You’ve Got Mail!

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It’s time.  I have put it off too long.  This is something that has to be faced squarely and dealt with in the most severe manner.  It simply can no longer be delayed.  I have to do this.

Out of 225 emails in my main email account, 157 of them have not been read.  I don’t feel like cleaning out my email but it is filling rapidly with truly important pieces of mail from such prestigious places as Pier 1 Imports, Target, Barnes & Noble, and my financial guy keeps sending me updates I no longer read (the economical outlook and my financial portfolio are simply too depressing).  I have various notices from Twitter of people (read: people who Tweet on behalf of their animals) who are now following EmmaLou on her Twitter Account ( which is, in itself, sad).   NPR wants me to read their latest list of books — the last time I did that I spent 45 minutes with my Kindle in the Kindle Store downloading reading material.  I don’t want to read that email.

The folks who just sold us our new porch glider want me to take a survey.  I’m not good at surveys – they inevitably lead to more offers and I end up buying something else I really didn’t need.

I spent several hours Thurs on the phone arguing with a Medical Collection Agency, my military insurance agency, and my supplemental health agency trying to sort out why there are still outstanding bills from my January 2009 Ice Accident that haven’t been paid and for which I’m been hounded.  Now there is an email from Tricare in my list asking me to survey how they did on resolving the problem.  Well, I can’t tell them until the Collection Agency decides to leave me alone, can I?  (Mark that one as read and ignored.)

I have several wonderful offers from retail establishments I do business with – lots of sales going on – those emails will be trashed…that is if I get around to tackling this email clutter issue. Oh yeah and I keep seeing alot of emails from some guy in Nigeria but I can’t pronounce his name…wonder what he could possibly want from lil ole me?

I think I’d rather open my Kindle and start a new book and I’ll get to the email later….sigh….


9 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail!

  1. Good Grief! I delete that crap as soon as it comes in. I’ll bet I delete a hundred messages a day here at work. I also block a ton of addresses or set up Rules so it just goes right to the Delete box. ACK! I hate a cluttered in box! Makes me feel frantic.
    I just checked and at least 20 more emails have arrived and I actually need to read 2 of them. crap on a crutch. Must clear out. Must.

  2. I was feeling just like you. So you know what I did? I unsubscribed to nearly all of those e-mails as they came in. And I must say, it’s made my life (and my in-box) much more manageable!
    good point – I have unsubscribed until I am blue in the face and still the crap comes in. I just hit the delete button alot lately. Actually 75% of the mail that’s in there unread right now can just be deleted – it’s just so danged time consuming. makes me crazy.

  3. Never put off ’til tomorrow what you can put off today. Or better yet, always put off ’til tomorrow whatever you have to ’til you can enjoy a ice cream sandwich.
    sounds like good advice to me — I haven’t even opened email today – snort – it just continues to pile up until one of these days I’ll just shut down the entire account and walk away. Kinda like not wanting to do laundry so you go out and buy new underwear….not that I’m saying I ever did that you understand…

  4. Girl,
    I think the best part of having an email account is to DELETE everything. It makes me feel so clean!
    My fav email is from They always say things like “your’re a superstar” or “you are our favorite”…
    hmmm…searching 4 “delete” key a-ha! There it is — let the email slaughter begin!!! bwahaha

  5. I have a junk e-mail address that I give to these places you must supply an e-mail address to but don’t really want to. Then I never check it – it works perfectly!!

    I really enjoy your Blog and if you stop by my blog, you can pick up a Versatile Blogger Award I want to pass on to you!
    Well hi Jenn – it’s nice to meet ya and thank you so much for your kind comment. Wait – back up the truck – you wanna give ME an award?? Holey moley how sweet of you – you betcha I’m on my way over to your place right now! lol As to the email – crap on a crutch, I HAVE a junk e-mail address also. The one that fills up is my household email because of all the ‘stuff’ I’m involved in… I always give me junk email address to the places u hafta, also. Delete, delete, delete. 😉

  6. My goodness I don’t think I get anywhere that many emails. I have only had three recently, two from yourself (and very kind they were too – thank you), and one telling me I have to approve a new comment.

    I bet you will be needing a new delete key soon 🙂
    It’s ridiculous the number of people and businesses who have my email – I don’t mind friends, but I keep unsubscribing from retail establishments and they keep ignoring me. Makes me nutz!

  7. Oh how I hate to look at emails sometimes. I just pick and choose. Things like blogs from others are a definite read. Amazon keeps sending me notices of new books. Dangerous. I cannot pass up i try to delete but I get so bored with it. Yuck.
    I feel the same way – I cleaned out some but 50 more showed up I have to deal with. Amazon is a killer – not only just for books, but now that I have a Kindle they send me even more updates. Ack. And I get updates from other book sources, too.

  8. Oops!

    I don’t know what is the matter with me just lately, my head is really in the clouds – I am going through a ditsy phase. I missed out the word NEAR between ANYWHERE and THAT.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    I knew what you meant sweetie! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday also! xo

  9. I feel your pain sistah! My insurance company is still deciding if they will pay for the health care portion of my accident in Jan. First it was that they wanted to know what caused the accident. I blacked out that’s what happened and no, I don’t have a history of doing that. Now they want to decide if the chest xray and CT scan were diagnostic in nature. Well duh! They were checking for injuries since I hit the steering wheel. Hate, hate, hate, insurance companies.

    Hang in there.

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