Support Socks for Worn-Out Doggie Joints – awwwww

There is a site I found through FB – it’s called and it is currently featuring a product called Woodrow Wear’s Power Paws which are support socks for dogs.  Seriously…support socks for dogs.

Not only do they support the joints of older dogs to help them get up and down, but they have some traction too.  That way your pup doesn’t slip on that wood floor you just polished and further agravate his arthritis.

I’m thinking we need some of these for people too – there’s gotta be something similar on the market.  I never have enough traction – one of the reasons I fall…but I look so ugly in cleated shoes and they tend to ruin the carpeting in the areas of the house that are carpeted.  Ack.  Somehow or other I think the dog below wearing the socks looks cuter than me…

dog actually wearing support socks. pic courtesy of

 And look at this shot of one of the dogs wearing the socks – this is too cute:

courtesy of

I did once find some socks that had these strange bumps on the bottom of them – I guess that was the nonskid stuff – but the bumps hurt my feet through the socks.  Need something better. 

EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer will have to suffer through old doggie age without these support socks.  She refuses to wear anything – we’ve tried the bows on the ears and the cute bandanas from the groomer and it gets downright ugly.  One winter I had bought some little adorable doggie-paw sized rubber booties that she could wear out in the snow on her walks with Devoted Spouse so she wouldn’t get road salt on her paws.  Yeah, that worked for all of about 2 minutes.  Not even the velcro could keep those things on her paws.  And she was most unhappy to boot (no pun intended).

I guess what really irks me about this is that I didn’t come up with the idea first.  Darnitall another missed opportunity.  Can you say….pet rock?  sigh…


5 thoughts on “Support Socks for Worn-Out Doggie Joints – awwwww

  1. Those doggie socks are so cute and EmmaLou would look cute in them but I guess 5 minutes of wearing them would not be worth it. Maybe you would have just enough time to take a picture of her and then they would be gone.

    Okay, as to socks for us to wear. Go invent a pair that does not have the little bumps but is just solid in all the areas that our feet touch the ground. If there are no bumps on them, then how could they hurt your feet. Plus then you would have a lot of traction. Or if that could not be done then maybe there should just be stripes going across the bottom, they have to hurt less then those little bumps. So come on, get out there and invent these things. Get rich and then you will be able to buy that house by the lake, and we can all come visit you.

    God bless.
    Okay I’ll get right on that…

  2. That is so adhorable, I bet EmmaLou looked so cute wearing that bandana.

    I used to have a little raincoat for Womble. He sprained his paw once and the banadage the vet put on kept coming loose so I cut an old pair of tights down to size and put them over his leg.

    He looked quite sweet but after an hour he ripped them off. I imagine he wasn’t too impressed because they were purple floral ones.
    When my cat was operated on, I took some old striped knee socks and sewed them so they would fit around her paws and she couldn’t chew her bandages. The things we do for our pets. I am emailing you a picture of EmmaLou all decked out in bows and a bandana – she was NOT a happy girl that day – in fact she wouldn’t have anything to do with us until we got that stuff off of her. Silly dog.


  3. Those are the coolest doggy socks I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame that she want keep ’em on.

    Glad that you made it down here and back without getting yourself accosted by any good ole backwood boys. You didn’t know it but you came dang near my shack while you were on vacation.

    How did ya like the humidity?

    BTW … I’ve got a friend in Walhalla. Small world.
    Well hi swee’pea! Yea, EmmaLou has issues with “clothing” – she’s strictly a nudist dog. Dang – if I knew I was in your neck of the woods, I woulda stopped in to say howdy to ya! Yeah those good ole boys kinda creeped me out – I was waiting for the banjo music to start as I bought my diet Mt. Dew. It’s weird being my age and having some Bubba call at me me “Hey there girlie” – ewwww it was just uncomfortable. I said “hey” in my best Virginia accent and hoped they didn’t see me skedaddle into my Ohio- car! Humidity didn’t bother me; I’m used to it from living on the East Coast so many years – plus it gets humid here in Ohio, too. Walhalla seemed like a nice place; unfortunately, it wasn’t supposed to be on my route home. 😉

  4. They are just so cute. I want socks for my pup
    Hi sweetie – they are cute and functional too and EmmaLou would do unspeakable things to me if I made her wear them. lol

  5. Because Rosey is out in the cold weather we bought her boots in Alaska a few years ago. Yeah, they lasted about 5 minutes. Great theory.
    I guess some dogs (like ours) just don’t like things on their paws. I honestly think EmmaLou was embarrassed to go out in public wearing those booties – her friends would have laughed her out of the neighborhood. Yeah – great theory.

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