Food Fight 101

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Me:  What is that bag of cheese doing on table?

Devoted Spouse:  That’s for my chili.

Me:  That’s MY Weight Watcher’s cheese!!!!!

Devoted Spouse:  It’s the only cheese there is.

Me:  NO NO – I bought sliced cheese just for you.

Devoted Spouse:  You can’t put sliced cheese on chili.

Me:  You can if you put it in microwave.  STEP AWAY from my Weight Watcher’s cheese.

Devoted Spouse:  I always leave you some….

Me:  I need EXACTLY 23 grams which equals one serving which is two points for my sandwich tomorrow! sheesh

Devoted Spouse:  Closes cheese bag and sighs.

Me:  And while we’re at it…get out of my sugar free low-fat cookie bites.

Devoted Spouse:  But I like them.

Me:  You have YOUR OWN cookies – STAY AWAY from mine.

Devoted Spouse:  sighs heavily and realizes he is not going to win this one

Moral of Story:  I’m the one dieting – Devoted Spouse is losing weight even though he’s eating MY FOOD – plus his own food.  And that’s just not right….sigh…


8 thoughts on “Food Fight 101

  1. You go Devoted Spouse, What’s yours is yours and what’s hers is “ours” Let her wonder “Y”
    Hey Virgil – bite me ROFL and get away from my food!!! giggles

  2. Guys lose weight like it was water rolling off their backs. I have to work really hard and give up stuff like wine. WINE, people! It should a sin. Now, I’m just whining.
    Hey I’ll wine, I mean, whine with ya – it’s so unfair – my DS has lost his “tummy” and he’s not even trying. It’s taken me over 4 months to get 35.5 lbs off and I’m about to go insane with having to watch everything I eat all the time. Ack. Would kill for an Oreo about now… lol

  3. I’ve had this conversation a few times myself but I was the one coming from your side. Listen, I work in a sweat shop fabricating metal and fiberglass and sweating my ass off everyday and the weight will just not come off unless I carefully watch my calorie and fat intake. Here’s my thinkin’ to those around me, “I’ve lost over 30 lbs, kept it off for a couple of years, and by God, you are not going to eat MY food when you have your own regular food sitting around everywhere!” And on top of that they work in air conditioned offices, do not sweat, and never gain a damn pound! Do I sound angry? You better believe it! But I feel better now. Thanks for allowing me to vent.
    I think you are my new best friend.

  4. This is a disagreement that plays out in my household quite often. I do weight watchers and have a very specific routine. I buy just enough food for what I need (because if I buy more then that I will likely eat it) I get annoyed when my Devoted Spouse eats MY food…I don’t give her too much of a hassle though, because she’ll just go out and pick me up some more…she’s good about replacing it.
    Then you can soooo relate to how I need to keep my Weight Watcher cheese which is only 2 pts per serving away from the regular cheese which is about 4 pts and I need my Devoted Spouse to respect the rules. It’s not like there isn’t food in the house – there are taco chips, cookies, and other assorted crap he can eat to his heart’s content. But my sugar-free stuff ESPECIALLY my Weight Watcher’s ice cream sandwiches are off limits – touch them at your own risk!!!

  5. Touched your biscuits did he, somethings you can forgive but others are just asking for a slap on thw wrist 🙂

    I bet he can’t have just one either.

    Have you ever heard of Dolly Mixtures? they are little fondant sweets that I love. You just pop one in your mouth and suck them till they melt. “R” will come along and grab a whole handfull and they are gone in seconds.

    Such a waste. Good luck with your diet I am really proud of you.
    Yes, some things are forgiveable but when one has one’s OWN “biscuits” one should leave one’s grimy paws off MINE! drives me totally insane!!! and thanks for your support & encouragement – love you! I’ve lost 35.5 lbs or in your parlance I think around 2 and a half stone. 😉

  6. It’s not my hubby who steals my special food but my teenage son. Ok, it’s not WW food, more like junk food that I have hidden to keep others from eating it but the little brat always finds my stash. Dang kids!
    I need to become more creative – I’ll hide my cheese in with the veggie bin since he wouldn’t think to look at veggies….lol

  7. Oh, that is such a familiar sounding conversation. Sigh, I need to go back to my diet since I haven’t been doing the walking I should. With the extreme heat we had it was impossible and it shows around my middle.
    I have been doing good but this last 10 pounds is a b*tch – the saying is true. It just doesn’t want to budge. And it has been too humid (and the humidity also affects my back) to walk or even move around much. I took EmmaLou to the park a couple of days ago and I managed prob close to a half mile and had to go back to the car because my legs hurt so bad but still that is an improvement in how far I can go before I start to hurt and limp. I’m surprised you aren’t out in your garden sweating it off! 6-pack abs are over-rated anyway — mine are more like a case still….snort

  8. ELPH & I both need to lose weight. He’s been working a side job installing wireing in a new construction house down the street…in this 95+ heat. He proudly announced that he lost 5 whole pounds in ONE day and that I need to MOVE more. I thought the top of my head might explode. Instead I said very sweetly “Honey you need to be much farther away from me when you say shit like that”. Good thing I love him so much:)
    Yikes – Devoted Spouse would NEVAH make an announcement like that coz he wouldn’t get the words out before his butt was out the front door! LOL Besides he just sweated off 5 lbs and it prob came right back on w/the first beer. giggles. men. honestly.

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