I Simply Can’t Help Myself…Oy Vey

I admit it.  I have this morbid fascination with the Real Housewives of NY.  I can’t stop watching.  I can’t help myself.  It’s becoming a sickness.  Just when I think they can’t possibly be more shallow….they pull another stunt and I am flabbergasted at these non-3 dimensional beings.  Simply flabbergasted.

Yes, I watched the season finale last week.  Yes this coming week I will watch the reunion because I saw the trailer and watched Jill as she pulled the melodrama out her wazoo and stalked off the stage muttering something about not being able to take this any more.

I don’t know if I can take it any more either, Jill.  All of you are social-climbing, status seeking, greedy, self-centered, unbelievably cruel and vicious women — none of whom I would EVER want to be my friend.  My friends would never act as you do.  Never. 

Okay, I’m just a teensy bit jealous of the glamour part – the clothes and the constant champagne flowing – but the catfights are horrific.  One minute the gals are having lunch and suddenly they’re all screaming at one another.  Get off the air and go do something truly good with your scads of money and quit bitching at one another. 

And now Bethenny has her own show starting — she has a baby and a new husband….omg can it get any worse?  Will we be subjected to a spin-off of the Countess’s new singing career because, frankly, I would rather suck a diet pepsi through my nose.   Although of all the women, I like Alex the best — I think she’s a rather nice lady, a tad naive,  who wants to be in the “papers” wearing her pretty clothes and doesn’t have a clue how to handle the sharks she hangs out with.

And yet….I can’t tear myself away from this disaster.  What does that say about me?

I am so happy to be a Real Housewife of Ohio – we’re calmer, we don’t mind wearing non-couture clothing, and we don’t spend all our time at swanky restaurants yelling at each other — crap we’re lucky to be able to get a table at the local Cracker Barrel.  And eating that comfort starchy food forces you to be happy as you are too overloaded on carbs to be angry with anyone.

But I am compelled to watch them disintegrate little by little and wonder how low they will stoop and how long I will be fascinated by this strange creature known as a Real Housewife of NY.  I find very little real there at all…then again I know like any other quasi-reality show,  much of it is staged and the producers show you what they want you to see… still…if that’s any indication of life in NY, I’m staying here in the Midwest.  sigh…


63 thoughts on “I Simply Can’t Help Myself…Oy Vey

  1. Never seen this one but it gets alot of press. From your post I can see why.
    It is disgustingly addictive — I think it shows me how blessed I am to have a “normal” life without all the trappings of wealth – these women just want more and more. Ack. I feel like Green Acres…”just give me the simple life.”

  2. I don’t mean to come off like I am holier than thou, but this post reeks of hypocrisy.

    You watch the show for the same reason people read gossip, and love to watch a train wreck. So they you can feel morally superior to the people they are bashing. I really wish there was more compassion in the world. If you don’t like them, change the channel. You want them to take their money and change the world? Or make it better? What do you think a blog post like yours does? Does it make the world a better place? I don’t think it does. Perhaps you could follow your own advice and use your blog to make the world a more compassionate place, instead of perpetuating hate.
    Oh my – I didn’t delete this comment coz I think you have the right to speak your mind. But I also have the right to set you straight sweetie. I’m not bashing anyone – this is a “humor” blog – it’s satirical and sometimes caustic, but it’s my sense of humor and take on things. To use your words…If you don’t like it, don’t read my blog. LOL If you knew me you would realize I never perpetuate hate. So come down from the pulpit and just chill out a little. I’m “over the top” on this posting just to have some fun – but that show is over the top, too. Now get your little knickers out of their twist and let’s be friends. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I started blogging about the Real Housewives of NYC but got tired of the drama and cat-fights. Though I still like Jill even though she’s accumulated at lot of haters. I’m over it, on to New Jersey. And all the best to Bethenny!
    I don’t like New Jersey for some reason – can’t get into them. Hmmm don’t know why. I may watch Bethenny’s new show just to see how she did w/the hubs and the new baby. Maybe those experiences will help her chill out a little bit. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. oh, I am addicted to the whole collection of “The Real Housewives of…” I agree, I love/hate them all and just can’t turn away from the trainwrecks they create every week!!
    Simple fun for the rest of us “poor folk”. ROFL

  5. I love it! Those women fascinate me, I never know what’s going to happen next. Jerry Seinfeld recently said about Housewives, “Why would you stick your head in that toilet?” It’s a guilty pleasure.
    Thanks for stopping by – I’m just one of the millions of people out there who get such a kick out of watching rich people meltdown in public. It is a guilty pleasure. I’m a little embarrassed that WordPress picked this posting to put on their home page – now the whole world knows I’m a pathetic wretch who can’t tear herself away from the NYC houswife catfights. Normally only my 11 faithful readers would have discovered this. sigh…

  6. I’ve been a victim of Reality TV Obsession. Luckily, I no longer have cable and have since beat my addiction. I don’t think any of us will ever be able to understand why we love watching shows about other people and their problems (or money…or both).
    I cannot get rid of cable – ack, I’d sooner donate an organ then give up cable. That would mean I would miss True Blood on HBO coming up soon (tacky vampire show) and all the other time-wasting shows out there. That would mean I might actually have to go back to making a living at something or doing something useful and we just can’t have that. No ma’am. LOL Thanks for stopping by!

