ebook-Readers — Let the Debate Begin


So after being made to look fabulous by Buffy the Mane Slayer today I decided to take a little jaunt over to Books and Nibbles and check out their Kindle-wannabe; the Nook.  Wow – no sooner did I walk in the door than my face was literally jammed into the largest display featuring the Nook ever imaginable.  It was a huge booth set up to showcase the Nook.  They even had two Nooks right there at the counter so you could try them out.

I picked one up and….couldn’t get it to work for the life of me.  Off to my right was a gentleman who works at the store — I’ve seen him many times before and I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say he has a little more authority than the cashiers.  He has “manager” written all over his face.  He was helping a lady who was in the process of purchasing one of the Nooks.  She was a bit confused (I would be too; after all it IS technology and all my 11 [maybe 12 now] faithful readers know I’m not technologically sophisticated) and she kept pummeling him with questions.  He went through the instructions at roughly the speed of a cheetah and I found myself getting irritated at the cavalier way he was treating her.  Here we go again — once more I must explain and teach the business world proper customer service etiquette.  He got just a teeensy weeeensy bit curt with her – just a smidge.  But it was enough that I perked up and started paying closer attention.  I wasn’t impressed with his customer service skills — but she must have wanted that Nook badly.

She left, he left, I walked toward the back of the store and some paperbacks on a rack sitting directly across from the information desk where there was more discussion going on.  This time they were talking about customers.  Now here is Linda’s No. 1 Customer Service Pet Peeve (in case I haven’t already told you a million times).  NEVER make disparaging remarks about a customer when another customer is within earshot.  My former nail tech did that constantly and…well…I don’t go there anymore.  Very bad for business.  So here comes Mr. Quasi-Manager into the little info area and he starts talking about his prior customer and then his voice got low and I caught a few words and I don’t think he was being very nice but I can’t be positive so I won’t say anything else nasty about him.  But I’m gonna keep my eye on him from now on. 

In the meantime, I’m weighin’ in my mind….do I want one of these things?  (answer: yes)  Do I need one of these things?  (answer:  no)  Can I afford this right now?  (oh for the love of Pete, of course I can’t afford it; that doesn’t make it any less desirable).  Suddenly from out of nowhere a sweet little chunky lady walks up to the info desk with a Nook in her hand and asks in a loud voice:  “Can somebody help me get this thing to work?”  I about wet my pants.  Apparently, she had ordered it online and the danged thing wouldn’t hold a battery charge and nothing she tried worked; not even online tech support.  As I picked up my paperbacks and got ready to check out, there was a flurry of activity going on and it centered around one question ; since she bought it back in March could the store trade it out for another one without a receipt.  I decided not to stay while they sorted that out.

I came home and went online to Amazon.com (one of my favorite places) and did some Kindle research.  Seems they have a new generation of Kindle out now and gosh it kinda beats the Nook in my opinion — it’s lighter and looks easier to use.  I don’t care about fancy accessories – I do care about the basics and as I compare them side by side I find that Nook offers nonsense extras:  you can trade books with your friends.  Well, I don’t have any friends who own a Nook – so skip that.  The bar at the bottom shows the book covers in color.  Well, whoopdi-doo – who gives a fig about that?.  Plus you can use the wi-fi in Barnes & Nibbles and read a book for free.  I don’t go into Barnes & Nibbles that much anymore since I fired Gretchen the Immaculate.  Devoted Spouse and I no longer need to “hide out” for several hours every other week.  So why waste my time in B&N’s coffeeshop reading a free book when I can’t hear myself think because the next table over is filled with white-haired ladies cackling over their latest widow-antics.  Nah.  As for the newest Kindle – it has an interesting text to speech feature so you can have it read to you.  I would like that – I could wash dishes and listen to my book.  Oh wait a minute — I don’t do dishes.  Nevermind.  It has other features too, like free books that have no copyright because they were printed pre-1923 so you’re looking at being able to download tons of “classical” literature for free.  I like that idea – Nook didn’t offer that.  They had a cool cover….snort. 

