Theme Thursday – Brown

Brown is the color of  EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer’s eyes

Brown is the color of my own eyes

Brown is the color of my favorite sheep

Brown is the color of that Killer Beaver from my earlier blog posting

Brown is the color of the baby goat who got his head stuck through the fence (and got unstuck w/the help of Devoted Spouse…bless his heart)

Brown is the color of the horse who watched while Devoted Spouse rescued the baby goat

Brown is the color of some of my favorite books

brown is the color of this precious deer

Brown is the color of….OH NO!  EmmaLou  – I’m not cleaning that up!!!

Brown….it’s all around

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9 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Brown

  1. Love the browns except maybe for the last one!! Love your sense of humor! Great post.
    Hi sweetie – it was nice of you to stop in to visit me! xo

  2. Should have seen the last one coming. (Thank you, at least, for not having a picture of it!)

    You’re going to milk that beaver for all it’s worth, aren’t you?

    What a gorgeous deer! And that horse! And what a sweet spouse – awwww!!!
    It WAS pretty predictable – I’m almost ashamed as I look at the other TT bloggers who did some truly amazing stories and such – and here I just post a bunch of brown pictures and used the TT heading too – how boring and unimaginative…oh well… thanks for ur kind comments – and yes I’m gonna milk the beaver for all I can — ew beaver milk…ick

  3. Wait…you have favorite sheep? Woah!!! I thought you weren’t supposed to play favorites 🙂
    shhhhh! don’t tell anyone how ba-a-a-a–a-ahhhd I am. 😉

  4. I didn’t realize that you used to be a Beaver! I’m sure they hold a special place in your good little heart.
    I’ve only been a beaver as relates to where I live for the past 20 years == I also have other mascots equally important…but we won’t go into them now… and at the moment beavers are not holding a special place, they’re creeping me out totally. lol

  5. Oh what a beautiful horse and that little deer looks so sweet. As for the other little brown thing, having raised Womble from puppyhood I know all to well how you must have felt about that 🙂

    I love your photographs.
    the horse was a lovely creature and he just kept staring at the little goat as it bleated it’s heart out trying to get it’s little horns back out of the fence. I felt so bad I had Devoted Spouse go push the goat back thru the fence – took quite awhile, goats are stubborn little critters. As we drove off, I just knew he would do it again — the horse was looking over at him as if to say – go ahead, try it again. Funny. As for EmmaLou’s “present” yes it was not a fun thing to discover and fortunately she’s only done that once or twice in her 6 and a half years – mostly due to my not paying attention to her need to go outside. xo

  6. I assume since Chocolate is hideously absent from these pictures, you were waiting for me to come along and say CHOCOLATE? WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE?!

    I’ll calm down now. But it WAS the first thing that came to mind. That plus my favorite chocolate brown handbag. Yummy.
    Yes dahlink I knew you would show up to include Chocolate. I also have a fav choc brown handbag…a vintage Louis Vuitton that I adore but it’s so big – although bigger bags are in style again.

  7. Killer retriever, oh yeah? Looks about as dangerous as the labrador snoring on my feet right now and you have a ‘favourite’ type of sheep . . .very interesting.
    She is a killer, sweetie – she had killed thousands of dollars worth of furniture, flooring, a wall, etc. But I love her just the same. I am a complex woman with “favourites” of all types of odd things… 😉

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