Is There a Therapist Out There for Stupid?

DISCLAIMER:  This post is gonna be one of those containing somewhat personal information you may not need to hear.  In fact if you read this post, you might utter that nasty sound….”Ewwwww.”  So be warned….if you don’t wish to listen to how insane I am rapidly becoming, read no further.  And don’t make “ewwww” comments and say I didn’t warn ya.  Official End of Disclaimer.

Ya know how we all have various routines?  We have routines when we wake up; some of us immediately reach for coffee, some have to go to the bathroom and wash our faces (so to speak).  We have routines for how we get ready for our day.  We have routines revolving around the proper way to read the paper.  I think you get the point.

I have a routine in the evening before I go to bed.  I won’t bore you with ever excruciating detail (some involves exfoliage) but I will tell you this much.  Like every other person in the world (okay read: quasi-normal person) I undress and slip into jammies before bedtime.  It’s the way I undress that is the routine.  And, unfortunately, it’s a routine I’m going to have to change.

You see…the other night I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed….I had slipped off my tee shirt, taken off my shorts (Virgil, quit leering), the bra was gone and the girls were finally free.  And all that was left was the underwear.  I sort of rolled them down (hey I was in a hurry) and I don’t know if anybody else does this, but I have a sneaking suspicion at least one of my 12 faithful readers does but probably won’t admit it….I hooked my underwear with my toe and proceeded to fling them up in the air with the intention of catching them and tossing them into the hamper.

I meant to toss them into the hamper.

I missed.

I flung them right smack dab into the open toilet.

I could not make this up….sigh…

I found that wonderful pic above over at  to55er’s blog.


8 thoughts on “Is There a Therapist Out There for Stupid?

  1. No ewwwww from me, I was LMAO. Honey, the answer is to get undressed in your bedroom….Far away from the toilet. Then you can hook your toes in your clothes and fling them all over the room without ever doing a slam dunk in that waterlogged basketball hoop;)
    I know…I know…it seems so simple, but the hamper is in the bathroom and I’m just lazy that way. My solution: make danged sure the lid to the toilet is DOWN! oy vey

  2. Yup, I let ’em drop to the floor and use my foot to flip them up into the air. BUT I do it in the bedroom!
    Thanks for sharing, Steve – I’m seriously considering moving the hamper out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom…

  3. Oh you have really made my day, that was so funny. Thank you for telling us about your routine 🙂

    I once stuffed a pair of my undies into one of my boots when I was staying over at “E”‘s house then forgot about them until I got to work the next day. Wondering why my boot was so uncomfortable I took it off and much to my horror they fell out onto the office floor. Thankfully nobody saw or I would never have lived it down.
    WAIT…back the truck up…you stuffed your undies into one of your boots? That’s too funny! It begs the question do you not have a duffle, a backpack, or a paper bag you could have used to carry clothing in???!!! The things we do. I’m glad you found them. Even if it WAS on the office floor. How funny! (wipes tears)

    I know…I know…this is one of those things I will regret because faithful readers such as yourself and friends such as yourself will ensure this is brought up on a regular basis…..oy

  5. Put the lid down! Problem solved.
    Uh-huh…yeah, ya know that thought occurred to me just a little too late Mike – but thanks for sharing. You can bet the lid is now down. LOL Thanks for stopping by! 😉

  6. That really was a crazy human trick! It was probably slow motion for you… it’s not going to land in the toilet, it’s not going to land in the toilet. Oh crap, it’s going to land in the toilet! I’ve done stuff like that before. Ok, well, not launch my panties into the toilet, but still… 🙂
    It was actually kind of cool until I had to retrieve them….

  7. ROFLMAO! That’s why I undress in the bedroom.
    Yeah, yeah, I know…but then I need to walk allllllll the way (5 ft at least) to the master bath where the hamper is (whines, whines, whines)…..I’ll just make sure toilet lid is down..

  8. oh. Mai. Gah.
    The image of you undressing will forever be seared onto my dull little brain.
    …where it will take up residence forever and haunt you…bwahahahahahahaha

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