I Simply Couldn’t Resist the Bargain

Recently, Amazon.com bought out a company known as Woot.com.  In celebration (or anticipation?) Woot.com offered a one-time good deal on the latest generation Kindle.  $149.00.  Yep – Amazon is still selling the latest generation (6″) for $189 but that one day on Woot.com I got it for $149.00.  I know…sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

This stuff never happens to me.  Oh I find bargains – but not bargains like this.  I worry now that I have bought my amazingly-priced Kindle at $149.00, Amazon will start advertising it at  $130 – since they and Barnes & Nibbles keep having a price war.   That’s the kind of luck I normally have.

I don’t care.  I told all my friends if the Kindle got down to around $150 I would buy one.  People started sending me links to Woot.com when that advertisement hit; I had already seen it and ordered (okay a bit apprehensively I admit).  I know nothing about Woot.com except I am now a FB fan because their writers are hysterical and the website is well done — with specials every day.  It seems a good place to shop – I dunno yet; I will reserve judgment until my actual Kindle arrives in working order with everything it’s supposed to have in the box.

I get a bit nervous when I take a leap of faith in a retailer I know nothing about.  I’ve had problems in the past and some of them have gone unresolved and been filed under the category “Lessons Learned”.   Woot.com tells me my Kindle should arrive in about 5 business days.   Let’s see…counting for the 4th of July holiday I figure I should have it either Fri the 9th or Mon the 12th of July. 

I’m already making a list of books to order.  Like I don’t have enough to read….oh no I may not have time to blog!  …sigh…

P.S.  Go here to read Woot.com’s blog – wish they’d hire me to write copy for them – I can be funny.  Well, I can.  Just ask my 11 faithful readers!

P.P.S. If you’re looking for lots of neat photos for your blog that are in the public domain may I suggest trying here?


6 thoughts on “I Simply Couldn’t Resist the Bargain

  1. Congratulations on the good deal. I really hope you enjoy it and get to read a lot of books. Do you have to pay for every book or do they give you some free books? I know that when I break down and get my iPad that I think they give some free books and the rest of them you have to pay for them. But I will get to transfer all my apps from my iPhone onto my iPad and thank goodness for that since I have already spent a pretty penny of those apps. But some apps go on sale or they will have a special and if you order them on those days then you get it for free. At the end of the free trial then they go back to selling them again. I feel like I did so good when I get one for free. You are lucky that you wanted a Kindle and not an iPad because the iPad that I want is going to cost me at least a thousand. And I am still going to wait until the next version comes out. I want the one where you can add more memory to it. Plus hopefully the kinks will be worked out of it. I think all the kink are worked out of the Kindle by now. They are supposed to be nice. And the real battle is supposed to be the actual cost of the books, sadly I do not know if you can share books with others who have Kindles. That would be cool if you could.

    Congrats again.

    God bless.
    If I understand correctly (and anybody feel free to correct me here) all books published pre 1923 or thereabouts are free because the copyrights have run out – so you can get a lot of the old classics that way. I believe you get a trial basis – like the first chapter or so but that might be on the one from Barnes & Nibbles – can’t recall. I just know I’m excited. So far the prices of ebooks haven’t gone up – I keep hearing nasty rumors of ebooks going up to around $20 each and that would truly suck. Still glad I did it. I’ll continue to buy real books (the various series I collect) – but having ebooks will save tons of money on the books I buy that I end up giving away or taking to Half Price Books.

  2. Oh I sure hope so. That would be so cool to get so many classics for free. Plus you save all that room for storing them. Can you imagine how much extra space you will have. I am so glad you got a deal. It will be a while before I get my iPad, but I want to use it as a computer too otherwise I would get the Kindle. I see the commercials and it looks cool. Just put yourself on a budget for the expensive books. I have had to do that with my apps. Can you have DS take a pic of you relaxing and reading it. Just kicking back and enjoying a classic, how cool is that. See now you have me all excited for you.

    God bless.
    Yes – I will publish pic when it gets here and my hair looks acceptable. giggling.

  3. I,m really pleased you had a bargain. I would be very interested to know what you think of your Kindle when it arrives. I find my ipod so useful when I go on holiday because I don’t have to carry any cd’s with me and have been thinking of buying a Kindle to save carrying so many books.

    Hope it arrives soon.
    I’m so excited…I just can’t hide it…I’m about to lose control and I think I like it….(courtesy of Pointer Sisters) rofl

  4. Who is seething with jealousy because she missed the $150 Kindle deal? That would be ME! I want a Kindle, I NEED a Kindle (ok, I don’t really “need” it but it would bring joy to my life) but those pesky medical bills from my son’s accident are demanding to be paid first. Party poopers.
    ok I admit it is a luxury item for me – but dangitall we all need luxury items once in awhile – that’s my position and I’m sticking to it. It’s sort of circular logic – I tell my husband by buying this Kindle at $149. and downloading ebooks at cheap prices in the long run I will save him tons of money from my book-buying binges. I think that’s when he brings up things like the library. blah blah blah. Plus I get tons of Classics for free – yeah that didn’t really work, either. I hit the “button” anyway. ROFL

  5. Um,
    I don’t know, Sis. After the Mr. Coffee fiasco and the PC mess, I’d stay away from anything anything electronic or battery-operated…
    Just sayin’
    Phhhhttt!!! Done deal. You watch – my luck will change. btw new coffeepot works just fine. so there. lol

  6. I’m a regular reader of your blog — I just don’t comment much.

    So. Make that twelve.
    YAY I have 12 faithful readers now. What a wonderful day! Woot! Thanks Siren!
    Oh crap now I gotta think of something to write about don’t I? sigh…

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