  7. My goodness, do I hear you. I don’t seek these shows out, but once I find them — can’t. Look. Away.

    At least I’ve been able to limit myself to the New York and New Jersey flavors. I do not need Atlanta, Orange County, and goodness knows what else invading my living room with their drama, antics, black American Express cards, and table-tossing! 😉

    Although, I must say, if the Real Housewives of Ohio were to gather at the local swanky restaurant and start yelling … wouldn’t they be asked to leave?
    Hi! Thanks for dropping in – let me start with admitting that this perverted addiction of mine started with the Real Housewives of OC – I actually liked most of those ladies, Jenna in particular because she, at least, seemed somewhat real. Then it got so snarky and I got tired of the same old arguments I tuned it out. I tried the ladies of Atlanta but they didn’t interest me, nor did New Jersey, but those beatches of NY – I’m totally hooked and have to DVR it when I can’t watch – how pathetic is that?! As to the housewives caterwauling in a restaurant in OH, you better believe they would be asked to leave and pronto! Cracker Barrel doesn’t take kindly to nonsense outta their customers. LOL

  8. It’s the back-stabbing cat fights that keep me from watching the “reality” shows. In my world people, let alone Friends, don’t behave like that. I like it here in my little world:)
    I dunno – it’s like the train wreck you simply can’t tear your eyes away from – bizarre. I would NEVER hang out with people like these women.

  9. Yeah it’s not (I mean it isn’t, it always sounds like I’m saying It’s snot) it isn’t reality TV. It’s reality-ish. Me, I’m not a user. I have no time for that kind of nonsense and trivial matters to “while away my time”. I’d like to think I’m much more solid and level thinking than that. That’s why I’m glued to the TV watching everything I can that has to end days and 2012 and AHMYGOODNESS the oil spill is the Revelation boken seal where one-third of the seas turn to blood and we’re ALL GOING TO DIE!! Or, I’m watching Animal Planet.

    I have no use for such things. Isn’t the premise that it is supposed to be real – reality?

    PS: I’m a new visitor to your blog. Your blog is featured on WordPress today. How did you do that?
    Welcome to my blog dahlink – thanks for dropping by. There’s nothing on tv that doesn’t upset me or drag me into something somehow – I was watching Animal Planet (thought it was mild) and here comes a crocodile outta the water and eats some poor wildebeast. I about tossed up my Weight Watcher cookies. Ack. Then there is the Discover Channel where I discover entirely too much — and don’t start me on The History Channel with Hitler marching this way or Hitler marching that way. Gah….gimme my housewives! How’d I get to be featured today? Beats the puddin’ outta me, but it sure is nice coz I get to meet so many new wonderful friends this way! Cheers!

  10. I’ve never watched this show…maybe I should! LOL!
    The reunion show for this season is this week and maybe they’ll do reruns then. Or you might try hulu.com and see if you can find it there. I’m telling you – it’s a scream. Literally. 😉 Thanks for visiting my humble blog!

  11. crap we’re lucky to be able to get a table at the local Cracker Barrel.

    LOL!!! LOVE this line!!! True here in my life also. I don’t watch the show…but this was a great blog!!
    Hi sweetie – thanks for coming on over to see me. Glad I could make you smile. Come back anytime!! 😉

  12. I’m a HUGE fan of these shows, so I totally get it. I don’t care what anyone says, I will always watch.
    You and me sistah, you and me. Don’t talk to me when the Wives are on. Don’t call, coz it will go to voicemail. And don’t EVEN think of walking in front of my tv. Snap. LOL Thanks for visiting!

  13. Hi, found you on WordPress’s front page! I am with you. I can’t tear myself away! My poor husband, lol. I have to say, in addition to Alex, I like Bethany too. If I had to hang out with any of them, I’d choose Bethany. Alex is just a tad…”out there” for me. The one who scares me the most though is Kelly. Holy. crap. Girl is crazy.
    Thanks for stopping by! I personally think they’re all somewhat crazy. Kelly acts like she’s on drugs half the time. Ramona just goes postal and needs Prozac. Alex can’t seem to follow the conversations. LuAnn thinks she can sing. Jill is just a “ready-fire-aim” kinda gal. And Bethenny gets way too upset way too fast. I dunno – each week one of them surprises me again. And can we talk about Simon? I don’t know where to start, truly I don’t. Snort.

  14. i’m relieved to know i’m not the only one who claims the real housewives shows as a guilty pleasure! it’s awful, i tell you. but i can’t peel my eyes away from the screen either. what a curse. 🙂
    Hi sweetie – thanks for dropping in. It is a curse. And I am totally addicted and need it as my fix. Actors should no longer pay money to go to professional acting classes — they should just watch the Housewives – they’re the real characters! LOL

  15. I am a bit obsessed myself. I can’t stop wondering what is real and what is fake.

    What really gets me is when the producers include scenes that make the women look bad–like when they interviewed the children of the Countess in the first session and the kids conveyed how much they wish their parents would stay home and spend time with them rather than go off socializing and drinking cocktails late into the night. If those were my kids, I would be mortified. Why would a self respecting person act so badly and know it will be shown on the program? I have to think some of it is staged.

    I would love to see these women dining at Cracker Barrel!!
    Hi sweetie – thanks for visiting me! Cracker Barrel would toss these ladies out in the parking lot on their overdressed tushies! Such bad behavior. Yelling and screaming and then Jekyl and Hyde….let’s all make up and have a nice lunch. Ack Ack. Bipolar…schizophrenia…it’s what’s for supper. Sure some is staged-that’s why we watch it because NO ONE can possibly be that horrid. Can they? Or am I just being too Ohio-ish? snort. I still love it!

