Fishtail…er…Fish Tale

I debated long and hard about telling this story ….

Last week Devoted Spouse and I went fishing.  We have one place we normally fish; it’s not far away and there is an outdoor range there so if we like we can also shoot off a few million rounds of ammunition when we’re done fishing.

Usually it is Devoted Spouse’s duty to unpack the car and lug all our gear out to our special fishin’ site.  This time I helped coz that’s the kinda gal I am.  We set up our lawnchairs and put our Ohio State thermal coffee mugs on the picnic table.  I sat down in one of the chairs  to gaze across the water at the deer while Devoted Spouse began to open the various tackle boxes and start putting bait on his hook.  He took out various tools, and what-not and also put a can of WD-40 on the table.

I got up to get a swig of coffee and find a nice juicy piece of fake bait to put on my own hook when I looked behind my tackle box and saw the can of WD-40.  Assuming Devoted Spouse was having a problem with his fishin’ pole, I casually remarked to him, “Why is a can of WD-40 on the table?”  He replied….”We need to spray it on our bait.”

“We need to spray WD-40 on our bait?”  “Yep.”  And he proceeded to do just that….spray WD-40 on his fake worm.  I watched in awe.  I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to engage him in conversation about this….  “Why the H are you spraying WD-40 on your fake worm?”  I questioned while trying not to laugh outloud.  Dear Devoted Spouse replied, “I found this online at a fishing site and this guy said if you wanna catch a lot of fish you have to spray your bait with WD-40 coz basically it’s made from fish oil.” 

Now my husband is a well-educated and smart man with degrees out the wazoo.  I normally rely on his expertise in most areas.  But this time I just about wet my pants at the thought of luring fish to our fake bait by using Eau d’WD-40.  And so I did what any normal woman would do in this situation.  I picked up my fishin’ pole with its own fake worm and sprayed the worm with WD-40.  Oh. Yes. I. Did.

I cast that puppy out into the lake.  I sat down in my lawnchair, sipped my coffee and waited for the big one to bite.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I reeled in my line, changed the fake bait to some other equally fake bait, dutifully sprayed said fake bait with a squirt of WD-40 and cast that baby back into the lake.  I knew this time I was gonna catch the big one. 

I waited.  I waited.  I waited.  I reeled in my line once again and repeated the above steps.  I might mention here that I noticed Devoted Spouse was performing the same routine as I and he wasn’t catching any fish either.

How many fish did we catch using the WD-40 that day?  Zero.  But our fishin’ reels sure work mighty fine now…sigh…


8 thoughts on “Fishtail…er…Fish Tale

  1. LOL! So maybe it’s not true the WD40 works on everything! I love it! Great post!
    Hi sweetie – thx. Shocked the daylights outta me that he even tried that. I keep telling him he spends waaaaay too much time on his laptop. lol

  2. Hilarious!!! Sounds exactly like the fishing trips ours would be like if we went!! I don’t fish. Hate to touch the worms and the fish!! Love to eat them though! (the fish)
    I have always fished and I have no problem touching real worms – used to have my own worm farm as a kid. The thing is we keep going to this same place and we never catch any fish. We see them jumping out in the lake but we never catch a one. I told Devoted Spouse – you mark my words…there’s some guy up there in that building pressing a button every once in awhile and when he does, a mechanical fish jumps outta the lake and then splashes back in. That way all us suckers think this lake is actually stocked. I kid you not – never caught a fish there and we keep doing the same thing over and over — like the definition of insanity… rofl

  3. Hmmmm,
    Wd-40 is one I haven’t heard. The Geezer and I love to fish and I’ve seen his friends put some strange things on baits to try to make them catch that big one. Beer, limburger cheese, Avon’s skin-so-soft, and liverwurst are among the “attractors.” One man had a jar of fish blood he kept in a cooler and soaked his baits in it alternating them when he felt the lure had lost the scent. The Geezer just keeps his line in the water and catches more than anyone. But, ha ha, your funny post was great as usual. Say hi to my cousin, Emma Lou.
    Hi sweet lil golden girl! Yup – Devoted Spouse tries all sorts of stuff to catch fish – I think what he REALLY needs to do is find another fishin hole! EmmaLou sends big slurpy doggie smoochies your way!! Hugs to your Geezer! 😉

  4. I have never, ever, caught a fish on a fake lure or fake bait. I don’t manage to catch any with live minnows either, but, give me real live worms or crickets and I am a fishing fool and catch lots.

    Never heard that about the WD-40 before and thinks it is obviously not terrible true
    I can catch them with either fake or real worms – just not at this particular place for some reason. Yeah I think he really got taken on the WD40 idea and it burned me up that I followed his lead – I figured he knew what he was talking about. Not this time. lol

  5. ROFLMBO 🙂 Coach has more fishing “gadgets” than I have cooking utensils. Men and their toys. Loved the post and always knew that WD 40 had multiple uses. Never tried this one before. I’ll have to ask Coach about this as I have caught a glimpse of WD40 in his tackle box.
    If he tells you to spray it on your bait, DON’T LISTEN – it doesn’t work – just makes an unholy mess of everything except the line reels in faster but still….don’t do it. lol

  6. Saw you on Alpha Inventions and got reeled right in by the picture of that fish. Then, I laughed out loud at your guy in the building pushing a button, as my own current post’s about two fake fish in fish bowl – they’ve got batteries and a switch to make them “go”.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the read, and will stop by more regular-like. Smiles are in short supply down here on the Gulf right now 😉
    Hi sweetie – I’m so glad I ‘reeled’ you in with this fish story! LOL So you’re on the Gulf coast – I’m sorry for what ya’ll are having to go through – it just breaks my heart what an awful mess this is and will be for some time. You guys keep your spirits up – come on over here and I’ll try my best to give ya something to smile about. Gonna come visit your blog coz I’m curious about the fake fish now… 😉 Thanks for visiting for for your kind comments!

  7. Yay OSU! Maybe the WD-40 made the bait too slippery for the fish to latch on to! LOL!
    OSU all the way – no Michigan fans in this house lol – I’m goin with the slippery bait thingie – yep that works for me. Thanks sweetie!!

  8. Okaaaay, DH has tried some pretty strange things to catch more fish but he hasn’t done the WD40. It doesn’t matter though since I usually catch more than he does. I stick with the live worms. We haven’t gone fishing for the last two seasons what with his and his mother’s health not great. I hope we can get out and fish next season I miss it.
    I love to fish but I’d like to find another spot since this one obviously is not working – but then again I can sit there, drink my coffee, and look at the deer so it’s not all bad. I’m going back to live worms, too. They’re fun to play with.

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