Flip Flop Fail File

pic courtesy of: blog.solar-states.com

Yes kids it’s time for another story from the Crone and Bear It duh files.  This is a true story; I could not make this stuff up.

Yesterday I was at my Divine Nail Diva appointment and I happened to relay this little tidbit to my fav nail lady who had to stop puttin’ on the polish as she fell into a fit of hysterics.  I didn’t think it was all THAT funny — it’s just my life.

You see a couple of weeks ago I was in my usual rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off state and not paying a bit of attention.  What bothered me most was some pain in my right foot.  It really hurt.  But I didn’t have time to mess with it — I was running errands and multitasking like nobody’s business.  Everywhere I went my foot kept aching.  I ignored it and pressed on.

I came home, sat down in my comfy chair and finally happened to glance down at my right foot and, if I’m lying I’m dyin, this is what I saw:

Flip Flop FAIL

Apparently, that morning I was in such a hurry I simply slammed my feet into the old flip flops and off I went clueless as to what I had actually done.  No wonder my foot hurt.  What is truly sad is I sort of recall doing this once before…I never learn do I?  Another typical Crone and Bear It Duh moment….sigh…


11 thoughts on “Flip Flop Fail File

  1. That is a sorry situation.
    I know…I’m right on the edge of being labeled a bugger-pickin moron. I’m tellin’ ya it’s getting worse each day…

  2. Michele – And not the first time she’s done it! * snort* !
    Well at least I’m consistent…but then so is Cream of Wheat….

  3. You’re still an Einstein compared to the dude who decided to “test” the security of the gun safe at a Bass Pro in the Dallas area last weekend – and let his buddy close the door.

    They couldn’t get the lock to open. They had to drill air holes and call out the EMTs, etc to get the guy out. Once he was standing upright again, the only thing the clerk said was, “Will you be purchasing this safe with cash or a credit card?”
    Thank you so much for telling that story — I definitely feel better now. Whew! That was a close one.

  4. I am really glad it is not just me that does things like that. 🙂

    I have just tagged you……if you have chance to visit my blog you will see what I mean. Have a wonderful week end.

    Sandy xx
    Hi baby – no, you are not alone! lol sorry it took me awhile to answer, been under the weather for a day or two w/these nasty allergies – I’ll get over to your place shortly I promise! xoxo

  5. Hahahahahahaha! Ok, I’ll admit I’m guilty of putting my oh-so stylish Crocs on the wrong feet and not figuring out why they felt funny for a few minutes. But it only happened ONCE.
    Hey girlfriend Crocs aren’t difficult to get wrong – I’ve done that too so don’t feel bad. But flip flops? Pitiful.

  6. That’s a foot wedgie.
    It certainly is and thank you for correctly naming the condition. I just hope I never get another one! 😉

  7. Aww, that looks distinctly uncomfortable…
    Poor you!
    (but yes your pedi is lovely)
    you MUST take care…
    You can’t hear me…but I’m singing the chorus…”if I only had a brain”…. rofl ((hugs back atcha))

  8. HAHA! How could you not notice that? Now my toes hurt!
    Seriously I just don’t always pay attention coz I’m going at warp speed trying to do far too many things at one time and I get so distracted that I ignore other things like the fact my foot hurts. Dumb, I know…

  9. That’s better than the day I wore some kind of fancy flip flops to work and about half way through the day and some 120 miles from home my flip flop broke right at the little thingy that goes between your toes. You should have seen me hobbling around the rest of the day. Not a pretty sight.
    Okay now listen up – this is free – ALWAYS carry a roll of duct tape in the trunk of your car – you coulda fixed those flip flops in a jiffy girlfriend! lol

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