Fall Fashion Fail


Went to the mall yesterday.  After losing so much weight, I’m a little low on clothing.  Not wanting to spend the national budget, I searched for bargains as many of the major department stores are having sales. 

Laden with leaflets, coupons, special discount cards, brochures, etc. I headed into the mall and started looking.  It was a disaster.  It has simply been so long since I cared what I wore (read: back when I worked) that I have no clue what I should look for. 

Last week, I managed to snag a nice pair of black trousers and two lightweight twin-set type cardigan sweaters.  I have two skirts, several blouses, and one pair of black jeans.  But that’s just not going to get me through.  I need at least two more pair of trousers, another pair of jeans, a couple of pull-over sweaters, something in basic black in case somebody dies, (hey it happens) and a winter coat.  That’s not even considering shoes.  Did you know you lose weight in your feet???  I did.

Shopping has become very frustrating suddenly.  The only item I am confident in purchasing is handbags and I have entirely too many of them already.  As for the shoe issue, I read in the paper this morning that boots are in fashion this fall – but have you seen the heels on those puppies???  Yikes, I already broke my back…I don’t need to break a hip from stiletto-heeled boots.  

At the opposite end of the boot spectrum are the ubiquitous Uggs.  Ugh to the Uggs.  I know…I know…the world has already tweeted me that they are the most comfortable shoe/boot thingies in the world.  They’re also about $140. a pair.  Ouch.  What really caught my attention (speaking of Uggs) was how designers are getting into the Ugg craze.  I saw in the paper this morning that Jimmy Choo has come out with a studded pair and they cost more than the current value of my house.  I wondered if he (and I assume, not being fashion conscious, that Jimmy Choo is a “he”) was going to add his name or brand in any way to the Uggs — he could call them Juggs.  No, maybe that’s not such a good idea.   Perhaps I should look for some nice clogs instead. 

Coats – what’s in style?  I saw in a magazine that purple will be in for the next few years.  Oh for the love of Pete — I abhor purple and it will be a cold day in you-kn0w-where before I pay big bucks for a purple coat.  I like my coats to be dark brown, navy blue, or black because that goes with everything.  Maybe I’ll just borrow Devoted Spouse’s old Camo Field Jacket (it only dates back to the VietNam war) and be done with it. 

Now I realize I should have paid more attention in Home Economics class — that pesky sewing stuff would come in handy…sigh…


6 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Fail

  1. Of course you could opt to wear those PJ jammie bottoms everyone thinks are in fashion. You know the ones I mean. LOL!
    GASP ACK Chokes on coffee!!! My fashionista Sueanne would come over here personally and SLAP me if I ever stepped foot out of the house (except to get paper) in jammies! She is teaching me properly and I now know one NEVER wears jammies out in public – NEVAH!!! Or face the wrath of @SueanneShirzay 😉 They are comfy though… sigh…

  2. I gotta say I’m not feeling tooo bad for you….I need to lose 15-20#. I’d be happy to have your problem!
    from the pics I’ve seen I think you’re gorgeous!!! 😉

  3. My gripe? It’s 95 degrees outside, I’m looking for short sleeve shirts, and the racks are full of fall clothes. Do these fashionistas know where I live? Fall is about three weeks long here.

    Speaking of being geography challenged…some years ago I was in a Kroger (back when I had money) and outside the pharmacy was an advertisement for a children’s hospital. “It’s 2 a.m., and your child is sick. What do you do?” Why, bring her to the Scottish Rite hospital…3 1/2 hours away in Atlanta!
    It isn’t quite that warm here in OH but still they put the heavy clothes out waaaay too early – I just find all of the newest trends confusing and I’m trying to dress my age and be appropriate and it seems everywhere I go the stores are designed for a twenty-something or a young hip professional and I am neither. ack.

  4. I hate clothes shopping. Especially when it’s for something for a special occasion. And I have the money because that’s when I couldn’t find anything that looks good or fits if my life depended on it.

    So that’s why I shop for clothes at that bastion of Haute Couture: Target.

    Oh, and I loved Loved LOVED my Uggs. Until I replaced them with my red “Mammoth” Crocs.

    Yeah, I’m pretty much a Fashion Don’t.
    Well welcome to my world baby – that black line is across my face in pictures for a reason – I’m a big fashion don’t and am waiting for my fashionista Sueanne to comment and give me some good advice. I still will wear my Crocs but I need some nice shoes too and jeans and sweaters are fine, but again I’m looking for something a little nicer. ack ack I hate it. I think I’l just become the Robe Person…

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss! I’m beginning to dislike clothes shopping more and more, especially, now that I’m , ah-hem, older. It’s hard to know the line of acceptable and looking too young. Drats!
    thx! That’s exactly the issue I’m dealing with – how to dress my age without having to break out the housedress and orthopedic shoes. I want to look nice, but tight tee shirts and cropped tops are not acceptable as far as I’m concerned. I don’t mind showing off my new figure but I also wish to look appropriate and not have someone think I’m trying to look like a teenager or like some model I saw in a magazine. It’s hard to find what I term “middle of the road” clothing. Stuff you can mix and match and can take you from a luncheon to a dinner out. sigh…I actually bought a pair of sweats — oh the horror — at least they were a much smaller size. lol

  6. To heck with fashion, I dress for comfort. I only need dress up four days out of the year, so those clothes get recycled constantly, another reason I hate having my picture taken at the PW conference.
    giggles…I dug out my Crocs this morning & wore them w/socks!!!! GASP I’m such a fashion don’t LOL

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