Furniture Shopping…it’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!

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Yes, I took the plunge.  I bought new living room furniture.  It pained me to do so.  It pained my bank account terribly.  However, it is important to have something for company to sit on other than one comfy chair — which is mine…get off! 

I visited a local furniture store the other day and scoped things out. To my surprise, I found several items I liked.  Monday, I returned with Devoted Spouse in tow.  If I was going to spend his hard earned retirement dollars he should be given an opportunity to try out the furniture and look at some fabrics.  We sat on numerous couches and discussed the pros and cons of each.  It was reminiscent of a fairy tale…this couch is too small…this couch is too big…this couch is JUST RIGHT.  We spent about 45 minutes narrowing down which furniture pieces we really wanted.

A very nice salesman (this is a family-run furniture store so he was one of the owners) was helping us and he led the way towards the Broyhill fabric wall so we could choose some appropriate fabrics for our new furniture.  I followed the salesman, and Devoted Spouse followed me. 

A funny thing happened on the way to the fabric area….my Fiber One cereal kicked in and well…how do I put this delicately….Devoted Spouse was directly behind me and I heard him gasp and I feared he would simply keel over.  Ya get my drift?  Devoted Spouse certainly did!  Ack!   I was MORTIFIED.  My only saving grace was it happened with Devoted Spouse — no other people were around and the salesman (lucky man) had a big headstart on us.   Devoted Spouse  had to navigate “my cloud of shame.”  {snicker, snort, chortle, chuckle, guffaw}

Everything after that was anticlimactic.  We spent another hour or so debating fabrics and finally chose what we liked best.  I noticed Devoted Spouse stayed at a safe distance and I tried hard not to laugh because laughing would just make it worse.  We paid for our furniture and made arrangements for delivery. I noticed his window was open on the drive home (just in case).  ROFL  

I forgot all about requesting Scotchguard for the fabric and had to call the store after I returned home to make sure they would include that….but I probably should have requested a bottle of Febreeze be thrown in too… sigh…


8 thoughts on “Furniture Shopping…it’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!

  1. Linda only you can make a gas attack sound funny! I really hope you enjoy your new furniture. I am sure you will be blessed because you gave up your old furniture so someone else can enjoy it!
    Hi sweetie – I’ll be fine as long as I can keep EmmaLou off the new stuff! lol

  2. LOL! That’s really all I have to say about this post. It did make me “laugh out loud”!
    My purpose in life is to make everyone smile and if it’s at my expense, that’s okay too! Being human sometimes is simply hysterical!!! 😉

  3. Hahahahahaha! I’m laughing so hard I can’t write anything, hahahahahaha.
    If you’re laughing that hard, then sweetie I’ve done my job well. xoxo

  4. Oh that is so funny, now I may regret leaving this comment but……
    When you have one foot in the stirrup and one foot on the ground it takes a really big effort to haul yourself onto the back on a horse. Guess what I sometimes do 🙂
    Love Sandy. (Handing the keyboard over to Helen now)

    Yep, you don’t want to be behind her when she gets on Merlin, I of course don’t do anything like that.

    Luv Helen x
    You two have me laughing hysterically with climbing the horse… oopsie… ‘scuze me!!! lol And here I thought this only happened to us OLD broads! (giggling even more) Helen, I’m glad one of you has some control!!! rofl
    Love u both tons! L

  5. I hate when that happens! But, I’ve been behind Hubby enough times that I feel like justice has been served when he is behind me! LOL!
    Ruh-Roh – I don’t wanna go there…. rofl

  6. No excuse for fluffing the covers ever again. Hahahaha!
    HAH! It’s sitting on the couch holding the large pillow that usually works! rofl Never lift the covers – famous last words!

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