Wordless Wednesday (almost)

This is what I see most nights looking down at me from my bed while I’m on the floor doing back exercises.  EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer…vulture-in-training.


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (almost)

  1. She is a sweetie watching to make sure mommy is safe. What more could you ask for. Just look at all the love in her eyes. Ahhh.

    God bless.
    Actually she is waiting for me to roll over and remove that horrid pink wedgie thing I have to lie on so she can jump down and grab it and run. Nightly game. LOL

  2. snort! At first I thought she was climbing out from UNDER the bed! LOL!
    no she’s layin on sheets (that’s the bottom decorative bed rail) – quilt is in process of repair from her chewing! lol

  3. She is just making sure you are doing everything right so you can get better.
    She makes me laugh every time I look up and see her looking down at me – I always wonder what is going thru that doggie mind.

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