another story!

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