Monday Shouldn’t Be a Pain in the Eye When You’re Retired


It’s Monday.  My eye aches.  I’m not making this up.  My eyeball aches.  It’s the middle of a thunderstorm and my laptop battery is yelling at me “would you please hurry up, I’m getting tired.”  It’s too early in the morning to be writing a blog post and because of all this rain my painter won’t come and work on the fence today.

Now…ordinarily I wake up fairly early and I may be groggy but usually I’m in a good mood.  I attribute that to the fact I don’t have to make the commute into the Cubicle on Level 8 of Hades any more.

Not today…today it’s Monday. And it feels like Monday.   Blechh Monday.  When I woke up with the “eye” ache my first thought was ….  oh crap on a crutch… I have Kindle Eye — coz I’ve spent each and every evening in bed reading books on my Kindle.  I’ve also spent much of my afternoons reading my Kindle.  Kindle Eye.  But wouldn’t that affect both eyes, like normal eyestrain?  Yeah – I’m just strange that way – gotta have only one eye that aches. 

How do you get an eye ache anyway?  Monday, that’s how.

It’s a pretty sad life when the best thing that happens to you on Monday morning is the fact that Sam Champion has returned from vacation and answered your Tweet.

I’m so pitiful….sigh…


7 thoughts on “Monday Shouldn’t Be a Pain in the Eye When You’re Retired

  1. One more reason I’m not going to get a Kindle, “Kindle eye”. It has nothing to do with the fact that JR needs $1000 worth of dental work and I’m broke. HA!
    I only bought it coz had it for a one day price of $149. so I adjusted budget. yay. I feel the dental $$ pain – I need a root canal I’ve been putting off – too expensive even with insurance. yikes.

  2. Are we reading with one eye? 🙂
    Yeah…I’m only seeing one side of things….snort….I crack me up…

  3. Maybe the eye ache is the rain’s fault? My hypothesis is that you have sinus pressure behind just that one eye due to the changing barometric pressure. Wonder what Smilin’ Sam would say to that theory? Don’t blame the Kindle! When has technology EVER been bad for us? 😉
    Good theory. I wouldn’t really blame Sam – I love Sam coz he’s always smiling and happy! I’m blaming it on Aliens today. An Alien probed my eye during the night – her name is EmmaLou. lol

  4. I have just one question, ok, 2 questions: why is there a bottle of Jack next to EmmaLou and why does she look so guilty about it?
    1. It’s her favorite. 2. I caught her trying to sneak it out of the house.

  5. Maybe you should try very slowly licking a fudgecicle and alternate between fast and slow. I hear that it helps develop your rhythm which obviously will reduce eye strain.

    I’m sorry … You had to know that that was coming from me sooner or later.

  6. Are you sure that your eye is not hurting because of all that snorting that has been going on here lately? Or is it the licking? And if you would stop the biting then maybe your neck would heal and heck everything would heal including your eye, or is it the sucking that occurs after the biting. Nah it is just the snorting, way too much laughter and snorting.

    Okay, I do think that if it hurts behind one eye that it may have something to do with your sinus cavities that you have in that area. Well unless you got poked in the eye and you did not remember it, well you know with us suffering from CRS and all. But if it continues then you had better go get checked because that means that something is wrong. Kindle eye problem or not, you will need to see a doc about it because if it is a sinus infection then you know the pain will get worse, and if your eyesight has changed, then you will need to get new glasses.

    So what I am trying to say is that either way it means something is wrong and one costs less than the other. So I am hoping you just have a sinus infection or that there really is a Kindle Eye malady.

    Here’s hoping that the rest of your week is better.

    God bless.
    One of my pastors the other day said I probably poked myself in the eye or rubbed my eye in my sleep. I’m sticking with the story that Aliens did it. It’s fine now. 😉

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