Theme Thursday: Reason …or I Think Therefore I Fart


My apologies to Monsieur Rene Descartes….I doubt he would appreciate my scatalogical version of his “I think therefore I am.”  It got your attention though.  And that’s a reason to read this post.

Why is there air?  Bill Cosby claims there is air to fill up basketballs and therein lies the reason for the NBA. (Can’t possibly have anything to do with the sport actually being interesting… down the court, throw the ball into the hoop, turn around, run down the court throw the ball into the hoop… kick someone in the ribs…foul…yawn.)

What is my raison d’etre?  Beats the puddin’ outta me — something along the lines of I live to make you smile is the best reason I can come up with this late at night as I write this post with somewhat tired and scrambled brains.

Here’s one we’ve all heard ad nauseum… Jesus is the Reason for the Season.  I don’t particularly like using Jesus in a cliche, but there’s another reason for you.

Want more reasons?  Why do dogs lick their private parts?  Reason:  Because they can.  I very much apologize for that one — that’s the influence of Devoted Spouse and his obsession with the guy who constantly says “Git er done”  which is in itself a reason for throwing the tv out the window….pressing forward…

I have many cliches and silly phrases I often use — here’s one:  “There’s no reason on God’s green earth why yada yada blah blah.  What a stupid thing to say.  But I say it.  Reason?  Habit.  Or possibly the fact that my reading material of late is causing me to lose IQ points at an alarming rate.  But that’s another post.

And, finally, the reason for this post pretty much eludes me — like the dolt I am, without thinking it through, I signed up for Theme Thursday and here I am with no rhyme nor reason which  brings up another interesting tidbit — what the heck does “no rhyme nor reason” mean anyway… what does reason have to do with rhyme? Crap on a crutch.  My brain aches.  And by now Monsieur Descartes is truly rolling over in his grave.

I’m quite fatigued at this point which is as good a reason as any to end this ridiculous exercise…sigh…

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4 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: Reason …or I Think Therefore I Fart

  1. So when did you “Fart”? I truly thought you were going to give us another really good farting story with a really good reason for why you had to do it. Or that you were banned from another store for farting in the dressing room or in line. I must have farting on my tired brain because the cat was lying here and I kept smelling his farts. They were the SBD kind. I shushed him away. There is no reason as to why I have such bad smelling abilities but can always smell their stinky farts. And cats farting is truly smelly, which is a good reason to keep them outdoors.

    Maybe when I come back to posting in a few weeks I will write about something reasonable. I just watched the vid of Emma on FB and it was so cute. She is so dang cute.

    God bless.
    Nope there was no farting involved – that was just my way of getting your attention! LOL But speaking of gassy things, lemme tell ya EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer can clear a room lickety-split. Hers are silent and deadly! LOL Take care sweetie – xoxo

  2. Thanks for this delightful read, this airy theme Thursday. That’s what I need about now….something fun.

    bless you for being so kind and I’m glad you thought it was fun! 😉

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