Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself

For the past week or two I have been doing battle with large black ants; large black ants that bite…ow.  These nasty critters have been interfering with my beloved hummingbirds by crawling up the wood post on which hangs the hummingbird feeder and then getting into the yummy sugar water.  They swarm around and in it and make such a mess the poor birds can’t feed.  That made me crazy.

Being the normal American girl I am…I immediately thought of the big green can of Ant spray.  I sprayed all around the deck floorboards, up the wood pole and in the surrounding area; all the time hoping this toxic goop wouldn’t interfere with my hummingbirds.  Well, it didn’t.  Nor did it stop the nasty big black ants from climbing all over and into the hummingbird feeder.

I stood there Thursday morning watching the mess and at the same time I had a bra stap that was slipping.  Now you think these two things may be totally unrelated and you would be wrong.  The slipping bra strap led to my amazing A-HA moment.

I went inside to my bedroom, took the double-sided tape dispenser from my closet and went back outside with a step stool.  I wrapped double-sided tape all around the wood pole in several places and also put lots of it on top, around, and under the hanger that holds the hummingbird feeder.

Of course that sounds relatively easy.  It wasn’t.  I spent about an hour wrestling with the tape, getting it stuck all over me in the process.  I fell off the step-stool once (I was only on the lowest step so it was no big deal thankfully) but my neighbors must have wondered what the heck I was doing as I literally embraced the wooden pole while frantically  tearing off strips of tape and swatting off big black ants from my tender flesh. Ugh.   I imagine my neighbors realized it was just Linda up to her usual nonsense and they quickly found other amusement (read: grabbed their videocams).  At one time I had double-sided tape all stuck in my hair while doing the tape-tearing, hair-pulling + ant-flicking dance on top of the step stool — I’ll be periodically checking YouTube just in case (you never know with my neighbors).

I finally finished my taping experiment.  Then I stood back and watched.  The ants climbed the pole but they wouldn’t cross the tape.  They went up and down, around and around but all of them stopped dead in their tracks at the tape.  One ant got crafty and actually showed up on top of the pergola and climbed DOWN toward the feeder – but he met with a sticky surprise when he got there because the hangar itself was also wrapped in double-sided tape and the ant refused to cross it.

YAY – Dang skippy I’m smart.  And my hummingbirds no longer have to put up with nasty ants in their food.  Tomorrow I tackle world hunger…  sigh…



11 thoughts on “Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself

  1. Genius!!!
    thanks sweetie – one of the few times I actually patted myself on my own back!!! lol

  2. Sounds like you have a new career in front of you: a duct tapes pole dancer. Still not sure how the bra led to an A-HA moment.
    Honestly Steve why do I have to keep explaining everything to you? Now listen carefully coz I’m only gonna go through this once… the bra strap was slipping and showing…hence the double back tape to TAPE the bra strap to my shirt so the strap wouldn’t slip anymore and show. Double back tape…one side goes on the top of the strap and the other side attaches to my tee shirt. Voila! It’s a fashion thing sweetie. lol

  3. You matched. wits.with the ants and won.You should look into exterminator college.
    can I exterminate my annoying neighbors?

  4. Genius! I was thinking you were going to trap the ants with the tape and then throw them away. How awesome that they won’t even attempt to cross it. You are too smart!
    I dunno about genius it just seemed like a good idea at the time. I need to go wrap some more tape so it’s even thicker in case one of them gets brave and actually gets across it or, heaven forbid they do that weird ant-bridge thing! ewww… lol

  5. Oh my goodness you get humming birds in your back garden, how wonderful. They are such beautiful little birds, I am so jealous. I love feeding the little birds, I get the occasional wren but nothing as sweet as that.

    Good on you for teaching those ants a lesson, I have a sparrow hawk who keeps running off with my sparrows – don’t suppose you know how to deter those do you?

    Have a lovely weekend
    Sandrine x
    hello my sweetiepie Sandy! Yes I have lots of hummingbirds – I adore them – their little wings actually hum if you can get close enough to hear them. I’d like to get them to the point where they will feed out of my hand but they’re too timid at the moment. I almost had a pic of one when I shot those pics above – one flew in to feed and was frightened by my camera. Darn. If you have a good BB gun that should deter the sparrow hawk, if you’re a good shot that is. 😉 hugs to you and your honeybunny!!

  6. I should’ve thought of that a few years back! I’d quit putting out a hummingbird feeder until this year because of the ants. I put one in the Sweet Gum tree this year so far only the hummingbirds have found it.
    It seems to still be working but you have to put several layers of tape every few inches and then also on the feeder itself so they can’t get to it. A pain in the butt, however worth it!! I hate ants…

  7. You go, girl!
    I had to reinforce the tape today and add extra layers – those little buggers are determined to get to that feeder and when I saw a hummingbird dancin around from section to section I knew he was being bothered by pesky ants again. Grrr – I refuse to let them win!! lol

  8. WHAT a great solution!!!
    YUCK about the ants..they are the main reason we don’t have a feeder.
    But we will have to try this next year!
    An occasional ant still gets thru – I keep adding another layer of tape – the little suckers are relentless. I have never had this happen before – I don’t know why this year is different. bizarre.

  9. Just came across your post as I am doing battle with the ants as well this spring. I was wondering if double-stick tape would work which was my google search. I’m trying poster tape (inside wall) and so far so good! I had to laugh, though, in the midst of all this ant stress, at the visual of your neighbors with the video cam as you do the ant cha-cha!
    Glad I can be of help – I also found another solution and that’s spraying Pam (the original, not the butter or olive oil) on the posts – the ants absolutely HATE walking thru Pam for some reason. Who woulda thought? Thanks for your comment!

  10. Do these kind of innovative ideas come to you very often?
    i too have a solution for almost all tricky situations n problems….come so naturally from within.

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