Did You Lose Something?

It’s becoming too frequent an occurrence in my life.  Strange, little, quirky things are happening to me.  That which surprises, amazes, and oh, okay I’ll admit it, frequently embarrasses me to the nth degree.  But then again, we’re talking about me, aren’t we?  Hmmm.

Guess where I was the other day?  Yup – Target.  Cruisin’ the summer sales, etc.  Had one of the big carts this time just in case I should find…ya know…”stuff”.  I’m in the lawnzheray (read: undies) aisle and I see a great sale on some bras and undies.  Woo-hoo just what I need.  So I pick up a couple of items and toss them in my cart and off I go to another department.

I’m walking….I’m walking…I’m walking…I’m in the tee-shirt and shorts for sale section when I hear this voice behind me.  I turn around and what do I see but a Target employee (ya know they can be identified by those spiffy red/khaki outfits they wear).  I looked at her, assumed she was talking in her headset and promptly went about my business.

Now I’m to the shoe aisle and this girl is still following me and she’s saying something and it’s louder.  I turn around again and give her “the stare” – ya know…the one that says, “get the heck away from me and go talk in your earpiece somewhere else.”

She kept following me.

Finally I stopped and she came up to me.  Uh-oh – this does not bode well.

Target Girl:  “Ma’am?  May I have my cart back please?”

Me:  “Excuse me – YOUR cart?”

Target Girl:  points to MY cart and says, “Yes, ma’am the one with all the underwear in it.”

I looked at my cart and it suddenly dawned on me — there were several boxes worth of underwear in the other section of the cart.  There was NO underwear up in the front where I thought I had tossed the several items I found.  Seems I had turned around and casually thrown my items in the cart Target Girl was using to stock shelves and then absconded with it while she chased me around the store.

I was appropriately mortified.  She had my “otherwise empty” cart with her and we just laughed it off as we exchanged carts and I went on shopping.  (Read: couldn’t get out of that store fast enough and may never show my face there again.)

I am well aware that I was probably mentioned in the Target Employee Meeting and may very well have made the handbook in the Section:  Crazy Shoppers and How to Handle When They Take Off With Your Cart and Emphatically Claim It’s Actually Theirs…sigh…


7 thoughts on “Did You Lose Something?

  1. OMG what a hoot! I can just see that happening to you. You have made my Monday morning with your story.
    Hi sweetie – I’m so glad u stopped by and left a comment. And I’m doubly happy I made your Monday morning! hugs!

  2. Oh, COME ONNN. Linda why can’t you just admit that you secretly wanted those 20 boxes of granny panties and be done with it? Polka dots are so IN, and everything.

    I have done this TOO many times to count and always in the grocery store. It’s a bit embarrassing when somebody else’s kid is in the cart, but that’s what I get for drinking and shopping.
    Granny panties – I don’t THINK so – hic, at least MY cart didn’t, hic, have someone else’s kid in it! lol What I chose, hic, in the undies-aisle, were as cute as, hic, Target could provide (okay I know not high end shopping – get over it) hic, and what’s wrong with imbibing while, hic, shopping anyway? hic, burp, ‘scuze me could someone get me another ‘tini plz?

  3. Oh thank you so much, that is the best laugh I have had in ages. You have really made my day.

    I have put my shopping in someone elses trolley by mistake but I haven’t done that – although it is probably only a matter of time 🙂
    Oh it’s my distinct pleasure to amuse you on a recurring basis – this is my life, sad as it is. lol

  4. I think we need to send a “watcher” with you that follows subtly behind you so that these occurrences are caught before you get too far into the store.

    Hey, maybe Target would supply one for ya’?
    I’m afraid I need a leash…

  5. A watcher, Delaney? Heck Linda needs a keeper. Oh, wait, she has one of those in DS. A leash maybe but at least, unlike me, you don’t need a muzzle in public. 😉
    Actually….a muzzle might not be a bad idea at times — I’ve gotten a tad mouthy lately (as is my right as a strong broad) yikes…lol

  6. I once tried to open someone else’s apartment with my key. I feel your pain.
    Thank you for that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to get into someone else’s car in the parking lot — maybe it’s not JUST me afterall. LOL

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