I Declare it Monty Python Day


In the bloggy world there are quite a few days — even more days than those of a regular week.  There is a day for every possible type of blog one wishes to post.  For example, as I write this, today is Thursday and one of the blogging world events is Theme Thursday.  However, Theme Thursday rules have changed.  Oh, it’s still known as Theme Thursday, but the actual ‘theme’ is no longer announced the prior Sunday, thus making it easier for one to actually come up with something appropriate to post by Thursday.  No, now the ‘theme’ is posted ON Thursday at 6 am and the rules now state one has until the following Thursday to complete this post.  It seems to me reading a posting entitled Theme Thursday on a Tuesday is going to confuse my 15 faithful readers.  I know it will confuse me.  Oh, I’m still going to participate now and then….but I will hit the site precisely at 6 am each Thursday, find the ‘theme’ for that Thursday and write like a hurricane in order to post something on Thursday morning. 

Or maybe not.

Maybe I will just declare this Thursday to be Monty Python Day.  A Twitter friend of mine and I had quite a few laughs Wed evening as we re-lived our favorite Monty Python memories.  She was enamored of the Parrot sketch; I was still laughing at the Bruces sketch another friend had posted a day before.  She started tweeting lines from The Knights Who Say Ni and, naturally, I had to respond with a few of those also.  That brought about another round of hysterical laughter and I found myself sitting here in my comfy chair singing the Spam song.  Yes, Monty Python brings back wonderful memories of such silliness as the world has never seen again.

And so in honor of Monty Python and because it’s 4 am here and there is no subject released yet for Theme Thursday…I think I will amuse you with a little ditty from way back when comedy was actually funny and not profane (yes I’m referring to yesterday’s post which might have been in a teensy bit of poor taste, but funny nonetheless.)

Here are a few of my favorite sketches from those days – laugh – it’s good for you…sigh…


3 thoughts on “I Declare it Monty Python Day

  1. LOL! I love it Linda! My favorite Monty Python movie is of course “In Search of the Holy Grail”. So many great lines in that movie.

    But, my all-time fav quote comes from the TV series – “And now for something completely different…a man with three buttocks!”

    Great post!
    Dr. Rus
    Yes Monty Python has given me so many laughs over the years – I have the movies, the series on DVD and I regularly drag them out and just sit and scream with laughter. But then, for me, humor is about silliness – the sillier the better – I love slapstick and stupid things. Hey I actually liked the movie Dumb and Dumber – what does that tell you? lol British humor has always been so dry and so much funnier than ours, but that’s just my opinion. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean? Those guys were brilliant! ; )
    Couldn’t agree more!!! Love ’em and the sketches never age – they are always funny!

  3. My dad was a huge Monty Python fan. Me, not so much. But I do (did) get a kick out of Benny Hill.
    I used to watch Benny Hill with my dad – and we also loved Rumpole of the Bailey (“she who must be obeyed” — he ended up calling my stepmother that and it cracked us up so bad!!) I caught on to Monty Python late – but made up for it. I absolutely love that troupe – it’s a shame at least two of the original members have died now. I still adore John Cleese – he’s such a funny guy. He did a short-lived series called Fawlty Towers that was an absolute scream – if you ever get a chance to watch any of it DO IT!

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