Veggies May Ward Off Seasonal Allergies!

I’ve been coughing and have the puffy, watery eyes that come with allergies — it’s that time of the year again.  Poor Devoted Spouse has been sneezing non-stop it seems.  We’ve both been suffering.

I read a small tip in my local newspaper the other day which said “broccoli can help you fight the effects of spring allergy season.  A UCLA study found that sulforaphane, which is in broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy and kale, operates as a natural anti-inflammatory in nasal passages.”

I’m gonna cancel my subscription to my local paper.  I spent two days walking around with broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy, and kale stuffed in my nasal passages and, frankly, I don’t feel any better.  Hurts like a sumbitch.  What a useless tip that was….sigh…


5 thoughts on “Veggies May Ward Off Seasonal Allergies!

  1. HAHAHA! Holy cow, what a beautiful picture you have and what awesome earrings! WINK WINK. Your new design is also most cool, I must say. Here, have a Puffs Plus. On me.
    Yes indeed those earrings are mahvelous and they come from an exclusive designer, oh wait, that would be YOU! Did I mention I love them? I know…only about a thousand times!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! OMG! You are too, too funny. See you soon!
    Finally! Someone who actually READ it. I got FB ppl telling me about their allergies – gah… C ya!

  3. Hahaha HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh! I’ll have to tell my hubby about that one, cause he has horrible hay-fever! He likes broccoli, so maybe… Does it help if you cook it first?
    ROFL – I was being so silly today. I eat alot of these vegetables and I haven’t had problems with allergies this year much so maybe there is something to it. I should have put a disclaimer at the bottom that no one should actually stuff veggies up their nose but people aren’t that dense are they? giggling. Hope your hubby can eat some veggies and it will help him – hay-fever is no fun! And thanks for stopping by my humble blog!

  4. Oh, so now you are gonna put a disclaimer after I have spent the last four hours with asparagus spears stuffed up my nose.

    I forgot they were up there and went out in the front yard to grab one of the grandkids when they came over tonight and my neighbors were giving me the strangest looks. The youngest granddaughter would not come near me and the teenagers were laughing their heads off. Then I showed them your article and they started laughing even more. I just didn’t get it because I told them that you said veggies help with hay fever, then they looked at me and said, “Grandma you are so dumb, asparagus isn’t even listed here.” I told them that it was the only fresh vegetable that I had in the house and I figured it should work really well since it had those big clumps on them that could really get into my nasal cavaties. They were rolling on the floor at this time with tears coming out of their eyes.

    Then I went to see where my daughters were and they were sitting in the grass holding their stomaches from the pain of laughing and then when they looked at me they started going at it again. Although I was really doing some nasally talking when I was talking to them. Then finally one of them told me it was just a joke and then I started laughing so hard that I snorted the asparagus out of my nose and hit one of my daughters in the face with one of them. Everyone but she thought it was so funny.

    I just want you to know that this is the best I have been breathing in quite a few years, those dang asparagus spears just opened up the clogged tunnels into the cavaties and my nose grew a lot wider but it feels so good to breath so well. Maybe you should add asparagus to the list and then see what happens. I am gonna try and grow some asparagus in the garden so I will always have a fresh supply on hand. It works wonders. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    God bless.
    Well jinkies now I have to add ANOTHER disclaimer to NOT snort asparagus out of your nose in the direction of your children or you might put out your daughter’s eye! Honestly, you make this so difficult….snort.

  5. Did you use fresh or frozen? Frozen might have made a difference…after all, you put ice on a swollen ankle to reduce the swelling. Maybe the key to reducing the inflamation in your nasal passages is shoving frozen broccoli up your nose.

    Love the post! Cracked me up!
    Crap on a crutch I used fresh – that’s where I made my mistake! LOL Thanks for visiting!

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