But…Are You Versatile?

Imagine my surprise and delight when I was checking my blog Sunday and noticed a new comment from a blogger I did not know – and not only had she left me a nice comment (she liked me; she really liked me) – she also gave me an award (see above).

Wow – it’s been ages and ages since I received an award – I was beginning to think: a) nobody feels my blog worthy, b) nobody really reads my crap anyway, c) my 12 faithful readers have already given me awards and are sick of me, or d) nobody is doing awards anymore.  Then out of the blue this very nice blogger Jennifer from Live Out Loud sends me this – plus she noted in her own blog that she thought I was funny.  Of course, the other 14 bloggers she singled out for this award she went on and on about for paragraphs singing the praises of their blogs – while I got 3 whole words… “very funny blog” – 3 words.  Sheesh.  Not even a full sentence…3 words.  sigh… I’m not really complaining.  It’s an honor just to be nominated.  Snort. ROFL

Actually it IS an honor to get this award and I AM grateful  – I’m just kidding around here.  This award comes with rules (don’t they all?) So here they are:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award:  THANK YOU SO MUCH JENNIFER !!!! (see? you got TWO links baby!)

2.  Share 7 things about yourself. Ewwww whine, whine, don’t you people already know enough about me and my ridiculous life?  Oh, (sighs heavily) alright, lemme see if I can come up with 7 NEW things….thinking….thinking….

  1. I hate avocados and guacamole so much that if it was the last food on earth I would happily starve. I may have mentioned this like a thousand or so times before, but then again, maybe I forgot to tell you.
  2. I really like zombie movies but they have to be ‘stupid’ zombie movies, not just gorey gross stuff.  The more stupid, the better.  Oh wait…all zombie movies are stupid, aren’t they?  Nevermind – I’m leaving this one in anyway.
  3. I was at a funeral once and I was dressed all in black – even down to my half slip.  Well, the half slip was very old and it was a little too big and the elastic around the waist was not very good and….and….and, okay, when I stood up from the pew with the rest of the congregation to sing a hymn….my slip didn’t come with me.  So I did what any other normal woman would do….I slightly stepped over the slip on the floor and slid it under the pew and never looked back.
  4. My stepmother threw out my little stuffed teddy bear with the ear that my dad accidentally painted blue while painting my room….and I never forgave her for that.  I still miss Teddy and much of my adult life has been tragically twisted due to his sudden demise.
  5. I lean toward verbosity (look it up if you must) You can stop laughing now.  Really. Shut up.  Slap!
  6. I clip coupons for groceries and other stuff faithfully every week.  Then I forget to take them with me to the store and they expire.
  7. I would love to be a character actress but my lips tremble when I get nervous (like when you HAVE to smile for the camera?)  – so I’d have to be considered for the parts where my mouth quivers and shakes  – maybe the old lady in the home w/the drool.  I could do that part great.  I can pout like nobody’s business, too – lip tremble again.

OK  – that’s done – now the rest of this award says I have to, in turn, award FIFTEEN new bloggers I’ve discovered who I think are fantastic.  Holey Crapoli – Crap on a Crutch, girlfriend I don’t think I have 15 new ones – so I’m gonna do SIX and if you take my crown back, I’ll understand.  (no I won’t…touch that award and you’ll be pullin’ back a bloody stump baby) bwahahahaha.

A.  Whiskey and Cheese Please – I dunno – Keith is not the kinda guy you give blogging awards to – but he was the first one I thought of  because his blog fits the “Versatile” part.  Okay, maybe not so much – but he’s worth your time – and I like him so he gets the award and if he thinks it’s girly, I don’t care.  And, no, Keith, you don’t have to play along.  snort.

B.  warm coco – This IS a relatively new blog but it’s from someone I have known for awhile now under other pseudonyms, none of which I shall reveal here – but I will say her dog has a Twitter account and is in contact w/my dog @GoldenDestroyer to the point they both get Flicked.  Her blog is from the heart, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes poignant but always enjoyable  – go visit her.  She is my “sistah-in-my-head.”

C.  Words of Wisdom –  aka WOW – That’s right – this is THE place to go to find blogs.  Pam and Sandy set up this site as a way to showcase what they term Bloggers of Note and, yes, I was one of the bloggers given that amazing distinction – this is a great place to meet new people – go, go now.  Sandy and Pam rock

D.  Does This Look Good On Me? – This is a fabulous fashionista blog done by my friend and jewelry designer Sueanne.  If you don’t want to walk around looking homeless or if you have that nasty habit of wearing all black clothing – go right this minute to Sueanne’s blog and she will show you how to dress and how to accessorize and you will look fabulous – like the ever-lovely Sueanne, and of course, me now that I’ve taken her advice!

D. Kelly’s Kvetch of the Day – Okay I admit, Kelly isn’t “new” to me – we’ve been blogging buddies for awhile – I can’t live without her take on life so I encourage you to go check her out and get a giggle along with me.  Kelly has to be my long lost sibling, I’m convinced of it…

E.  And for my final award winner…  I choose Guarded By An Angel – this is a lovely blog written by a true angel – someone I have been fortunate to become acquainted with and have pretty much adopted as my little sister (even though I’m probably closer to being old enough to be her mother – ugh) – her blog is filled with wonderful snippets of her life across the pond and you will enjoy every word she writes!  I certainly do – plus I’m honored to have her as a friend!