  16. I try not to watch and next thing I know, there they all are again! It’s so fascinating to watch how two-faced most of these characters are. How we actually have tape of how the situation went down, and they’re still gonna try to spin it in their favor.
    Thanks for your kind visit to my humble blog. Sometimes I wonder what their children think of them on this series and the shenanigans they all pull. Maybe they don’t care coz the money is so good. I still can’t tear myself away when they’re on. Must.Watch.It. 😉

  17. I saw one of them on Huckabee and she said almost all of it is staged and they are nothing like that in real life. I never watch it, I think I only watch the contestant shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. I would rather watch the cable news or the Home and Garden channel. I love seeing how houses look inside and how their gardens look outside. I will never be able to see inside these houses by any other means. Although I know some things are staged but in a good way.

    God bless.
    I’m sure much of it is staged – but why would anyone want to be shown in that light? I mean, they’re horrid almost constantly – I wouldn’t want the world to think of me that way – not for ANY amount of money. I like Home and Garden too and the Food Network (altho now that I’m dieting I try not to watch it anymore coz it makes me hungry).

  18. PS…you still haven’t visited Mrsupole’s Crap site. Seriously you will like this post. You will need help to get up after reading it.

    Oh for the love of….it completely slipped my mind…and I haven’t been visiting my bloggy friends like I should. My apologies – I am truly on my way over there RIGHT NOW! Truly! yikes

  19. I think something really has to be said for people who get addicted to reality TV. I think it’s just a part of human nature for people to watch others do the horrible things that they themselves wouldn’t. And just like with the early auditions on American Idol, viewers like to see people on these shows make fools of themselves.

    I’m curious. What do you think about Jennifer Gilbert getting kicked off the show for not being out there enough with drama?

    Hey there – thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I know, I watch reality tv, therefore, I’m pitiful, pathetic and have no life. I like the train wrecks. Actually it makes me realize how truly blessed I am to live such a normal life with normal friends who don’t treat me like crap and yell at me all the time. And so what if I’m not rich? If that’s what rich is….no thanks. Kicking her off the show just shows how much they want to play up the “over-the-top” parts. Melodrama sells and they need ratings baby! I don’t care — I’ll still watch it. They’re simply hysterical. And this is out there in the world forever. Forever, this is how they will be represented, whether they are like this or not. That’s the sad part. I feel sorry for their kids. I truly do. 🙂

  20. Gives you something to hate on without guilt and makes you appreciate your own life – however frugal by comparison it may be. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Incidentally there is a new one on VH1 based on the daughters and dependents on these sorts of people. Girls who coudlnt possibly live without their ASTROLOGER. More addictive garbage!!!!
    Hi – thanks for coming by to see me. Yes, it’s garbage, I know. But it just gives me such a proverbial kick to watch these women melt down over the dumbest things. My life is infinitely richer than theirs – and I have not got the bucks believe me! I simply can’t stop watching it. Don’t tell me about any more – this is bad enough!!! LOL

  21. I have been a fan of the housewives franchise from day one when it was just the Orange County houswives about five years ago. Then the New York, Atlanta and Jersey shows also appealed to me once they debuted. The only problem that I have with the shows now is that it seems like after the Atlanta season of drama. All the housewives shows of Jersey, New York and Orange County have drama. And I wonder if its fabricated for ratings.

    I remember the first season of the real housewives of New York and their was no drama at all. Maybe minor bickering but not like it is now. Its almost as if after the Atlanta series the producers noticed the attention and ratings and asked all of the other housewives to start crap. Its just crazy what happens now on these shows, but it is entertaining to watch in disbelief and laughter.
    Yep – I watched from the beginnings of the OC ladies and loved them. It does seem that each season get progressively nastier. The first season of NYC was tame by comparison. Staged? Of course to a large extent – they get what they want and edit out the rest. But these ladies knew that when they signed the contracts. Now it’s out there and they all look like horrible social ladder climbers who will step on anyone to get where and what they want. Crap on a crutch…I love it. giggling.

  22. My wife dragged me to the Sex and the City movie, and it was a bomb. An absolute bomb. Didn’t laugh once. I’ve never seen the Real Housewives program you mentioned, but the women look exactly the same as the Sex and the City women, who I didn’t think were anything spectacular.

    The Codger
    Hi Codger – welcome to my humble blog. I’m rather proud to say I have never seen a single episode nor the movie of S&TC – can’t stand Sarah Jessica Parker – so nope won’t watch it. Gimme my NYC housewives. Not the same at all, trust me. LOL

  23. I…I…can’t watch any of those shows. I just can’t. The only difference between the behavior of these women and the women who go on Jerry Springer is the clothing. Not my idea of entertainment.
    Hi sweetie – good comment – I can’t disagree. I don’t watch Jerry Springer coz they’re so trashy. These housewives aren’t far behind in the trash department – it’s just designer trash they’re spewing. 😉

  24. Thank you for owning up to being a card carrying member of the Reality TV Watchers of America. Everybody who has replied that they don’t watch this kind of crap tv is either lying or “wasting their time” on the internet instead. If you’re not watching reality tv then you must live in a cave with no cable because every other show on tv is a reality show. I am proud to say that I LOVE HOUSEWIVES.
    Hi sweetie – thanks for dropping by. It can’t be any worse than all of those who hafta get their daily fix of Oprah or any other show. I just happened to admit to enjoying the nonsense of it all. It’s hysterical stuff.

