Living With My Laptop is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Once again I find myself faced with a laptop that has issues.  Some would say it is I who have the issues but we all know that can’t possibly be true.

Even though this infernal machine is only a few months old it needs to be sent to the factory for some work.  Thank goodness for warranties.  I cannot believe the keys are rubbing off the keyboard; my T is completely gone.  This seems to happen only to laptops I own….and no, I do not have long fingernails.  Maybe EmmaLou is licking the keyboard at night or something equally bizarre.

Yesterday I noticed several crimps in the cord and it is frayed.  I immediately thought of EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, casually sitting behind my chair gnawing on the cord, but there are no teeth marks – it’s simply bizarre.  So since the actual wiring is showing, I’ll be needing a new power cord.  Gah…

First thing Monday morning, the laptop will go to the store and I will be without a computer for maybe up to two weeks.  In the meantime, there is a slight (very) chance I may be able to snag Devoted Spouse’s laptop for brief moments – just long enough to maybe post something.  Just in case I can’t….I’m declaring a Blogoliday – so don’t get too upset with me if you don’t see any posts here for awhile.

I’ll be back in business in no time I imagine.  Till then…just go read a good book…watch a movie…and miss me…sigh…

Courtesy of the SmartPhone you will still be able to find me on Twitter  @Croneandbearit.   Cya l8r kids!


8 thoughts on “Living With My Laptop is Just a Bowl of Cherries

  1. Learning to use words without a “T” would get frustrating…especially after it ran out of juice from the power cord.

    You might consider having a house desktop computer for the “house” stuff.
    It’s so frustrating, the T is gone – the E, R, L, N, and F are disappearing rapidly – it’s a good thing I’m a touch typist. And how come I keep getting such crummy laptops? I’m not listening to Consumer Reports or CNET anymore that’s for sure. Hubs still has an HP laptop that’s working great – so I can always snag his. So I may get to post, I dunno – getting his laptop is like trying to pry a hot dog outta EmmaLou’s clamped jaws. House stuff stored on jump drives so it’s safe. I never keep anything important on my laptop, just in case. 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear of your laptop woes..
    They are so cheap these days, I think I would get a new one rather than paying to have the old one fixed(or maybe get one as a back up for these occasions?)

    I can imagine it would be hard trying to “share” your hubby’s computer..
    I remember when we just had one, and how annoying it could be trying to get equal online time…

    Hope that things get fixed up soon!
    take care..
    This one was “cheap” and that may be the problem. I just can’t win w/laptops no matter what I buy. So frustrating. Just glad this one is under warranty and I bought 2 yrs warranty for it – have a feeling I will be using that insurance this time around. So off to the shop. Cya later! Hugs!

  3. I cannot figure out why your T has rubbed off, although I figured out why our W has rubbed off of our desktop, hubby uses it a lot when he plays his stupid “W”ar games. Someone must think it is the most important key since it is the first letter of war.

    My hubby is never getting my HP, but then again our desktop is an HP and so we both have an HP. But I am gonna get me one of those iPads when they have gone through a few changes and then I might think of letting hubby use my laptop, but then again I probably won’t because he is always messing the desktop up. So maybe if you eventually get DS an iPad then maybe he will let you have his HP. But then again if you get an iPad then maybe you will only want the iPad. Goodness I must really want one of them very much. But I want to wait until they get one with an expandable memory and totally want the 4G when it is available. If I had only waited 8 months to get my iPhone then I could have the new 4G iPhones but I am still happy with my 3GS with is almost as good. But I now know to wait if I hear something is in the works.

    Anyway your new laptop is still a pretty one and hopefully once you get it fixed then it will be okay. Just strange things happen to your things that don’t seem to happen to most people. Are you sure your house or your electronics are not haunted? Maybe it is a ghost who does not like electronics who messes with you. I do think they have some kind of rubber protection thingy to put on the cord so that the Golden Destroyer does not chew it up. I am not sure if that would help, but it might. I will send computer blessings your way when you get it back.

    God bless.
    DS agrees with you – there’s a “ghost” messing with me and my electronics – he NEVER has any problems with technology. Gah…I’m off to BestBuy now with laptop slung over shoulder sighing all the way. Cya l8r. Hugs!

  4. Just thinking of no laptop for two weeks is sending me into involuntary spasmic twitches. *twitch* *twitch*
    It’s been over 24 hours and I’m losing my mind. Can’t blog from cell – getting carpal tunnel using danged teeny keyboard just to stay on twitter & Facebook. gah…

  5. I feel your pain. I have a almost new laptop laying belly up right now because of a virus, so I am resigned to using a net book that chanllenges my typing fingers and my sense of humor. And there is nothing like having absent letters on keys..thanks goodness for typing class in the 80’s…it gave me a bit of a leg up. Here’s hoping that 2 weeks passes in a flash…Chin up!! (smile)
    Thank you dahlink! I may have to pick up a cheap netbook to keep for emergencies. Hmmm… 🙂

  6. Hmmmmm, no wonder it’s been awfully quiet on Twitter lately.
    Good luck with your laptop repair.
    And if you really need to use DS laptop, send him out on an errand and then lock the door.
    I’ve been on Twitter just a tad – and EmmaLou too, but it’s so hard to use the app I have on my cell – I wanted Seesmic for droid but I can’t get it to work. ack. Facebook isn’t much better and there’s no way I can blog from the smartphone – it’s not that smart – ok, it is, but the print is too small for me and the keyboard on it is killing my thumbs. I had no idea how addicted I am to my laptop. jeez louize.

  7. Hoped over from Fat Cat and reading about your visit there. Hope your laptop issues clear up soon and so happy for you that you conquered your fear of water and enjoyed that float on the lake.
    Hi thanks for stopping in – I had a super time w/my bloggy buddy from Fat Cat – and getting in that lake was a big step for me! Woot! 😉 And yes laptop was waiting for me when I arrived home! woo-hoo!

  8. I never had any luck with laptops, I have managed to get through three of them in two years. I have trouble with the keys coming loose and the screen going all wobbly but have never had the paint come off a key yet (and I have long fingernails)

    I do much better with desktops.

    Looking forward to your return.

    Take care,

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