Fact Friday

I’m feeling Cliff Claven-ish today…so…

It’s a little known fact that the whip was the first man-made device capable of breaking the sound barrier.  True.  Its tip travels faster than the speed of sound.  That cracking sound you hear is also a sonic boom.

I thought about getting a whip – I believe that famous Ohioan Annie Oakley was a mean whip-snapper.  What a cool thing to play with out on the back deck – would certainly get the neighbors attention.  Oh I know there are other uses…let’s not go there kids.

What else can we do with a whip….Oh remember  that wonderfully-talented (dripping sarcasm) musical group Devo with their flowerpot hats singing Whip It back around 1980 or so?  That was talent.  Then there’s EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer’s favorite….Whipped Cream in a Can.  And Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones used a bull whip.  mmm mmm

Some might say Devoted Spouse is whipped…but in a good way — coz he worked too hard yesterday.

I dunno…think that’s about all I can whip up today….sigh.

With my luck I’d crack the whip and the tip would come back and put out an eye.  I know me…sigh…


5 thoughts on “Fact Friday

  1. There is an amazing movie “Man from Snowy RIver” where they use the sound of cracking whips to drive horses. I always thought that it would be cool to try but alas, I too would probably put out an eye.
    You know what a klutz I am – no way am I tryin a whip – nope.

  2. My mother…

    Was trying to pop a whip in the back yard and she didn’t know how. She kept stinging herself in the legs on the “back lash!” She would try and crack it, and then I’d hear, “Oh yi-yi.” But she kept doing it. The goofy woman. I was all, I am really sorry I’m watching this. This is painful on so many levels.
    See? There are so many reasons NOT to try this at home. lol Plus I’m right-handed and it’s my right shoulder that I dislocated last year so it’s probably not a good time to be doing something that requires that much strength and work. I should maybe take up needlepoint….nah, I’d just bleed all over everything….sigh…

  3. Hey Sistah,
    When I first glanced at “Fact Friday” in my Blogger Reader, I thought it was “Fart Friday”! OMG LOL
    Well of COURSE that’s what you would see you silly thing. honestly….oops, ‘scuze me. ROFL

  4. On Wednesday or Tuesday I ordered the DVD’s for The Man From Snowy River and Return to Snowy River. The Man From Snowy River has some of the best horse scenes that have ever been shot. If you have not seen it then you really should. Really great movie. Had it on VHS and finally decided to get a DVD of it.

    I also ordered Buckaroo Bonzai, the girls used to watched that again and again. I thought I would get it for the grandkids in a DVD. I found a place that sells older movies on DVD’s and am thinking of replacing some of my VHS tapes with the DVD’s, but just the ones I know they are going to watch more then once. I just don’t have the room to keep storing all of these DVD’s or videos. Switching to DVD’s does give you more room then a VHS because the DVD’s are smaller.

    So get to cracking that whip and get some things done around the house. I tried a whip once and I did okay but did hit myself a few times and then decided that I was done. They are very hard to handle and you truly need to wear some boots and chaps if you are going to try using a whip.

    So whip it, whip it good…….

    God bless.
    ooh now chaps just brings to mind a whole ‘nother visual….hmmmm….

  5. I’ve cracked a bull whip but then I was working at a stable and had an expert teach me. I wouldn’t do it today since I’m sure I’ve forgotten all the right moves.

    As a child I always hated playing crack the whip when skating since my older sister made sure I was at the end of the line so she could watch me go flying…
    Okay I’m suitably impressed – I’m stayin away from them – I just know putting me and a bull whip together will equal disaster!

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