  25. It really is like a train wreck. You know you shouldn’t look at it; yet there’s something that forces your eyes toward it. I fully admit that my Thursday nights are cleared for Housewives! I’m from Illinois originally, and I think the lure for me is that it’s baffling that these people actually exist. I don’t think I could ever see myself or my mother or any of the women in my life quibbling over the things that are enormous issues in the Housewives’ world.
    I saw ppl like this somewhat during my DC years but it was political AND social scrabbling and I didn’t like it one bit – not my cuppa tea. That’s why I enjoy the show – it’s so alien to me that it’s funny. Glad I’m not the only one. LOL Thanks for coming over to say howdy!

  26. The only Real Housewives I ever saw were the original ones of Orange County, and that was plenty of silicon and spoiled brats for me!
    Oh tut – I love the stuffin’ outta you coz you’re so much better than I. I aspire to be you someday. Really – I’m not being sarcastic – you are such a class act. Me? I still gotta have my head in the toilet and watch this crap. ROFL hugs!

  27. Hilarious! Thanks for the confession. It’s a show that I “hate to love”. Usually I’m cringing as the girls are embarrassing each other with brute honesty or rolling my eyes as they have the most dramatic fights but then kiss each other on both cheeks a minute later. YES! What is up with the Countess’s singing?? I couldn’t believe anyone could muster a step to that song. Nonetheless, I randomly started singing it while I was cleaning the other day…just awful. I must be honest–there is something about Jill that I love!! I know…It’s awful…I sigh with you.
    OMG OMG OMG I caught myself singing that awful song, too. Ack Ack. Who is going to buy this drek? And why can’t I get it out of my head???!!! Okay, so I’m also a closet Jill-lover – shhhhhh! don’t tell anyone. Our little secret. Thanks for stopping by! 😉

  28. Great article – makes me want to watch it! But I won’t, I would rather read your updates.
    Oh great – put the pressure on ME would ya…. LOL Thanks for stopping by to visit my humble blog!

  29. It is like watching a train wreck, you just cannot look away. I totally understand this, I watch the hills sometimes and despite the shallow lives portrayed I cannot stop watching the damn show.
    Thanks for visiting me! Train wreck shows – I’m now hooked on the cheesiest show ever Vampire Diaries. These stupid shows find me and latch onto me and drive me insane. I’m a sad wretch, I am. ROFL

  30. I’ve pulled my head out of the toilet just long enough to say – I, too, am an addict. KKB may be missing her frontal lobe and perhaps Sonja dives too deep into the wine bottle but no one is perfect. If you did watch New Jersey, Theresa, who spent gazillions of bucks all the time, said she had a money tree in the backyard. Apparently said tree has been removed as it was revealed today that she and hubby are 11 million dollars in the hole. Whatev.
    Oh iz – thank you so much for coming forward to join me here in the toilet water. I saw an article in paper about Theresa filing bankruptcy – but look at what she was spending – holey moley – I simply can’t concieve of the waste and how come no one has said a word so far…not ONE WORD about the fact at least two of these women in the picture are wearing what looks to be real fur. I’m surprised there is no PETA outrage. I don’t really care….just wondered. I just love the shallowness of it all. Me, EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, popcorn, the couch, and my Wives. Divine evening dahlink! giggling

  31. I don’t watch reality TV because it’s not about reality – it’s about show business – and because it features, and rewards, some extraordinarily unpleasant people. The “Housewives” format attracts would-be performers who are self-centered, self-dramatizing exhibitionists seeking celebrity at any cost. The women who are actually hired are the worst of this unappealing lot – shameless, and utterly lacking in self-awareness – which is to say, those most likely to engage in deplorable behavior in front of a camera. They remind me of desperate children who can only get attention by engaging in tantrums or kicking their younger siblings.

    Off-topic postscript: Your golden retriever is adorable!
    Hi sweetie – thanks for stopping by. I certainly can’t disagree with you – it IS show business and it is deplorable – much like Jon & Kate and however many and now she’s coming back (oh someone just put me into a strait jacket so I don’t have to beat myself to death if I see this one) to do Kate + 8. I hate it when they exploit the kids. But the adults know better – and I can’t stop watching the downward spiral. It’s simply too funny. Thanks for your sweet comment on my EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer. She’s a pistol, that one! 😉

  32. I am addicted as well! Concerning some of your readers comments “why watch if you hate it so much”…i wrote a blog about something similar a little while back…you should tell the naysayers to check it out – maybe it will give them some insight, haha.

    Link: http://jpsaysalot.blogspot.com/2010/01/reality-tv-is-so-bad-that-its-so-good.html

    and I get your humor, and find it fantastic!
    Thank you – and thanks for your visit – u may be my new best friend. snort. I actually have 11 faithful readers who DO get my particular brand of humor. And because not all “get me” I do allow some of the not-so-kind comments to filter through so I can explain it to them…not that I should have to explain myself…I always find it sad they don’t get that I’m just goofing around and wouldn’t harm a fly. I’ll come check out that post! 😉

  33. why do we get so addicted to other peoples lives and lifestyles…. i guess is the same for those who follow our blogs… are we funny to them or strange….
    oh well… it is what it is…

    because we’re all pathetic and pitiful little creatures who think snotty-nosed snobs catfighting can be entertaining? That’s why I watch. I enjoy it. I probably will need a 12-step program sometime in the future but for now I’m gonna keep on watching! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  34. Oh! I’ve watched that show too. I also got addicted to “the bad girl’s club”…all I have to say to that is god why lol
    I watched that one once and said, No I can’t do this one, nope, not at all, I would hafta get out there and slap the crap outtta them! LOL 😉

  35. “Now get your little knickers out of their twist and let’s be friends.”

