How to Think Inside the Box…


4 thoughts on “How to Think Inside the Box…

  1. I can almost see the wheels spinning. “I’ll do the thinin’ around here”.
    He’s an engineer so has the Tab A into Slot B down perfectly — I’m a glue gun, duct tape, throw my hands up in total despair and then finally reach for instructions kinda gal. LOL

  2. I was just wondering when the flood was coming cause for some reason he looks to me like he is going to go on a boat ride, and he is trying to figure out which pieces of wood would make a good pair of paddles.

    I always like to think out of the box because I hate to be boxed in.

    God bless.
    funny u should say that – he was goofin and pretending to paddle right b4 I took pic. He’s assembling our new porch glider. I told him this morning I wanted a “clear stain” on it and he about fell on the floor. Then I realized what I had said — it’s true – “if I only had a brain”…. hugs!

  3. That’s one of the few (many) things I have no patience with, I get so frustrated trying to make head or tails of those instructions. And why is part B never marked with a B.

    Not far from my own house (must go and check it is still standing one day) is a shop which sells handmade pine furniture. I used to put a little aside each week and every so often treat myself to something nice.

    It’s funny to see Devoted Spouse sitting in the box because when I was a child if we ever had anything delivered I would always cut little windows in the boxes and play at house.

    Anyway better stop rambling on.

    Sending all my love and hugs to you
    he’s a good sport for letting me take his pic – that truly was not staged!

    I just re-read your comment. It must be nice to afford hand-made furniture – mine usually comes from one of the cheaper places. But I splurged on the glider and it’s all-wood – like the stuff you buy. Maybe I should save some money so I, too, can buy some nice hand-made furniture….sigh…

    EWWW now that I re-read my own comment, I’m being a bit “mardy” aren’t I? Psyche! (That’s American for “gotcha!”) ROFLMAO — to any of my 12 faithful readers — the above comments were actually part of a joke on Angel’s friend – all in good humor – we’ve had a good laugh at us today!!! Angel & Hannahwiththebluehair – Love you, mean it! Thanks for the giggles!!!

  4. Just sending you a little email 🙂

    That was fun – thanks for playing along – I needed a good grin today!! hugs!

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