Noooooo…Give it baaaaack

Did you ever do something on the spur of the moment….get caught up in it all and just go for it?  No?  Liar.

Last weekend I made the magnanimous decision (magnanimous because I don’t get a tax deduction) to give my living room furniture to my church for their annual Flea Market (where they actually GIVE things away; a wonderful concept in these difficult  times).  I had a couch, loveseat, and an antique, very heavy and large glass-covered table.  The furniture was upholstered in lovely cream, blue, and mauve roses and was quite pretty but after 14 years I was getting rather sick of it.  It was in excellent shape; then again I did spend about 4 months of my life while recuperating from a broken back and dislocated shoulder sleeping on that couch night after night.  It got to the point that each time I looked at it I was only reminded of painful times.  So Devoted Spouse talked to one of our Pastors who brought the big truck over and hauled the furniture away.  Not five minutes after he drove away, I regretted my decision.

I could always have gone to that online place that sells furniture covers and bought something to cover both pieces.  Or I could have called someone and had both pieces reupholstered.  But the glass table really had to go — I can’t tell you how many close calls I had almost falling into that table and falling onto a glass table can only lead to bad things.  I realized I was being silly — there was someone out there who needed my 14-yeard old furniture more than I.

Then I went to one of the few remaining stores in this area which carry nice, sturdy, well-made furniture.  I about had a stroke.  One small couch was over $2,000.  Yikes.  I wanted a couch and a large chair w/an ottoman at the very least.  I found my fingers hovering over the phone ready to key in the church’s number and demand they return my couch and loveseat.

On Saturday, Devoted Spouse and I worked at the flea market and I kept longingly gazing at my furniture.  There were more than a few interested parties and I noticed yellow stickies on both pieces.  Even though I was sick of it, I suddenly wanted it back and it was far too late to do anything about it.  I contemplated pulling the SUV up to the curb, having Larry hoist in at least the loveseat and then jamming on the accelerator and speeding out of the parking lot.  I also knew if I took that route,  God would smite me for sure.  God doesn’t appreciate an ungiving heart and my heart was really wanting to take, take, take.  Gimme, gimme, get out of my way! 

So now I am in the position of looking for new furniture.  I  found a furniture store about 10 miles away and remembered many years ago buying a couch from them.  I went there the other day and perused the inventory.  I found some possible items  (well-made but less than $2,000 thank you very much) but want to re-measure the living room again because the furniture always looks smaller in the store than when it is delivered to your home and you discover half the couch is hanging out into the hallway because you never thought to actually measure the space.  Ack.

Colors…fabric… type of cushions, skirted bottom or feet, light wood vs dark wood for the coffee table..what to do; what to do.  What would Martha do?  What would Christopher Lowell do?  What would Thom Feliznavidad… no wait that can’t be right….Thom Filicia?  You know…the fabulous designer from Queer Eye for a Straight Guy?  Maybe he would come to my house and just redecorate.   Oh I wish.

Me and my big ideas.  I’m on my own this time and all the Architectural Digest or Country Living magazines aren’t going to help me.  Can you still buy futons anywhere or maybe some bean bag chairs with the Washington Redskins logo on them?   sigh…


5 thoughts on “Noooooo…Give it baaaaack

  1. Another great post! While you were admiring your “old” furniture, we were out picking up floor samples to redo our bathroom floor. Planning some painting etc., in bathroom. But, before we left we floor samples for the living room and kitchen! Why? Because My Lovely Wife kept saying, well this would blend well out into the hall. Then this would work into the living room. Oh, then this would blend well into the kitchen!
    Thanks! Therein lies the rub! I came this close to ordering new carpet for the living room and dining room (the carpet is original to the house – 1991 – and a bit stained in spots) But there is no room in budget for carpeting AND furniture right now. Plus, EmmaLou still resides here and there is absolutely zero chance that in the next few years she won’t yak up something on the carpet at least once!! So I’ll order the furniture and get a couple of very large area rugs! Guess I’ll have to put off that new car a little longer…. lol

  2. I’m sure you can find futons somewhere or maybe some bean bag chairs with the Washington Redskins’ logo on them, but they would now be considered “Vintage”…the nerve!! ^_^ By the way, I wish I could have given my brown, gold, beige, and orange striped furniture to somebody!!! There were no takers, and that stuff wouldn’t wear out for nothing!!!! LOL
    Why do we end up making such horrendous decisions on furniture? I look back at some of the couches I bought and wonder what ever possessed me to buy a purple plaid sofa??? This time around I’m going for neutral colors and concentrate on using color with pillows – that way I don’t wake up one morning and realize I absolutely abhor the pattern I chose!

  3. Now, now. Just look at your empty living room and remember that the people that got your furniture no longer have to sit on the floor! And you might want to reconsider the area rugs. I don’t need you getting a toe caught on the edge, tripping and falling. No amount of duct tape can fix your back. Be careful my friend.
    I am grateful I am able to help someone else. And as for the area rugs – they’ll be big and anchored by the furniture and have rug backings under them so they stay put – and I promise to be careful. It’s just that this carpet is the oddest color of grey/blue that I don’t want to buy furn to go WITH it – I’d rather cover up most of it until the dog is gone and I can completely re-carpet both living room and dining room. Ack. I think I’m safer with the large area rugs than I was with that glass coffee table — that thing really frightened me a couple of times when I got a bit wobbly. Me taking a header into glass would have made an awful evening news story! Talk about needing duct tape. Yikes. 😉

  4. Oh, I feel your pain. Several years ago, we decided we needed a new sofa so we tossed out the old and purchased one of those contemporary sofas that has a chaise at one end. It’s a lovely sofa in a lovely neutral camel color and…we hate it. Hate. It. It’s not comfortable, it’s only about 5 years old and is already starting to sag and I think I felt a spring the last time I sat down on it. Unfortunately, since the money tree just isn’t blooming, we’re stuck with it for a bit longer.
    I’m going through a similar situation with the latest family room couch and recliner. Recliner is for hubs – it’s blue and kind of tweedy and it’s ugly as sin, full of dog slobber and husbandly food droppings and I hate it with a passion. Oh did I mention it’s only about a year old? ack I liked my family room sofa when I bought it at the store but at the time it didn’t occur to me to see if I could move the seat cushions — most of them you can turn over or move around for better wear. These have this bizarre tape stuff on the bottom of the cushion so I can’t move them at all and already the top is wearing badly from where the dog’s nails have caught on the fabric before I got a throw towel on it. I hate this process — buying furniture is almost as bad as trying to find the right pair of jeans. Just a more expensive mistake to make!

  5. I was planning on getting new furniture as well then we had the hospital trip and that put anything and everything on hold. I wish you luck on your shopping escapade.
    Tune in tomorrow…. rofl

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