    LOL your a hoot! Hugs, great post as always! Love you!
    Hi baby – I love you too! I really wanted to ask her why she wasn’t pitching a fit about the ladies wearing fur but decided to leave well enough alone. Honestly there’s always one in the bunch who just doesn’t get it’s HUMOR. Get over yourself. blah blah blah. snort. I miss you! We need a chat soon! hugs!

  36. Well, I have to tell you a secret, so let’s keep it between us, okay? I have a friend who went on an interview as Jill’s real-life assistant, and she quit after two weeks. She says Jill is exactly the way the show depicts. Now, hush up. Don’t tell anyone.
    SHUT UP!!! That’s so funny. Jill is exactly like my last boss – I just wanted to slap her sometimes she was so snarky to “the help”. Secret’s safe here – nobody reads this blog anyway. ROFL I’m so glad u stopped by!

  37. You actually inspired me to finally move my personal blog (this is work)from blogspot to wordpress…I’m going to be moving my publishing my realty tv post tomorrow… I’m def going to subscribe to you, so if you see Jenna, awkwaard or Wait, What? That’s me 🙂
    I doubt I’m the inspiration, but I’m happy to hear the outcome and will definitely come visit you as soon as you get established. Make sure to leave me a comment about where you end up sweetie. Oh…and looks like we have a Knight in Shining Armor appearing to ‘knock’ me on the ground for this blog — I need to go take care of him now so I’ll talk to you later dahlink. snort. 🙂

  38. I’m proud to be a fan of the Real Housewives of NJ. Couldn’t stand any of the other Housewife shows though. (That said, I did sit through the entire second season of Atlanta.) Don’t be too quick to judge these women though, as I’m sure they’re actually quite different from the “real” characters they portray on television. I’d imagine most of their days are sent doing what the upwardly-mobile, metropolitan rich do: sit in traffic a lot, and work on maintaining their wealth. Endless talks with accountants, managers, lawyers, life coaches, etc. I’m still pretty sure avoiding all that is your best bet.
    Hi and thanks for dropping by. I’m not trying to be judgmental here – just over the top humorous – looking at the absurdity of it all frankly. That’s why I enjoy it so much – it’s just so overdone. I mean them no ill will whatsoever and I’m happy they are happy with their lives. Truly. Making fun of the absurd is simply what I do – some enjoy it; some don’t. Last time I checked that was a good thing because it keeps us a democracy with all of us entitled to our own opinions, comments, and displays of humor. I appreciate your comment.

  39. I’m gonna go ahead and jump up in defense of MelaniRae, though I don’t know her at all.
    I had the same reaction to your post here about my favorite women. You act like they’re horrid women and horrible people, and you who do nothing but sit around eating Weight Watcher cookies and tending to the line at Cracker Barrel bathing in God’s holy light. I understand, now, that you were simply trying to be funny.

    But the humor didn’t come across for me. This post IS full of hypocrisy, and sometimes it is down right mean. Even these 37 other comments before me are tinged with hate towards these women. You watch the show because you love them in some capacity, whether its because part of you wants to be them or because part of you wishes Bravo would wake up and see the quality of the glamorous Ohio lifestyle.

    You don’t watch something because of how much you hate it. And even if you don’t hate it in reality, bring that reality to this post, and then maybe you wouldn’t create tension.

    Unless of course this post is your form of an audition tape for the show itself. I’m sure your response to this post would have certainly made for a Ramona/Bethenny Brooklyn Bridge style conversation.
    Wow – I allowed your comment for the simple reason that underneath all your words of supposed defense to the other commenter, you are really snarky. My post was not full of hypocrisy – it was satirical humor – and by all the other comments I’m not the one causing the tension sweetie. Your last comment that this is my audition tape was a cheap shot. You didn’t get the post or the humor at all and that’s okay. Humor is different things to different people. But don’t talk “God’s holy light” at me coz you’re barking up the wrong tree. None of us “hate” these women – we are poking fun at the totally over the top way they behave, that’s all. Your feeble attempt at sarcasm of the “quality of the glamorous Ohio lifestyle” is just sad. Lighten up – it was a poke at a reality show, nothing more, nothing less. Like the other commenter said if I don’t like the show I shouldn’t watch it…well may I advise you…if you don’t enjoy my particular brand of humor, don’t visit again just to pick me apart and leave me ugly remarks. So get off your lil high horse and let’s be friendly here. Thanks for stopping by, though – I do welcome diverse opinions. I’m not one to demand everyone agree with me.

  40. Sis, You slay me: “Now get your little knickers out of their twist and let’s be friends. Thanks for stopping by.”

    Cronie, to be honest with you, I’ve never seen a single episode of this show. I WAS hopelessly hooked on Sex and the City, and Six Feet Under. Wah. I miss those shows.

    Keep up the good work, girl.
    Hi bb – don’t start now – you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about. It’s really a nonsense show but it makes me laugh at the way all these hysterics are staged. The commenter prior to you took me to task too. Gee, am I really that mean? (sarcasm dripping) snort. She can bite me in my Weight Watcher-slimmed butt. ROFL Love you, mean it.

  41. LOL
    Can’t we all just get along?
    QUICK – join hands and sing it with me Kumbaya….. snort

  42. Why are people taking the post so personally? The viewers love to hate the women, but we love them too. Obviously there are nice things about them or else we wouldn’t watch.