Don’t forget – Send a note to all the bloggers you pick for the award so they know to come pick it up!

That’s it – Thanks Jennifer for this lovely award – I truly am humbled to think you think I’m funny.  You’re a sweetie kiddo!  I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with 15 people – crap, we’d be here all danged day.  lol

Ya’ll are under NO OBLIGATION to accept the award or to play along – just so you know I had to add that disclaimer.

Now, admit it… you enjoyed my 7 new things I shared, didn’t ya?….sigh…

ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION POSTSCRIPT: Wouldn’t ya just know it?  After I make a big deal outta getting only 3 words of praise Jenn goes back and REWORDS her blog to sing my praises – Now I look like an absolute toad – gah – but she did pick one of my better posts and for that I am eternally grateful – coz I thought it was funny and entirely too many people didn’t see the hysterical fall on the floor pee your pants humor in it.  Hanging head and leaving now….sigh….


7 thoughts on “But…Are You Versatile?

  1. Your funeral story reminds me of a story my grandma told me = she was at one of her first dances and the elastic on her underwear broke. She kept dancing as it slid down her legs and eventually just stepped out of them and danced on through the night commando. ; )
    Holey Crapoli you commented fast – sheesh – my underpants never could have made the trip out from under my panty hose! ROFL – the slip was bad enough! I was mortified. thx for stopping by & giving me a giggle! xo

  2. I especially love #6 of the 7 things about you! I do this too – to the point I don’t bother clipping anymore.

    I went ahead and updated my post – now maybe you can understand why I didn’t give you as much Blog-love as I should have – 15 is a LOT!! Whew!!

    Doing six is fine by me – no threat of crown-taking today, not by me!!!!!

    I can also relate to #4 although I don’t know if anyone threw it away. I just can’t find it. It was a little teddy bear with a winter jumpsuit coat and I have the coat but not the bear. I can’t seem to ‘bear’ to part with the useless, tiny doll coat and to this day, keep it prominently displayed in my room.
    I never thought of blaming my adulthood faults and failures on the loss of this doll, I might have to start doing that…

    Somewhere out there, in this crazy mixed up world, is a freezing, naked doll-bear wondering why the heck I abandoned him…I may have nightmares tonight if my mind combines this memory with your #2!

    Giggling hard – I’m sorry I just HAD to mention I only got 3 words – but you know (if you read me) that I’m just goofin’ on ya. The award was just the sweetest thing and it really made my day today!!! And thank you for not taking it back coz I only came up with 6 — but they are 6 GOOD ones. Okay so I can’t blame all the adult nonsense on the loss of the teddy – but I can blame the stepmonster for throwing him out as partially turning me into the crazed nutcase I am today. Okay maybe not. Dang. I’ll come up with something else. I’m waiting for someone to write in and give me grief about the guacamole crack. I know they will. snort. thanks again sweetie! xo
    P.S. – Oh great…now you’ve updated your blog and put NICE things about me so now I have to go back and UPDATE MY BLOG – and explain why I only saw three words – gah… but I can do this – and thanks for the link to my Grillin post – so many people didn’t get that and it simply broke my heart because as I sat her and wrote it I thought it was one of the funniest things ever. It’s hard when they just don’t get you. sigh. hugs and stuff…

  3. You are an amazing woman that can ‘read’ me pretty well never to have met me personally. You are right Crone … I don’t do awards … not because I consider them too girly but because when I begin telling hidden stuff about myself, well, it can be quite discomforting for unprepared bloggers but I do enjoy reading all of those little interesting tidbits that other folks write about themselves. Actually, I did a list like this one time at my place and I think that I seriously paralyzed about half my readers so bad that most haven’t sufficiently recovered to this day. So from experience I may not do that little exercise again for awhile, if ever.

    Thanks for the thought though. It has been duly noted.

    Try to be good today … remember its Sunday.

    BTW, I kinda got choked when I read of your black slip episode at the funeral. The mental images flippin’ around my mind with that one were priceless. ‘Nuff said.

    I knew u wouldn’t go for it – but I wanted to put your blog out there coz you have a rare gift and I actually would like to know more – hey I watch zombie movies so how bad could it be? I am always good; I’m just better on Sundays. And btw the black slip??? It had lace on it. justsayin…

  4. You so deserve the award! I may not comment often but I read every single post of yours. You are hilarious. Love your blog!
    Thank you so much! And here you caught me thinking of ending this blog again…

  5. I can’t help but imagine what the janitor must have been thinking when he/she cleaned up after the service. I just wonder what they did with the black lace slip or if they even told anyone. Hilarious.
    Well had I been the janitor, I would have 1) taken it and turned it into a gift for my lady, or 2) tossed it in the church clothes for the homeless bin! Or if the janitor was so inclined, perhaps he kept it and used it himself!!! snort.

  6. That is so kind of you – thank you. I know I can get very emotional and tend to be a little gushing at times but these things really do mean so much to me.

    That out of all of your friends you thought of me and said such nice things is just wonderful.

    You have made me very happy this evening my friend.

    All my love and hugs to you.
    I love u too sweetie! hugs 2 you & Hannah!

  7. i too read all your posts n enjoy them thoroughly. lovely sense of humor,keep going you yourself are a reward to us in person.
    Well hi! Thank you so much for that kind compliment! I’m glad you commented. Sometimes I think I’m just talkin’ to EmmaLou. lol 😉

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