C’mon Get Healthy!

I understand grilling vegetables and fruits is in fashion these days.

So I grilled my eggplant…I grilled my ‘taters…I grilled onions, peppers, all the veggies left over in the ‘fridge.  I even grilled some apricots and bananas.

I grilled them and grilled them….

They never confessed to a single thing.   sigh…


9 thoughts on “C’mon Get Healthy!

  1. LMAO! Did you swear them in first and did they have their lawyer present during questioning? Sorry, had to ask. That was a great way to pun the word grilling, love it.
    I couldn’t remember all the words to the Miranda…so I gave the banana her Chiquita rights…

  2. You are sooooo silly, but that is why I like you!
    I know there’s a screw loose there somewhere coz I keep hearing it rattling around…

  3. How about a “roast”? It’s more cutting-edge. Or — crap. Maybe that’s salad I’m thinking of.
    As I grilled them I told them…’fess up or you’re toast’ – they didn’t get that either….silly veggies.

  4. Don’t forget to “Beat” your eggs and “Whip” your cream. Sorry but that is the best I can do 🙂

    Love your jokes.
    I like eggs….so I “coddle” them. ROFL

  5. Heheh. Did you put them in a chair with a bright light hanging over them?
    I even threatened them with my Ginzu knives…nothin. It was like they were in this, oh I dunno…vegetative state?

  6. I love grilled veggies, but I can’t bring myself to grill fruit. Maybe because I don’t really like my fruit cooked in the first place, so why would I like it grilled?
    I know it sounds odd – but try halving apricots and putting them on grill and I guarantee ya, you’ll be hooked. Delish!

  7. Me thinks you need to confess: Come on. DS grilled the veggies, didn’t he? I can see you in your director’s chair.
    You can’t make me talk – nevah!!!!

  8. Grilled eggplant is awesome!
    BTW, just looking at that pic of of those veggies is making me reach for the Beano.
    You’re supposed to say, “Dang you’re so flippin’ funny girlfriend….not “grilled eggplant is awesome.” Honestly Cheesecutter girl – snap out of it. lol love ya, mean it…

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