    I was thinking about seeing Alex’s and Simon’s grungy home in Brooklyn in Season One. I loved that because that WAS real despite all of the social climbing we see. My favorite parts are when we see the real people shining through beyond the characters. And we all know that these people are sitting at a boardroom table in between seasons and plotting the next season’s twists and turns together.
    Oh sweetie – it’s no big deal – some people just get their panties in a knot and have to blame everything on the one whose poking fun at someone or something. Different strokes for different folks. Let them have their say – won’t change the way I write I can guarantee you that. LOL It’s Television for cryin’ out loud. 😉

  43. I blog about the NJ cast, omg I love them! Have a great night and have a great reunion show!
    I guess I’m gonna hafta tune into that one and give it another try! Thanks sweetie – you have a great night too!

  44. I am ready to start a Real Housewives recovery group, using the 12 step programs. I watch it and flip the channel when my husband comes in because it is so bad it is good. I am ashamed to admit that it is what I watch because those women are so disgusting. It is like being a gawker at a car accident. I talk out loud to them as they dramatize their stupid lives, I don’t even envy their parties or their clothes because they have the most narcissistic , egotistical lives I can even imagine. And where does the countess get off thinking she knows anything about manners??
    Add me to your group sweetie – I have got to get away from this show! LOL Thanks for your comment!

  45. Have you read Richard Russo’s That old Cape Magic? Not sure why I thought of it.
    Fun post.
    No, I haven’t so obviously I now need to look that up! Thanks for stopping by to chat! 🙂

  46. I just had to read all of these comments since I am not used to more then the eleven of us commenting here. And now I have discovered that you are a total hypocrite and a mean one at that. Oh and that all of us who have commented here are also hypocrites and mean ones too. LOL.

    I am not sure how someone can call you or any of us that if they do not even know us or are just judging us and you on one or two posts. I went back to see what I had written that was tinged with hate, and honestly I could not find anything. If any comment was tinged with hate, it was the comment saying that about the rest of us, and the one that person was so called defending. Every other comment was pretty much saying that they liked the show even though they did not know why they watched it.

    Who really gives a crap if everyone likes it or not. If we all liked to watch the same thing then there would only be one station, showing the same show that we all would be watching, because we all only love that one show. Diversity is what makes us such wonderful people and we cannot all be the same. There is a show from the “Outer Limits” about how terrible it would be if everyone looked and acted exactly the same way.

    I for one think that you are entitled to your opinion, as are the two complaining about you, and you are such a nice person to leave their comments for us all to read. Well since the second one complains about all of us anyway then we should be able to read it. This is why I am compelled to defend all of us.

    We have this thing called “Freedom of Speech” in America and so we can choose to like or dislike something and then we can choose to write about it or not write about it. Then others can write about it if they like or dislike what we wrote and it can just keep going on and on. Oh how much I love this Free Speech thing we have here.

    And with my right to free speech I am now saying that I hope you continue to bask in the light of the Lord, and that you freely write about what you like and what you dislike. That way I can have a free choice to laugh at it or not laugh at it. And since I always seem to laugh at it then I must have the same, uh, what is it snarky, hypocritical, mean, hateful attitude that you have. Oh how much I love being this way and what can I say, it is the way I roll. HAHA.

    Okay, I am just playing here and you know how “nice” I truly am. Wait until Auntie sees this post. She is even nicer than I am. And we reserve the right to defend you until our dying day cause we are one of your eleven faithful readers.

    Anyway, I am so glad you finally got to see the crap that I posted and I knew you would like it. Although I do wish you had taken a picture of them hanging and you could have posted on the crap site about it. But then again, I can just look in the mirror and see them hanging if I want to. LOL

    Oh and you can delete this after you read it, so as to not offend any of your other eleven faithful readers because I have worried that the crappy post might offend someone who has fallen and cannot get back up.

    Dang it I better stop now or else you will get a book and I have been so good lately about not writing books. And you would truly win at any audition that you went to cause that is how you roll, well at least you do when you are ROFLYAO!!!!!!

    God bless.
    Hello swee’pea – For al the times I think about closing this blog and pressing on with other things, I look at comments from you and realize why I do what I do. Yes, you are one of my faithful and I’m honored to call you one of my friends, too. You make me laugh – and we have shared plenty of tears together and yet we’ve never met. I am so in favor of Diversity – you know that – and I’m not mean or hateful, okay I’ll concede to a tad caustic at times, but that’s how my sense of humor works. It gets sarcastic and over the top mostly to prove a point – that we’re in the midst of some very funny and ridiculous things, people, times, whatever the topic may be. Thank you for always coming to my defense and the defense of all of us who believe in free speech. I imagine those who were unkind in their comments are a bit surprised that I published them – hey, I can take criticism – that’s what you get when you put humor out there because what is funny to you may be offensive to someone else. But you and I both know I am NEVER intentionally offensive here – that’s not me at all. So those who don’t like me have the freedom to click on another blog – that’s what’s so great about America. Love you, mean it. 😉

  47. How the hell do you generate all of this traffic to your blog?!! I wanna know!
    Oh honey, if I knew that I’d be such a rich woman…just like those housewives! LOL I’d tell ya if I knew – I don’t know why sometimes WordPress picks me – may be the topic, may be a random blog generator, beats the stuffin’ outta me. But I’ll take it – coz I love to talk to all the folks who comment. So, thanks for dropping in even if all you wanted to know was how to do what I did. Have a gr8 day!!

