Different Day, Same Brain Cramp


There I am at Target in my new smaller shorts and a new smaller tee shirt.  I’m just following my cart around the store looking at this and that.  I felt a little “scratchy”.  I ignored it – I’ve had some mosquito bites lately.  I kept shopping.

My cart and I traveled down one aisle and perused the shelves – nope, didn’t need anything, just wanted to look.  A lady walked by me and stared at my legs.  I thought to myself, “well that’s bizarre.”  I kept shopping.

Over to the cosmetics aisle to pick up some nail polish remover.  Itchy  feeling on my back again – I reached around and tried to scratch as best I could.  Then something else caught my eye and the cart and I moved on. 

Traversed the books/movies section – this young kid looked at me and said something to his mom.  I was now starting to freak out.  I looked down – no – my clothes were not on backwards – what the heck is going on here?

I took my cart to the check-out lane and the nice lady and I chatted away while she smiled at me and rang up my purchases.

I drove home and brought stuff inside.  Some of it had to go upstairs so up those stairs I went, bags in hand.  The nail polish remover went into the bathroom – and as I went to open the doors to the double pantry closet in our bathroom (they are mirrored doors) I realized why I itched and why everyone was looking and smiling. 

Yes, there hanging out of the bottom of my new shorts was the tag I had forgotten to take off.  And in the back of my tee shirt yup there was the tag hanging off that, too. 

It is now official.  I have lost my mind.  At least I was entertainment for the shoppers at Target so I guess there was no harm.  I’m sure none of my 11 faithful readers have ever done this – maybe one tag – but tags hanging off everything you’re wearing??  sigh…

13 thoughts on “Different Day, Same Brain Cramp

  1. LOL…I’ve done that too.

    This does remind me of the time that I went to work wearing my shirt inside out. It was hanging up in the closet from where I put it after it was washed, and I never even looked to make sure the buttons were on the outside. Needless to say, the gals at work and I still joke about it to this day.

    I love your blog!
    Hi Sparrow – Nice to see you! That’s so funny about your shirt – I bet many of us have done that – I wore a hoodie sweater backwards – got to where I was going and realized I had 3 buttons inside the front top of sweater and they were supposed to be on the outside. We’re just busy women sweetie so we don’t always notice. LOL

  2. ROFL! SNORT! ahem, sorry. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ok really, I’m sorry;-) I swear if I ever see you with tags hanging out of your clothes or have them on inside out or backwards I will NOT point and snicker. I’ve already done that today! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (I’m going to pay for this aren’t I?)
    nah – it’s okay to laugh and point and snicker – coz I’m such a dork and I know it! I usually have DS do a “clothing” check before I go anywhere – honestly!

  3. Oh thank GOD it was just tags. I thought you had something crawling on you and no one told you!!!! How dreadful would that be?!?!?! Whew!

    Well, you can comfort yourself with the fact that at least nothing was “showing”. It’s not like you forgot to button all the buttons on your shirt (I know my fellow nursing mom graduates have been there, right?) or zip your zipper (which once happened to me at a client’s home!).

    ewww if something had been crawlin’ on me I’d have really freaked out! Guess we all lose our brains once in awhile. 😉

  4. Sheeesh, Sistah. What next?
    I once ran into a friend at the Rite Aid (she was in her mid-50s. Hardly old). I noticed she was wearing her glasses…but the frames had NO LENS! I asked her about this and she ws just mortified.
    Talk about having a Senior Moment!
    Hey Sistah – thx for the mid-50s reminder….snort…no I have never misplaced the lenses in my glasses – otherwise I’d be running into walls. That’s even beyond my level of dorkiness and I’m pretty bad. LOL

  5. Ohhh don’t feel bad. I will try to make you feel better.

    Once while driving to work I observed a lady walking on the sidewalk and every time she moved her right leg I saw something … flapping … askew? I was curious. Was she walking an oddly shaped dog? Was she unknowingly being followed by a swarm of bees?

    As I got closer with my car I suddenly realized she must have put on pants that still had a pair of pantyhose in them from previous wear. Every time she took a step, the big long leg of the hose would flip out, forward, around and back … step, flip, flap, flop… step, flip, flap … you get the idea. Oh that I had not been in rush hour traffic … I would have stopped to tell her!

    See? You are INFINITELY more sane than you think 😉
    hi sweetie – thanks for commenting. That is absolutely hysterical!! Hard to believe she couldn’t feel it, although I felt the tags and STILL didn’t realize what they were. It’s a good thing I don’t wear pantyhose any more isn’t it? LOL

  6. I remember to remove the tags but I don’t always remember to tear off that 6″ long size sticker Target sticks on their clothing and I will walk around letting everyone know what size I wear. That’s what happens when one avoids looking in mirrors.
    Hey bb – funny u should mention that long Target sticker…I was on my way to car shop this morning and looked down and noticed one of those stickers on the tee shirt I was wearing – thankfully before anyone saw it. Is it the water we’re drinking? Is it a government conspiracy? ROFL Oh what is ahead of me? yikes I hate to think. 😉

  7. I had bought a pair of shorts and the extra button that they give you wrapped in plastic was tied to the zipper, and silly me forgot to remove it before I wore them. Also I have walked around with a smiley sticker on the back of my pants which I know that one of my lovely kidlets must of put there. And once my youngest had a dryer sheet stuck to her shirt on the inside, I went to go have lunch with her and she kept complaining that she was itchy so she went to the school nurse for some anti-itch creme and when we went to lift up her shirt there was the dryer sheet..
    I’m beginning to feel I’m in good company here….lol

  8. Oh my goodness, between your post and the comments here I have almost peed my pants because I was laughing so hard. My two oldest grandsons are spending the night and I am suprised they have not come out of the bedroom to see why their grandma is laughing out loud.

    Although I laughed at the pants upzipped thing and then a few weeks later I take another grandson to his Karate class and get home and see my pants were unzipped the whole time. Now I am thinking I better start checking any new clothes. It is those CRS moments we have that just keep us so entertained.

    Now I gotta go to the bathroom and get a heartburn pill. What the hell happened to our bodies once we got past 40 or was it 35, it was so long ago, I can’t freaking remember.

    God bless.

    If I recall correctly (and I rarely do) I posted something about having my pants unzipped and showing the world my striped Target undies….this aging stuff just bites. lol

  9. Thanks so much for making me laugh first thing this morning. A great way to start the day! (so glad it’s not just “me”!)
    So glad I could provide a giggle for you!! 😉

  10. hahaha awww they prob thought you stole all of it
    Yikes it would have been funny if the alarms had been triggered! geez. New blog set up yet?

  11. Haha yes it would have been a good laugh if the alarms were trigged..and yes ma’am…my personal blog is : awkwaard.wordpress.com – check it out!!

    loooking forward to your next post…

  12. Not one tag but two??

    Never done that but when I used to wear nice shoes I had a ‘driving’ shoe that I put on when I got into the car. One day I jumped out of the car and ran across the street and then realized I hadn’t taken off the driving shoe. Long walk back to the car.
    Oh yeah – top and bottom. I always do it right! LOL.. Hey, I once wore a pair of shoes that still had the cardboard liner in them and wondered why they were uncomfortable. snort!

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