It’s Over…Finally Over…



Finally.  This World Cup Soccer stuff is over.  My word, I thought it would never end.  Every day…day after day…this country, that country.  Fights, squabbles, disagreements over rulings, Lawd love a duck I liked to think I’d never hear the end of soccer, soccer, soccer.

It’s kind of like Lance Armstrong and the Tour d’old Bicyclists.  It gets tedious after the fourth or fifth day for me.

Would my attitude have been different had the U.S. won?  Nope.  I simply don’t get into soccer.  Never have.  Never played it when I was a kid — we played softball or kickball or that really nasty dodgeball which tends to mame one physically and mentally for life.  But never soccer. 

Besides it wasn’t truly WORLD Cup Soccer – it’s not like the whole world was there…Bangladesh wasn’t there and a bunch of other countries weren’t there either so it was at best a Part of the World Cup Soccer or maybe a World Sippy Cup Soccer.  But not the whole World. 

I’m glad it’s over…congratulations Spain…it was Spain who finally won the thing wasn’t it?  Now let’s go do something fun…like syncronized table tennis…sigh…


5 thoughts on “It’s Over…Finally Over…

  1. You’re correct not all “world teams” were there but then they’d have to qualify first.

    They have games before the actual World Cup for teams to qualify for the thingy 🙂
    Hi – thanks for stopping by. I do know that. I was just making a joke. Little humor. That’s all. Not serious here…well, rarely serious. LOL 🙂

  2. Thank you for summing up EXACTLY how I feel! I thought I was the only one.
    No…thank YOU – coz I figure if anyone reads this I’ll probably get slammed about it. Glad u agree with me. Thanks for commenting!!! 😉 Then again I only have 12 faithful readers, so this will probably be ignored. whew!

  3. It’s surely more World than the World Series…and I would love to see some Cuban (or even Canadian) team clobber those overpriced New York Yankees.

    Soccer is boring, but so is Tennis and Golf. Like watching paint dry.
    I agree that soccer, tennis and golf are boring. I’m not dissing NY Yankees only coz I have lotsa NY friends but frankly I don’t like baseball much either. Football and car racing – that’s about it for me. But I love winter Olympic sports – like the skating, snowboarding and skiing etc. All of it gets tiresome after awhile…except football. Y’know there just might be some folks who enjoy watching paint dry…

  4. The best thing about the World Cup coming to an end is that those $%&*! vuvuzelas can be put away.
    Thank you so much for mentioning that fact. I left it out on purpose because even the name sounds obscene and the memory of the sound still brings blood running out of my ears…

  5. These are the World Cup finals. The other teams didn’t qualify, that’s why they were not there
    I know that sweetie – catch up to me – this is humor here – I’m not serious – hello? apparently it’s not working… lol

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