  48. Yes, I believe MTv has created a monster with The Hills… the reality show that is actually not reality but very badly acted soap… take these shows for what they are entertainment.
    Hi and thanx for stopping by – I’ve actually never seen The Hills but I’ve heard it’s every bit as bad as some of the stuff I watch – and just as entertaining. LOL

  49. OH you….you….hypocritical Cracker Barrel line tending God’s holy light bathing weight watcher cookie eating monster!!! You’re just a monster, I say……a monster!!

    hehehe……I actually love the snarky comments you got because they tell me a lot about those people and their pent up anger. I’ll bet they even have horribly dysfunctional junk drawers hidden in various places in their home and no one is the wiser. They probably even love to get involved in the drama of a satirical funny blog post every once in a while even though it’s nothing but a train wreck in Ohio. *wink*
    Hello babycakes – can I stir up the pot or what? snort. Such fun replying to over 50 comments. Ouch my fingers hurt. But I’m not complaining! It was really fun listening to the two spout off at me for being hypocritical and all the other nonsense they said – aaaaaah biteth me I say! LOL I still have my 11 faithful readers thankfully – Love ya sweetie! xo

    love ya!!

  50. Wow, suck a diet Pepsi through your nose? That sounds kinda painful… 😉
    Pepsi or no Pepsi, this post was absolutely hilarious. I agree with every last satirical word.
    Thanks for stopping by – I’m glad I could make you smile a bit. Cheers.

  51. Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya….
    ROFL wait, we’re outta key…. and the snark continues – I’ll FB you – had to block someone. Honestly, I wish people would just get off their high horses and have a little fun now and then. snort. Ok, resume singing…wait why is EmmaLou howling? giggles

  52. Linda-

    nicely done- I have just seen a few minutes of them- like an accident
    you don’t want to look at, but hard to look away. Jill ( I think) was
    complaining about her new Mercedes SUV her husband purchased won’t
    work with her IPhone. I don’t begrudge anyone anything, but a little
    gratitude goes a long way. Have a good day.
    Thanks! And thanks for dropping in and leaving a kind comment. I don’t begrudge anyone anything either – I just laugh at their so-over-the-top antics. I hope your day is fabulous sweetie. Cya.

  53. I for one do not watch the show, but I don’t need to see the show to agree with you that these women are indeed shallow. I can just look at the picture above and that SAYS IT ALL. Unless those coats they are wearing are faux fur, these women go way beyond shallow. How about heartless with no soul? I am sure that they are fully aware of the suffering these animals endure in the name of “fashion.” The truth is that these animals die a slow agonizing death. Many of them try to escape the traps by gnawing their limbs and end up bleeding to death. Shallowness is too kind of a word. Anyone who chooses to wear dead animals should actually see the entire process (start to finish) of where their fur coat comes from. I for one think it is important to be a good role model for future generations by NOT wearing fur. Moreover, can you imagine torturing your dog and then wearing him (or her) simply to make a fashion statement??? No thanks!! So for this reason alone, I will not be tuning into the show. Instead I’ll watch another reality show called “Whale Wars,” and it’s on Animal Planet. Fortunately, there are still some good people out there who are truly making a difference.
    Hi Donna – thanks for dropping by and thanks for bringing up the fur issue. I truly am astonished that no one jumped on this before – I even hinted at it. I’m not a fur-wearer – I love my fur-child and would hate to think someone would “skin” her just to make a coat, so I’m with ya on this issue. I’m not a card-carrying member of PETA though because like GreenPeace I think they go way too far overboard trying to make a point and it gets out of control and dangerous – but that’s a different discussion for a different blog. I’m just happy you stopped in. Have a fab day!

  54. In reply to:
    Oh my – I didn’t delete this comment coz I think you have the right to speak your mind. But I also have the right to set you straight sweetie. I’m not bashing anyone – this is a “humor” blog – it’s satirical and sometimes caustic, but it’s my sense of humor and take on things. To use your words…If you don’t like it, don’t read my blog. LOL If you knew me you would realize I never perpetuate hate. So come down from the pulpit and just chill out a little. I’m “over the top” on this posting just to have some fun – but that show is over the top, too. Now get your little knickers out of their twist and let’s be friends. Thanks for stopping by.

    As you were featured on the freshly pressed this post was the first and only post I have read on your blog. I didn’t realize this was suppose to be a humor blog, or that the post was suppose to be funny. Hence my comment, a direct answer to a direct question you posed in the post. I wasn’t preaching, nor were my panties in a twist. I just like a little philosophical debate. Obviously, this is not the blog for such things. My apologies.

    Good grief – no harm, no foul. You don’t need to apologize – just don’t be so quick to judge one single post if you haven’t read any others in a blog – and go off on a rant about someone else’s “hypocrisy” – we’re all friends here sweetie and you’re welcome back anytime. I occasionally get philosophical too – yes, I’m smart enough to discuss the events of the day (see? there’s that caustic humor of mine leaking out again – can’t help it.) I did a great post about the state of our country when we kick out a military man who has served overseas to proudly kept the rest of us free just because he’s gay. So I don’t laugh at everything. Trust me. We’re good.

