Wordless Wednesday


One thought on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. OK – here’s your weird for the day. When I looked at the photo, my first response was…. to….. want to straighten the photograph on the wall.

    Of course I’m saying this in the middle of household chaos. Leave it to me to want to “straighten up” something I can’t possibly reach while I ignore what’s right here next to me! 🙂
    Actually the pic on wall IS straight — it was my angle when I took the picture that was crooked – really — you see this table is in a loft area and there isn’t much room from the table to the railing on the staircase (where I was on my knees trying to get all I wanted into the picture) and so I was a little off kilter. I tried to correct by cropping and figured no one would notice. Thank you for bringing this to the world’s attention…. snort ROFL

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