I’ll drag this out a bit longer.  I may wait for Christmas to roll around and request this be my present.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  What’s your opinion?  Nook or Kindle?  Or some other type of e-reader? Or should I just keep buying cheap paperbacks at the Half Price Bookstore?  I know ….  I’ll add a poll to this posting.  sigh…


7 thoughts on “ebook-Readers — Let the Debate Begin

  1. None of the above. I’m an old school paper book person. Nothing wrong with the readers but I like the feel of a book in my hand.
    I agree with that – but sometimes it gets to be a pain to lug around all those books with you – when we go on vacation we take several tote bags with just books in them – that’s the kind of reading we do – a Kindle or a Nook would be so much easier to take along. I just don’t think I can justify the expense – I have too much else to get done — like fixing this house! lol

  2. I must agree with Michelle’s comment. I’m a paper gal and just can’t bring my self to want an electronic reader. Sure they’re cool and probably helpful if you travel a lot. By my traveling consists of driving to and from work. So I’ll stick with paper!
    Hi – thanks for visiting and giving your opinion on this – I’m pretty much a paper gal too but I hate toting tons of books on vacation. I’ll probably just keep thinking on this one.

  3. At the PW conference they had a Nook in the Chinese auction. I dropped a few tickets in the bag, but the more I thought about it the less I wanted to win it. Why? It’s electronic which means you can’t leave it in your car on a hot day without damaging it. People steal lovely little electronic things. Few people will steal a paperback and if they do it’s EASILY replaced.
    Wow what a good point – I dropped my smartphone and it just missed the footbath the other day while I was having a pedi – yikes – never thought about leaving one of the e-readers in a hot car. I’m thinking more and more I don’t really need this. I still kind of want it, though. sigh…

  4. I love my Kindle. It is the best present I’ve ever recieved. I have arthritis in my hands which makes it uncomfortable to hold a paper book. I also like that I can adjust the size of the font.

    Consumer Reports rated the Kindle the top ereader.
    Hi Carol thx for stopping by! I haven’t held one so I don’t know what they feel like – they’re lighter than the Barnes & Noble Nook and I thought it was uncomfortable to hold so that’s a plus. I like the font adjusting idea too. Oh good grief this is driving me nutz. LOL

  5. I’m kind of still kicking myself because at Christmas time, TheManTheMyth and I were discussing the Kindle and he asked me if it was something I wanted and I said, “No, not at this time.” Instead I wanted (and received) a pair of those Sketchers Shape Up shoes which I just now figured out were the cause of my hip, knee and ankle pain I’ve had since, oh, Christmas. Huh.

    Anyhoo. I still don’t NEED an e-book reader but the more I think about it, the more I would indeed LIKE one. I spend $$$$ a year on books so if I were to buy the electronic version over the actual book, it would be less expensive, saving $$ and there would be fewer piles of books taking up space in my office, living room, bedroom, car, bathroom. It’s a Win-Win idea!

    And I’d go with the tried-and-true Kindle over the Nook.

    I understand and like what ya said here sistah – some books I want to buy and collect – but the others just end up at the Half-Price Book Store and having them electronically would be cheaper and easier. I’m so conflicted. Gah…

  6. I need real old-fashioned books. Obviously I must have a dislike for trees. They can all die. I need paper. : )
    I really prefer paper too, but hate to carry books (coz I read fast) on trips with me. Lazy that way.

  7. Okay, I am voting for the iPad because of the different features that it has. But then I think it costs more and so in that case my next vote would be for the Kindle but then again nothing beats the feel and smell of a real book. So it is just a hard decision to make. But when they change some things on the iPad then I will consider getting one of those. For now it would just be the real book.

    God bless.
    I hadn’t even considered the iPad. The problem with it is it’s too big. I’m sure this makes it easier to read, but more difficult to tote around with you. I’m gonna skip iPad but then I don’t own a Mac either. Maybe one day…

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