  55. omg. I just read this and I find myself in the same situation hahaha! I can’t stand it, I find it rediculous, yet.. Im drawn to it, and yes every once in a while envy all the glamour… what is with these shows!?
    Hi and thanks for stopping by. I think it’s the outrageousness of it all. Why do people buy trashy magazines? They want to “see” something bad. It’s just nonsense but I get a kick out of the show because these women are living in the lap of luxury and still they’re not happy and end up fighting all the time. The shows are played for their entertainment value and to increase ratings – more catfights = more ratings. It’s all a game. 🙂

  56. Ohh all of the “Real Housewives of…” series are an addiction of mine. I have trouble keeping up with it weekly due to work/social situations, but when there is a marathon on, of ANY of them, I am glued. For hours on end. I thought this was a really funny post, and was well written! 🙂
    Hi sweetie – MARATHON oh yeah I’m right there with ya! Snort – I watched a marathon of NY the other day until finally my eyes glazed over and EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer had to give me a big ole doggie slurpy smoochie to bring me back to reality — the REAL reality. LOL Thanks for your kind visit!

  57. I have never watched or seen any of the Housewife series, nor have I watched any “reality” show that is until Jerseylicious came out,Yes I know a lot of the drama on that show is staged for the purpose of ratings etc, And yes these type of shows can be very addicting.I for one love your sense of humor and those that have their knickers in a bunch should read more of this blog than judge you over 1 particular post. Hugs and smooches my dear crone love ya MWAH!!
    Hi baby – I love you too. And the lady I accused of having her knickers in a twist came back and apologized so we’re gonna cut her some slack. But the other one who piped up in her defense wrote a really VICIOUS blogpost about me and entitled it SNARKY BITCH. I was flabbergasted at the uglyness of her blog posting – really hardcore vicious – so I have blocked her from this site and if she keeps this harassment up or slanders my name again I WILL report her nasty actions to WordPress people. Really, people get so ugly for no reason. Thanks for your kind remarks – I know you’re one of my faithful! Did ya get my email? xoxo

  58. Sheesh. When I saw your FB comment I had to come back. Some people just have too much time on their hands. Great debate girlie. Holy cow! 58 commenters….and you answered each one thoughtfully.

    Off to tie my knickers in a knot to see if I like the feeling.
    I had fun with it. And we know that not every one can agree with me – what a boring world that would be! But don’t attack me either, coz I won’t stand for it. I try to be kind to all those who comment and respect their rights to their own opinions. And the first lady came back and said she didn’t realize mine was a humor blog and she apologized and I thought that took guts and I liked it. The second lady (and I use the term loosely) posted a horribly nasty ugly scathing blog post right here on WordPress all about me and she entitled it Snarky Bitch. I’m tempted to report her to WordPress – I’m still thinking about it. I did send her a comment to let her know I and others fully realize she has no talent. Honestly. Give them an inch and they’ll snark all over you sometimes. LOL I can take it. I’m a blogger. Snort! Love you!

  59. I LOVE the Real Housewives, and Bethenny is my favorite, I can’t lie. But you’re right, it makes me glad that NONE of my friends are like this, because why would you surround yourself with people that treat you one way one day and the next day they hate you?? It’s worse than High school!

    I will have to tell you though, you calling True Blood a “tacky Vampire Show” stung a little bit….! How Dare You! I just realized that the characters in True Blood, and half of them are vampires, act more human and believable than Real Housewives…! At least you know why they’re stabbing each other in the back, they’re vampires!
    Hey – thanks for stopping by – and ya know what – I retract my “tacky” description of True Blood – although it is getting a little grosser each season – I love it to death!!! LOL I must admit I like the Charlaine Harris books better, but I can’t wait for the season premiere of True Blood next week. You are so funny – “you know why they’re stabbing each other in the back, they’re vampires!” I agree 100% sweetie! 😉

  60. Wow!!!! How did I miss all of this!!!!! It is easy to ruffle feathers, huh?

    My wife is addicted too…and I even remember a couple of their names when hanging out with my wife in the living room while she is getting her “fix.”
    Hi sweetie – apparently I only ruffled two feathers so no big deal out of 62 commenters. You understand perfectly – we’ve been down this “humor” road a long time now – both of us offend someone some of the time. As I recall I had the nerve to take YOU to task once for a joke. Yikes. I’ve learned that it’s the nature of the beast and am now more understanding when people find my own brand of humor offensive. Haven’t been to visit u in some time – my bad (I’ve been keeping up w/u on FB tho). Just don’t get to all my bloggy friends like I should. Cya soon. 😉

  61. You know what? Don’t feel bad about being addicted or whatever to the NY housewives. I am too.

    Jill is a horrible person who was, in truth, hiding behind a facade of “oh look at me, i’m so humble, and loyal, and I love my friends, I’m your go-to person”.

    Liar. No one likes a liar. Then again, all the housewives were hiding behind a facade of i’m nice-i love you- trust me. As if.

    First, theirs LuAnn. She’s “countless” when it comes to trusting her and she really is a snake as Bethenny put it.

    Alex was apparently not being her “true” self in the past seasons and now doesn’t give about what she says and who she says it to.

    Bethenny made herself look like the innocent angel. But I have to admit, I kind of felt sympathy for her this season (& i couldn’t stop myself from watching her new show. Guilty!)

    Sonja was weird. And new.

    Kelly went bonkers and schizophrenic apparently. That was EXTREMELY WEIRD.

    Ramona…ehh…I don’t want to tlk about Ramona. She gavee me a headache this season.

    All in all, this season was a memorable one, and it really made it into my top 10 list of shows to watch. 😉
    Hi – thanks for stopping by – I enjoyed reading your comments and I think you hit it exactly — I watched the reunion show while I was traveling recently – nothing else to do in that hotel room – and I was horrified by how catty they were in person on the reunion show – some kept storming off – and Kelly – she appeared to have some serious mental issues – so I stand by my original post – these ladies are not who you want as your friends – period! 😉

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