Must be Karma, Baby

I am a firm believer that you reap what you sow.  What goes around comes around.  Good always triumphs over evil.  The guys in the white hats always win the gunfight.  The guys in red shirts on Star Trek always get vaporized.  I think you see where I’m going with this.

The other day Devoted Spouse spent most of his day in service to God — he painted several rooms of our new church building.  I’m always proud and happy when he volunteers at the church; it’s a good thing.  But sometimes I get a little annoyed that he is so quick to help out the church….when there are chores and projects to be tackled here at home.  (Look out — lightning bolt comin’ my way!)

After painting all day, he was tired.  He deserved some rest so I didn’t nag him and as I recall I even made a nice supper for the man.  He was hunkered down  in his disgusting   dog-drool-stained   I hate it so much I want to toss it out the window  favorite comfy recliner chair when he had to get up for one reason or another.  As he got up, his hamstring blew — he got a leg cramp to end all leg cramps and couldn’t get it to stop.  What did I do to help?  I giggled.  I know – it was a “you’re goin’ to hell” type of moment because the way he was dancin’ around…all I could do was laugh.  I tried not to laugh outloud and I tried very hard to sympathise with him.  I knew he was in pain. I even rubbed his leg for him and felt how tight that poor muscle was.  It had to hurt.  But it was funny.  We’ve all been there with charley-horses, etc.  They hurt like the dickens but the dance you do is funny.

Divine retribution.  That’s something else I believe in.

Sunday afternoon I was trying in vain to squeeze my newly sized 10 butt  into a pair of size 8 jeans in hopes of stretching them out enough to actually wear them without my lungs bursting from all the skin forced up towards my not-as-filled-out-as-it-used-to-be-chest.  I did the old ‘suck it waaaay in’ number, got those bad boys buttoned, then fell back onto the bed because all us gals know that’s the true way you get those tight jeans zipped up.  And then it happened.

I got the mother of all hamstring cramps and I couldn’t get up off the bed because I was poured into these flippin’ jeans and I couldn’t breathe, much less move.  Ow…ow…ow…ow.  I finally edged myself off the bed and did the ‘jumping-up-and-down-I’ve-pulled-a-muscle dance around my bedroom for a few moments until the cramp subsided.  I got out of the jeans and threw them across the floor in favor of my comfy yoga pants.

The back of my thigh still hurts.  Moral of the story?  God doesn’t like ugly, Linda.  Never laugh at your spouse (at least not where he can see you)….sigh…


7 thoughts on “Must be Karma, Baby

  1. Pay back always comes to those who deserve to recieve LOL I have been there my self on several occasions. 🙂 But I still continue to laugh.
    Now why does it help to lay down to zip them up LOL
    sweetie – if u have a wife or girlfriend, ask her. Trust me we gals all do it…the jeans zip easier if you’re layin’ down than if you’re standin up. must be a physics thing. rofl [wipes tears]

  2. Owwwww, owwwwww, owwwwww! That makes my legs hurt so bad……
    I’m so envious that you wear a size 10. I have lost 15 lbs and hope to be in that size soon. Way to go, sister.
    LOL yeah it DID hurt! But funny. Hey I bought an 8 the other day – but ya know what? Every manufacturer is different so the numbers don’t matter! You know I’ve seen pics of you and you are gorgeous!!! And Congrats on the 15 lbs!! xoxo

  3. I cannot believe the timing of this post, you will never guess how karma paid me a little visit today. I accidently scratched my dads car the weekend, I went to wipe some dust off and caught the paint with one of my rings. When I visited my sister a few hours ago my little niece was helping her dad to paint the garden shed green – guess what colour streak I have on my car now 🙂
    Oh that’s funny!!! As we say here…karma’s a b*tch… rofl xo

  4. I’ve caught some of that “You work so much over at the church but we’ve got plenty to do here” bit. But I’ve figured out something…what a church needs more than anything is frosty cold air conditioning. If I’m burning up I don’t care if the pews are gold-plated.
    I’ve never said anything to him coz I’m proud of him for volunteering at church – then again I would like my living room painted… 😉

  5. Very funny!! I’ve had a similar experience. I watched and laughed at my bf when he rolled his ankle a year ago or so… ( I didn’t know it was serious! and to see his 6 foot 260 lb self jumping up and down was funny.. )

    Unfortunately, not long after I biffed it in the snow and my self and purse when flying across the parking lot one morning before work. Needlesstosay, I turned right around went back into my place, phoned in to work and called it a day that day. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    I really do feel bad for laughing but i couldn’t help it. A couple of years ago I took a nasty fall on the ice and broke my back and dislocated my shoulder and Devoted Spouse never cracked a smile when I went down in a heap with nothing but my legs up in the air. God love his heart. I’m a bad wife. lol

  6. Sooooo true,what goes around comes around and comes around for sure!……But the effort put into filling yourself into those jeans was hilarious,ha ha!

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