But It’s Only Julyyyyyyyy

I sneaked back into Target with nobody following me this time demanding their cart back.  There was no picture of me posted at the entrance and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Once again I had gotten away with my pea-brained antics.  Whew.

Down the aisles I went to get the items that I had forgotten previously due to the underwear incident wiping from my mind every other item I had originally arrived at the store to buy.

I needed a minor piece of patio furniture.  What better time to find this stuff on sale?  I’m such a smart shopper.  I go to the outdoor furniture section…………and what do I find?  SCHOOL SUPPLIES  Are you kidding me?  It’s July – too early to buy pencils and pens – I need a chair, dangit.  I need a chair NOW.  Where’s the garden stuff?  Where’s that cool patio set you had last week?  What the heck is Elmer’s Glue doing in its place?  Ack Ack  Major irritation attack.

I left Target in a huff (I used to leave in a Kia Sportage…).

Realizing what I truly needed to make me happy was a trip to visit all the Lucky Brand clothing over at Von Maur (one of our dept. stores) (yes Sueanne I am now a Lucky Brand girl for life – I bow to the master – you were right).  I found several wonderful Lucky Brand shirts on sale and one that wasn’t (ouch $$$$) and made my way to the service counter.  The very nice (all the sales people at Von Maur are fabulous – but then again it’s about 3,000 notches above Target) was standing next to the counter arranging some new items on a rack.  THEY WERE TURTLENECKS – OH FOR THE LOVE OF PETE…..TURTLENECKS.  It’s Julyyyyyyyy, not October.  I need new Tee-Shirts – it’s hotter than the 7th ring in Dante’s Inferno out there.  I made my purchase and left the store in shock (again, I usually take my Kia, blah blah blah).

Look, I understand that winter (ugh I even hate to use that word) merchandise is ordered way ahead of actual winter – but one would think the stores could at least wait until maybe late August to put it out.  I was so annoyed.  Turtlenecks.  I had a hot flash just thinking of it.

I feel bad for the kids – it’s like they just got OUT of school only to be bombarded by school supplies and the realization that they have to go back in another month or so.  Stupid Target could have waited a couple of  weeks.  So cruel.

And the kicker here?  I found Halloween candy displayed, too.  I’m just sure it’s from last year….sigh…


7 thoughts on “But It’s Only Julyyyyyyyy

  1. I got scared there for a minute when I saw the turtleneck and thought you had somehow morphed into Diane Keaton, turtleneck queen.


    I do love lucky, I am addicted to their jeans most of all. Is this because inside the fly it says “lucky you”? Maybe, Maybe not.

    Now I have something to think about today.
    oh just wait – I’ll do the Diane Keaton thing soon enough to hide this gawdawful turkey neck thing I seemed to have developed overnight (paging plastic surgeon) and yes, I love Lucky! Go with the “lucky you” angle – if u don’t I will. Coz I’m feelin lucky…. and yes, I WILL be getting their jeans – but not yet – I think I’ll prob still drop down one more size b4 I finish losing weight. I love the sweatshirt jackets Lucky has out – hafta get one of those too – (taking out 2d mortg just to buy clothes, lol ) xo

  2. I’m a little surprised that you get embarrassed so easily though I normally like associating with those that are that way. Not quite sure why. Maybe it just feels safer to be in the presence of those that are aware of what they are saying. Maybe it’s a safety buffer zone of sorts. Anyway, glad that you got back to Target without enduring too much stress from your last trip. Try to be good.
    I don’t really embarrass that easily – I am often mortified by my own stupidity – but that’s why I share it with ya – coz contrary to popular belief, it’s not just me. I like to think you enjoy hangin out here coz u can relate on some level – that’s why I head to your place – you make me think and I like to be engaged mind-wise, not just constantly running on at the mouth(although I do that entirely too much). So now I’m a buffer zone? snort – Maybe I should stop telling my 12 faithful readers what a dork I truly am. Actually if you read enough of my blog postings you should know by now I’m a fairly opinionated sassy slap-ya-upside the head kinda broad who’s rarely intimidated. I’m merely mortified by my OWN behavior at times bcoz I get so wrapped up in so many things at one time, I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing – hence most of the disasters lately. Like my bud, MTAE said the other day, I need to work on my “focus factor” – I really do, but then my 12 faithful readers will have nothing to look forward to… 😉

  3. O.k. tell me about Lucky brand jeans because the last ones I bought (4 years ago maybe) revealed at least half my butt crack every time I sat down so I’ve stopped shopping for Lucky.

    Now…..as for the school supplies…..it’s only 2 VERY short week before our kids go back to school. TWO. Ackk…..I hate it!!!
    I have not tried Lucky jeans yet because I’m still losing weight (and they’re too expensive not to get the right size) – my friend and fasionista Sueanne swears by them. I know in at least one of her fashionista posts she discussed Lucky jeans and her link went directly to the low-slung version — that might be what you tried on — Sueanne also stated in her blog that Lucky has many different styles so maybe you didn’t find the proper style or fit. I like Lucky Brand shirts and jackets because they fit and they last. For jeans info let me send you directly to my resident in-house expert Sueanne. As for school – I know our kids have more than 2 weeks left of summer – they simply have to otherwise the world is just wrong on several levels. hugs

  4. I hate that the stores don’t keep the summer clothes and ‘stuff’ around until at least the middle of August. If it’s hot outside I don’t want to look at winter clothes even if they turn the AC to 30 below. As for turtle necks…it wouldn’t matter if I had a turkey neck or not I can’t stand wearing them. Hot flashes and turtle necks don’t mix.
    I am finding more and more that I order clothes from certain catalogs because I can get them IN THE SEASON I WANT – so I’ll wait a little longer to order turtlenecks which I dearly love as long as they’re loose – I don’t like to feel as if I’m choking. I’m not doing the hot flash thing so much – Yay – in fact because I’ve lost so much weight even when it’s hot, I often get chilled. Guess my body is adjusting to not having all that insulation wrapped around it. Again…Yay! lol

  5. Whoever it was that decided swimwear and summer clothing must be put out for sale in Winter and cold weather clothing must go on sale in Summer needs to be smacked HARD. Who wants to try on bathing suits while still pasty white and it’s arctic temps outside or try on sweaters when it’s 95′ with 78% humidity outside?

    Retailers need to pull their heads out of their butts.
    Amen sistah! It’s one thing to have to order ahead – I understand that – but there’s no reason on God’s green earth to put winter clothes on the sales floor when it’s 90 degrees outside.

  6. I feel the same way when stores put out swimsuits and it is 30 degrees outside. Madness!
    Yep – I’m hearin ya – it’s unbelievable how they skip ahead seasons and expect us to blindly buy a bathing suit in January (unless we’re heading on a cruise, or off to Jamaica, then it’s different).

  7. As a teacher, I just hate those Back-to-School sales. I especially hate the Staples TV commercial where the man sings’ “It’s the most wonderful time, of the year….”
    ack ack ack

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