But it Tastes Like Kibble…

Yes, that is a picture of seashells in a glass bowl.  Today there are only a few seashells in that bowl; yesterday it was almost overflowing with lovely shells.  Shells that had meaning….lovingly chosen during a vacation on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  They were not just for decoration; they were a reminder of another time.

You may know that I am in the midst of re-decorating my living room.  There is only one lonely chair remaining in this room, an antique armoire and two small tables.  Oh yeah, then there’s that wall’o’paint but that’s a different story.

Have I ever mentioned my EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer spidey sense?  As in…I know when she’s being naughty…I know when she’s being nice?  Uh-huh.  It’s true.  When it gets very quiet in the house….she’s up to no good.  A mom of a fur-child can just tell these things.  Really.

Yesterday I was having a small problem with my back.  I know…I know…stop lifting heavy pictures off walls and dragging them into the living room to see if they go with any of the paint samples…mea culpa.  Anyway,  I was resting on the remaining couch in the family room when I noticed an eerie silence in the house.  That’s right…it was entirely too quiet.  EmmaLou is up to something.

I painfully got myself up off the couch and started a room-by-room search.  I found EmmaLou in the fairly empty living room with the above-pictured glass bowl of seashells on the floor next to her and several scattered around her in pieces.  Tiny pieces.  EmmaLou was having her version of a seafood lunch.  Crunch….crunch…crunch. 

I may have neglected to mention…prior to taking that picture, the bowl was almost overflowing with amazingly beautiful shells.  The very same shells now strewn in pieces across my living room carpet.  Ack.

I take full responsibility once again for her shenanigans.  I needed the end table for the two boxes of tiny sample jars of paint.  The bowl of seashells found a new home on an antique box much closer to the floor.  In fact, they were at the perfect height for EmmaLou to grab them and find a comfy spot for an afternoon snack.

I once had a bowl full to the rim with lovely seashells…sigh…


9 thoughts on “But it Tastes Like Kibble…

  1. That dog of yours eats the most amazing things. I set stuff on low tables all the time and my dogs just ignore it. EmmaLou’s stomach must be cast iron. Sorry about your shells though.
    She will pretty much eat anything that doesn’t eat her first. Amazing. Most of it goes right thru – the only prob we had was the day she swallowed an entire leather glove – and the vet made us give her hydrogen peroxide to throw it back up. Saved $$$$$ on vet bills that day – whew! The good news is…I have tons of beautiful shells still stored away out of her reach – and I won’t make THIS mistake again! lol

  2. We live where we can replenish them…or furnish more snacks for Emma Lou! I prefer the welks to the conches but either will do on a bad snack day.
    I’ll have to send EmmaLou to visit you Sandy – but make sure you duct-tape her backpack so she can’t eat the shells ya’ll collect for me! 😉

  3. “A mom of a fur-child can just tell these things. Really.” So true! I always no when Lucy and Dexter are up to no good. Like yesterday morning when they popped the air mattress that my nephew sleeps on when he comes to stay with us. Thankfully, Dexter is the only one we really have to watch when it comes to eating thing he shouldn’t. I cannot tell you how many pairs of headphones and earbudes I’ve lost to him. It’s times like those where they’re so lucky they’re cute!
    EmmaLou ignores the earbuds but she chews through the wires!! Ack – yeah – it’s a good thing she’s cute alright! lol

  4. Hmm, bentwood rocker, electrical cords, baseboards, door trim, towels, dog bedding, the entire back of a sofa, etc…nope, no one got my sea shells. Keep an eye on her for a few days those shell pieces are sharp. Sigh, we’re off to the vet for shots today…
    I am watching her closely sweetie – thanks! I think the few pieces she actually swallowed were crunched up pretty well and that old doggie tummy acid will break them down in no time. She seems to be feeling just fine. lol our dogs are just always into trouble!!! 😉

  5. Those shells might be the only thing worth harvesting from the Gulf before too long…unless you like 10W30 shrimp.
    Isn’t THAT the sad truth especially since today another oil rig blew up off the coast of Louisiana. Oh my…

  6. Dogs have cast iron stomachs when it comes to eating stuff like shells, shoes, crayons, pens and pencils, First Edition books, etc. but just try to change their kibble to a different brand and see how fast their gastro-intestinal issues surface. On the new rug.
    funny you should mention. EmmaLou was eating special food from vet – the stuff they recalled for Salmonella – now she’s eating some crap w/venison and potatoes (mucho dinero) while I mix in something else that a friend recommended for EmmaLou’s skin from FlintRiver Ranch that has trout and sweet potatoes in it (cheaper and much better for her than venison) and she’s having some gassy times making the transition to the new food. yikes. And I thought I had issues rofl – that dog can clear a room faster than a fire alarm!

  7. That dog will truly eat anything!
    Except her own poop and for that I am eternally grateful…she can have my couch. rofl

  8. I bet she was just waiting for you to put those shells in her reach! She probably wondered what the heck took you so long. Didn’t you know she couldn’t see that high?

    My kittens seem to eat anything – they love to chew shoes, too. They come when you call. They want constant attention and they stare at me with interest. It’s like they don’t realize they’re not dogs!

    My kittens LOVE to grab things in their mouths and carry them off. Mouse toys. The kitty harness. Pens from my hand. Anything in my purse…
    Your kittens sound so cute – I used to have a cat that absolutely loved to play fetch – would go get the toy and bring it back to me over and over. EmmaLou fetches but refuses to give up the toy once she returns, silly dog. Fortunately she didn’t ingest too many shells – she mostly crunched them up and spit them all over my living room carpet and made a huge mess – she probably swallowed a couple. Unbelievable – and yes, I took them off the table and put them down lower on an antique box I had sitting on the floor – just at her “eating bowl” height — stoopid human! lol

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